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Unfortunately, when Hinata woke up the next morning, there was a note on her pillow from Naruto, explaining that Ebisu had asked Naruto to help extract Konohamaru and his teammates from some kind of situation. Naruto didn't know specifics, but he would catch up with her later and tell her all about it. Hinata was a little disappointed, but told herself that Naruto was a Konoha ninja, just like her; she couldn't have him all to herself all the time.

In fact, Naruto didn't catch up with Hinata until just before noon, while she was running errands. Naruto snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her cheek at the same time.
"There you are." He whispered.
"There you are." Hinata replied with a grin. "What happened to Konohamaru and his team?"

"They got themselves buried up to their necks in rock."
"I think they're embarrassed. They wouldn't say."
"Well, they adore you." Hinata said. Naruto grinned.
"They're great kids. I have fun with them."

"I think it's cute how they idolize you." Hinata told him. Naruto nuzzled her cheek and she giggled. Then Naruto looked at his watch and grimaced.
"Sorry Hinata, I have to go. Tsunade wanted to see me. I think she got some mission or other for me. Or she wants a report on what happened last night. I'll see you later Hinata."

He removed his arms from around her waist and stepped back.
"Bye Naruto." Hinata said. He gave her a foxy grin and waved as he started to walk away. But Hinata couldn't stand it anymore. "Naruto!" She yelled. He stopped and turned to face her, a question in his eyes. Finally pushed past the point of caring about the Hyuuga image Hinata dropped everything and ran to him. Naruto opened his arms, and Hinata leapt into them. Naruto stumbled back a few steps, automatically wrapping his arms around her upper thighs to support her.

Hinata wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist, and pulled her upper body back slightly. Naruto had to look up at her, a new experience for them. Hinata framed his face with her hands and stared down into his deep blue eyes. Naruto opened his mouth to ask a question, but Hinata silenced him with a small finger on his lips.
"Shh, Naruto. No talking." She replaced her finger with her lips and kissed him.

And Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha's number one hyper-active ninja, forgot how to talk, forgot how to move, forgot how to think. He even forgot how to breathe. All he could do, once his eyes stopped spinning and his neurons started firing again, was close his eyes and kiss her back. Hinata hands slipped off his cheeks. One hand slid into Naruto's hair, and her other arm wrapped around his neck.

His mind still reeling, Naruto managed to stumble back and sit down on a bench, so that Hinata was straddling his lap. Now, with his hands free, Naruto slid his own hands into her hair and held her head so he could deepen the kiss. They didn't notice, or care, that they had an audience.

Lee and Tenten were holding back an overprotective Neji. Kiba and Shino were staring, and Kiba was cursing Naruto under his breath. Sakura and Ino were both squealing, while Jiraiya paused in his 'research' to smirk happily at his student. Shikamaru and Choji were just bored. And Tsunade, who had come looking for Naruto, smiled happily for her adopted brother while frantically thinking of arguments to calm down Hiashi when he found out.

Hinata was the first to break their kiss, and notice their audience.
"Naruto." She whispered, blushing. "People are staring."
"So? Let them stare." Naruto chuckled, when he saw her blush deepen. When she started to protest, he touched a finger to her lips and then echoed her earlier words.

"Shh Hinata. No talking." And then he pulled her into another, long awaited kiss.


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