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Chapter 10


Akira frowned, "Mitsuki, where are we going? I have things to do today."

Mitsuki's hand tightened around her friend's arm, "You just have to see this new dorm, Akira! It's supposed to be awesome, and the view on the roof is great!"

"You're pulling me away from my life to look at a view?" Akira repeated in disbelief, staring at the darkening sky. It was a mild day out; just warm enough so that they didn't need sweaters, but cold enough so that they wouldn't get hot. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the stars were beginning to twinkle by the full moon.

Mitsuki arrived at the front of the new building, walking in without hesitation, "Let's go to the roof first, and then we can check around out here."

"Fine, fine," Akira huffed, and they continued up the staircase. About halfway up, Mitsuki's cell phone rang.

"Hello?" she paused, listening to the voice on the other end, "Right now? It's absolutely necessary?" she scowled, "All right, keep your shirt on. Or off, you know, whatever," she chuckled and said, "Okay, I'll be right there."

Akira folded her arms, "Well?"

"That was Kyo. Apparently he's having trouble with his english homework, and his computer is in grave danger of being smashed if I don't get over there soon," she smiled apologetically, "I have to go. Keep going up, though, I really want you to see the view!"

Without another word, she ran down the stairs and disappeared. Blackrose scowled and looked up, "I have nothing better to do…" she muttered, continuing her scale of the building.

The roof door was closed, so she opened it and walked out. The sky seemed to laugh at her expression as she took in the fancy table, candle lit and complete with a lovely dinner. Her boyfriend did laugh when he saw her expression. He was clad in a black tuxedo that made him look a lot older, and he walked with ease to Akira.

"Surprised?" he whispered, grabbing her hand and leading her to the table.

"Mitsuki… she tricked me!" Akira proclaimed.

Kenji nodded, "Yep. So did Kyo. It seems they played their part well."

"Too well…" Akira muttered.

Kenji pulled out chair, "Well, now that you're here, you may as well stay for dinner."

She frowned, "I can't go change first? I look awful!"

"It doesn't matter," he waited until she sat down, and then pushed her in. Sitting across from her, he filled her wine glass with her favorite red wine, and then gave himself some soda, as he was only 19, and therefore couldn't drink within the law.

Akira raised an eyebrow, "You're almost 20, I don't think anyone will harp on you if you drink for one night."

"I'd prefer not to anyway," he smiled, "It's not as appetizing as if you actually wait until you're legal," he raised his glass, "A toast. To our relationship and the future."

Akira followed his action, "And to our victories, both online and in the real world."

They tapped glasses, and began eating. The evening passed quickly, as it always did when they were together. Suddenly, Akira looked up and saw that it was getting close to midnight. Their leftovers for dinner were cold, and the wine was almost gone.

Kenji glanced at the moon, and then at Akira, before standing up and smiling, "Akira, I have something to ask you."

She cocked her head, "Yeah?"

He got down on one knee, pulling a small velvet box out of his coat. He opened it, and inside was a beautiful diamond ring, complete with a white gold band and a ruby on either side of the diamond, "Akira, you changed my life the moment I met you, and if it's possible, I'd love it if you were there to keep changing it. Will you marry me?"

Akira nearly fell out of her chair in shock, but the sincere look in Kenji's eyes stopped her. She searched his blue eyes, which stared into her own brown ones for acceptance. Then a grin grew on her face.

"Of course, Kenji!" she squealed, getting out of her chair and engulfing him in a hug, "Oh my god…" she sat back on her heels, rocking.

"What is it?" he asked, concerned.

"I'm engaged!" Akira cried happily.

Kenji chuckled, "Not yet…" he gently took her hand and slipped the ring onto her ring finger, "There. Now you're engaged."

She gave him a passionate kiss, and when they broke apart, she hugged him again, "Thank you! I love you so much!"

"I love you too." He smiled.

Suddenly she gasped and pulled away, "I have to tell Kazu! But he doesn't answer his phone… Oh! Come on, Kenji, we have to go to R:2!"

She whisked him away from their candlelit dinner, down the stairs, and into her dorm building, where they went to her room. She promptly turned on her computer and opened The World R:2, and Kenji logged on beside her.

As soon as Blackrose and Kite arrived in R:2, they were met up by Haseo and a girl with a large puffy hat and an outfit like Tinkerbell.

"So, did you do it?" Haseo asked Kite.

Blackrose ran up to the girl, "Guess what, Shino?! I'm engaged!" The two girls jumped up and down together, screaming and yelling in excitement.

Haseo blinked, "I guess you did…" he chuckled and turned to Kite.

"Well, she was really enthusiastic about it. I was a bit nervous there for a moment, but I see now that's pretty stupid."


Blackrose whipped around to see Kazu running to them, with Ouka trailing right behind, "Kazu!"

"Did you do it, Kenji?" Kazu came to a stop beside them.

"Yep," he grinned, "She said—"

Blackrose threw her hands up, "I'M ENGAGED!"

"Yes?" Kazu supplied, shaking his head.

"That's great, Akira!" Ouka beamed. Blackrose glanced at her and frowned.

"I would be snooty to you right now, but I'm engaged, so I'll let you off the hook."

Endrance ran over, followed by Piros and Kisu, "You did it?"

"Did everyone know about this except me?!" Blackrose demanded, annoyed.

Kite smiled, "Pretty much."

"Peachy," she cringed when Piros ran over to her.

"Oh, fair maiden! What a happy position this puts you in!"

Blackrose edged away, "Uh, yeah… Thanks…"

Kite walked over and put his arm around her, "Don't overload her, guys. We wouldn't want her to have a mental breakdown."

She glared at him as Kazu laughed.

"Knowing her…" he trailed off, grinning at his sister.

"Why you…!" she scowled and grabbed her sword, and Kazu quickly hid behind Piros.

Piros blinked, "Oh, fair maiden, what a temper you have!" he beamed.

Blackrose looked ready to strangle someone, so Kite quickly stepped in front of her, "We're going to log off now, because I'm sure that Orca will want to know," he leaned over to Kazu and muttered, "Also because Akira is going to end up PKing someone really soon otherwise…"

Kazu chuckled in agreement, and everyone waved as the two dot-hackers logged out.

Akira snuggled closer to Kenji, looking up at the night sky. So much had happened that day, and she was worn out because of it all. However, when Kenji had sent her to bed, she had laid there for ages before giving up on sleeping and seeking him out. Luckily, he had the same problem, so they went up to the roof of their dorm building.

"Next year we can get a dorm room for just us," Akira pointed out.

Kenji nodded, "Yeah, but the year after that, where will you be?"

Akira frowned as realization dawned on her. She had one year left of high school, but Kenji was just a freshman this year. He would be there for two years longer than she would be.

"I could drop out after two years, you know. I'll bet I could get a job somewhere," Kenji offered.

She shook her head, "Don't you dare. I'll get a job around the university, that's all. Maybe I'll apply to be the coach's TA, and help him with the new tennis players."

He sighed, but said nothing else. They still had plenty of time. As they sat in silence, looking at the stars, Akira closed her eyes.

"The wedding's going to be small," she murmured, "But we'll have one hell of a honeymoon."

Kenji laughed at that thought and nodded, "I'm in on that. Just make it after my birthday. I want to be able to drink at my wedding. (A/N: Drinking age in Japan is 20)"

"Of course," Akira complied, and the silence fell over them once more. After a moment, Kenji looked over at her, only to see that she had fallen asleep in his arms.

He leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear, "The future's looking bright, Akira. Just wait and see…"

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