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Fault 3:: Facing the Faults

This would've made a good soap opera, Gakuto thought bitterly. Only it would've been a gay soap opera. Literally.

Guy 1 plays Guy 2 around. Guy 1 dumps him. Guy 3 comes into the picture to save the day. Guy 1 goes guilty and tries to get things back together. Guy 2 is just damn confused.

And Gakuto was Guy 2. Because he definitely was damn confused right now.

After the whole episode with Yuu—no, Oshitari (he absolutely refused to call the bastard by his first name now), Hiyoshi had come in to (sort of) cheer him up and they had grabbed some ice cream at a late-night store after that. And maybe it was just because he had been dumped and now someone else was taking care of him, but no matter, Gakuto had enjoyed it.

And then, Oshitari had to mess it up again.

After morning practice, it seemed as if Hyotei's tensai was starting to feel a bit guilty. Gakuto had avoided him at all costs, but no matter where he went, Oshitari seemed to be there, waiting for him. Which just made him run away again, resulting in lots of skipped classes.

But then Gakuto couldn't possibly miss after-school tennis practice, so here he was now, rallying with Hiyoshi as warm-up. This had been met with shocked stares and a raised eyebrow from Atobe. But the Hyotei captain had only nodded to show his acceptance before going off to rally with Jirou. Oshitari had looked away quickly and asked Kabaji to rally with him, to which he answered with his usual 'Usu'.

"You're not playing well, Mukahi-san," commented Hiyoshi as he dashed towards the net with ease to return the easy ball.

"Senpai," corrected Gakuto automatically, as if it were daily routine, when in truth, Hiyoshi had only started calling him that earlier this morning.

"No need to call me 'senpai', Mukahi-san," answered a smirking Hiyoshi, hitting the ball with utmost precision.

Gakuto cursed as he missed the ball for the fifth time.

"Is he on your mind?" asked Hiyoshi curiously, raising an eyebrow at his senpai.

"…yeah," admitted Gakuto silently. "Hey, don't go telling it to everybody, OK?!"

"Do you really think I would?"

Gakuto eyed the second year leaning on the net. Hiyoshi met his gaze dead-on, and Gakuto felt the corners of his mouth tip upwards.

"No, you wouldn't."

Hiyoshi smiled at him. "And how would you really know that?"

Gakuto grinned, starting to walk away from the boy. "You know you like me, Hiyoshi."

As Gakuto had his back turned, he couldn't see the rising blush from the second year, as he answered, "Who would like you, Mukahi-san?!"

At the exact moment Gakuto turned around to retort, Hiyoshi had turned around to hide his blush as well, so the redhead still couldn't see it.

"Well, you seem to like me well enough to treat me to ice cream and talk to me all night last night," said Gakuto smugly. He heard Hiyoshi take a deep breath and then turn around.

The acrobat's grin went bigger as he saw Hiyoshi's redder-than-a-tomato face. The slightly taller regular walked back up to meet him at the net.

"Yes, Mukahi-san, I do like you."

Gakuto blinked in shock. He vaguely noticed the distance between him and Hiyoshi close.

With their breath mingling together, Hiyoshi said, "I like you well enough to do this, too." And he crashed their lips together before he lost his nerve.

Gakuto responded uncertainly, still damn confused. But after a tongue weaved its way in to his mouth, no he wasn't confused. In fact, that somehow managed to clear up his thoughts anyway. 'Cause really, during the two days of 'bonding' that Hiyoshi and him had had, Gakuto felt safe. Safe in Hiyoshi, he thought. He grinned as he responded back to the intruding tongue.

After a moment, Hiyoshi jumped away as if shocked. Gakuto tried not to laugh, as Hiyoshi turned even redder than before.

"Er...would that mean we're together?" asked Hiyoshi uncertainly, the same way he had asked if Gakuto was OK, before.

Gakuto gave him a what-do-you-think-dummy look.

"Er, yeah…that was a stupid question too, I guess…" Hiyoshi shrugged before leaning back in to kiss Gakuto again. Gakuto thought in amusement, that this would've been a totally soap-opera-ish ending.

As he pulled away the second time, Gakuto noticed Oshitari looking at them with a somewhat relieved expression on his face.

And he realized that it was really just time to face the faults and move on.

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