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Chapter One

Serenity Wheeler was Joey's younger sister and she loved her brother so very much. Serenity knew something about her brother that if the others found out they just might hate him and she wasn't ever going to let anyone know what it was.

Mokuba Kaiba was Seto's younger brother and just like Serenity he knew something about Seto and if anyone knew then his reputation would be ruined and the press would have field day with reporting about it. Mokie was going to never let anyone know what that secret was.

Yugi Motou was one of Joey's closest friends and he already knew what Joey's secret was. Yugi accidentally found out one time when Joey was spending the week with him because they were having their house repainted. Serenity was staying with friends and their father was living at a Hotel for a few days.

It happened one night when Joey started having a dream of Seto. In his dream he and Seto were in Seto's room and they were making love. Joey started tossing and turning and he was moaning and then he started talking in his sleep. Yugi woke up about then and when he heard what Joey was saying he tried not to listen, but that couldn't be helped. What Joey was saying made Yugi blush, he hadn't heard that kind of sexually explicit language in his life and he covered his head and tried to go back to sleep, which didn't happened for at least an hour. Yugi made a promise to himself and to Joey that he wouldn't ever say a word to anyone unless Joey said it was alright to do so.

Mokie had found out about how his brother felt about Joey Wheeler in about the same way. Early one morning when Mokie got up to go get something to drink, he walked passed Seto's room and he heard sounds coming from inside his brother's room. When he opened the door and went inside to see if his brother was alright he saw something that made him turn beet red. Seto was masturbating and he was whispering Joey's name. As he got more excited he started saying things that Mokie had never heard and then all of a sudden Seto jerked several times and something came shooting out from the top of Seto's wiener and it scared Mokie so badly that he hurried out of the room and closed the door very quietly and ran back to his own room and got into bed and covered his head and prayed that Seto was alright and finally he went back to sleep.

Yugi had wanted to ask Joey about how he really felt about Kaiba, but he didn't want Joey to know that he knew so Yugi kept quiet hoping that maybe Joey would come and they could talk about it. You see Yugi loved Yami and visa versa and only Joey knew it. With Yami in Egypt with Grandpa, Yugi had no one to talk to about this and so all he could do was to keep it to himself.

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