There is a dangerous ambition in this one, something deadly and toothy and ugly.

Venom likes it.

The other host–strong and excellent he may have been–didn't cooperate as much. At one point, yes, he had certainly become intoxicated by the incredible power he possessed, and the beauty of his darker side, but he was too conscious. Too...idealistic.

It caused problems. Caused issues. Caused Venom to realize that its days might be numbered.

But this new host?

Venom likes him very much.

...and that's saying something.

Parasites usually like only as far as, you know, the host being agreeable and oblivious. But Venom sees something in this human that makes it so much more fun to be in. Usually the job is a necessity for life, but this?

This is fun. Very fun.

Venom likes Eddy. It likes him a lot.

And it believes that the feeling is quite mutual.

A/N: I personally think that Venom is the awesomest Spidey bad-guy ever created. And I enjoyed his physical (and emotional, if such a thing can exist) representation in Spider-Man 3...though the story itself was a little bit...holey.

One chapter of two. Short little thingy. Here's a disclaimer: Spider-Man is property of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee and Sony Pictures. You know who and what I am. Obviously I own nuttin'.