Charlie the Unicorn by: Toxas

"Hey Lilly! Hey Lilly, wake up!" Oliver quoted from a stupid video, called Charlie the Unicorn Goes to Candy Mountain. Only instead he had replaced Charlie's name with Lilly's. Lilly looked up from her magazine and rolled her eyes, before returning her gaze back to the magazine. Oliver jumped up onto the bed on his knees and repeatedly bounced. "Wake up you silly head wake up!" Lilly attempted to push Oliver off but, it had done nothing.

"Oliver, shut up!" Lilly said sitting up and once again tried to push him. But he just grabbed her hands and pulled her off the bed and started to jump up and down. "Oliver, quit it!"

"We're going to Candy Mountain! Candy Mountain, Lilly." Lilly cursed the day that Jackson had showed Oliver the video of Charlie the Unicorn goes to Candy Mountain. She tried to pry her hands away but he wouldn't let go.

"Stop acting retarded, and let go!" Oliver didn't though. He had to much sugar, just watched Charlie the Unicorn about five times in a row, in a very optimistic mood and was now quoting the stupid video.

"Candy Mountain! It's a land of sweets, and joy, and joy-ness!" Oliver chanted, as if he was hypnotized or drugged or both. Lilly managed to pry her hands away and raced back to the bed, but Oliver had encircled her waist and spun her around. "La, La, La, La" Lilly couldn't help but giggle and squeal at him when she was spun around in her large room.

Lilly finally was able to pull herself away and sit back on the bed. Oliver jumped back on the bed and started to tickle her. "Lilly! Lilly! Lilly!" Between laughs Lilly was able to ask what, and that was a mistake on her part. She had just encouraged Oliver to continue on in his Candy Mountain impersonation. "We're on a bridge, Lilly!"

"Get off!" She was able to finally push him off the bed and he landed with a thud on the floor. Lilly looked over the bed and saw he was lying on the floor not moving, and his eyes were closed. Lilly hopped off the bed and kneeled next to him, and patted both sides of his face in hopes he'd wake up. "Oliver? Oliver, wake up. Come on this isn't funny. Wake up!" She continued to slap him more a bit, getting nervous by the second. She bit her lip. "Look, Oliver, we're here at Candy Mountain."

As soon as the words left her mouth, the corners of Oliver's lips started to twitch, and unfortunately for him, Lilly saw. She smacked him on the side and sat back on her bed.

"Oliver, you jackass, I can't believe you did that." Oliver only grinned and kneeled up so he was at eye level with her.

"Go inside the cave, Lilly." Lilly rolled her eyes, grabbed the back of his neck and forced his lips to her own. When they pulled away Oliver was grinning like mad and opened his mouth. "…land of joy-ness…" Lilly rolled her eyes once more and buried her head in her pillow.