Well, I'm obsessed with Danny Phantom AND Phantom of the Opera so I figured I'd write a crossover with them! Again, just done by Alex! Hope everyone likes it and NO flames please!

Danny Phantom of the Opera

Chapter 1: Sign Up!

"Alright class, stop talking," Lancer said. His class was doing what they normally did, talked. Half the class stopped talking but the rest of them whispered.

"Alright, before we begin our lesson, I have an announcement to make, our school will be performing the Phantom of the Opera, anyone who wants to be in the show can find the sign up sheet outside the auditorium," Lancer announced.

People who had stopped whispering started to about the play, those who had been whispering had changed whatever subject they were on to the play.

"Are you kidding? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard," Danny muttered to himself.

"Come on Danny, lighten up man, it could be fun," Tucker said. "Come on Tuck, the Phantom of the Opera? I mean, seriously, what kind of ghost haunts an opera house?" Danny asked.

"Apparently you've never seen the play, the phantom's not a ghost, but the mask he wears makes him look like one," Sam said.

"Oh joy, a guy in a mask who wanders around pretending to be a ghost, how exciting," Danny said sarcastically. He didn't see what could be so great about a dumb play.

"It is quit thrilling Mr. Fenton, in fact, I think you would make a good phantom," Lancer said.

Danny froze in his seat. "Uh, w-what makes you say that?" Danny asked faking a smile as he started to sweat.

"Hmmm….I'm not sure, but I think you would, hope to see you at auditions, Mr. Fenton," Lancer said walking back to his desk.

Danny gulped, turned to his friends, and said: "Okay, I don't know whether that was a complement, or I've just been insulted."

"That's up to you dude," Tucker said. "Why?" Danny asked. "You'd have to know the play to know why," Sam said.

Danny didn't pay attention for the rest of the class. As much as he didn't want to audition for the play, a little voice inside his head was shouting at him to do so.

At the end of class, Danny found himself walking to the sign up sheet outside the auditorium. He started at it for a while and almost wrote his name down when he heard Tucker's voice call: "You signing up?

Danny wheeled his head around and saw Tucker and Sam standing behind him, glaring at him. "Uh, I don't know, I don't think I'd do any good," Danny said crossing his arms and staring at his feet.

"Come on Danny, you'll do great, I know you will," Sam said. Danny sighed. "I don't know, what if I goof up in front of everyone?" he asked.

"Hey, it can't be any worse then me," Tucker said. "He has a point there," Sam said. "See? I-why do you feel the need to do that?" Tucker asked glaring at Sam who merely smiled.

"Well, I guess, but if I mess up this'll be all your faults," Danny said starting to write his name down.

"We know," Sam and Tucker said rolling their eyes. Once Danny had written his name, he turned to Tucker and Sam.

They looked at him for a second until Tucker said: "What?" "Aren't you two signing up?" Danny asked.

"No! Drama's not my thing, I do like the play though," Sam said. "And you both know why I'm not," Tucker said.

Before Sam had the chance to say anything, Tucker pointed his finger at her and said: "Not a word."

"Well you could've told me that!" Danny snapped. He was about to erase his name when Tucker said: "I don't think you can scribble on that."

Before Danny even asked, he realized he had just written his name in sharpie. "Ugh! Great, now I'll be alone with a bunch of drama geeks," Danny said.

"They're not drama geeks! Besides, Dash and Paulina are trying out, and so are a bunch of other kids," Sam said.

"You're kidding!" Danny said looking at the sign up sheet. Sure enough, Dash and Paulina had written their names on the sheet.

Danny sighed again and said: "Alright, I guess I'll do it." He and his friends walked off to their next class.

As soon as the bell rang and everything in the halls were out of sight of students, a black gloved hand ripped the sheet off the bulletin board. Unseen eyes stared down at Danny's name. After a while, the hand slowly pinned the sheet back up and disappeared.