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Chapter Sixteen

Everyone walked into the house behind Seto and Joey. They all went into the Ball Room where the Reception was held. As everyone came and congratulated the happy couple there was laughter and tears. Chelsea had prepared all the food for the Reception and she did so because she loved both Seto and Joey and wanted there first hours to be happy ones.

As the band that Gozoboro had hired started playing they played the special song "Along The Broken Road" and as the lead singer began to sing the words Seto took Joey into his arms and they danced the first dance as a married couple. As they danced they stared into each others eyes and a soft sensual smile came across each of their faces as if to say "wait till later."

When the song ended and they started playing another song, Frank went over to Joey and he asked "would it be wrong if your father asked for a dance?" Joey's eyes filled with tears and he whispered "I'd love that." Gozoboro asked Seto the same thing and so the fathers proudly danced with their sons and showed everyone there that they were proud of their sons. Tears were running down the faces of all the guests and soon everyone joined in dancing. Soon it was time for Seto and Joey to leave for their honeymoon. They both thanked everyone for coming and told them to stay and enjoy the good food and conversation and they left.

Seto lead Joey upstairs where they changed their clothes and ran outside only to find everyone there waiting for them. They threw the petals from the flowers that was on each chair and some that Gozoboro had given them. They cheered and wished the happy couple years of happiness.

Seto drove with Joey sitting next to him to their special place and there was a huge tent set up. There was a table set for two and on the table was flowers and glasses and a bottle of grape soda chilling in ice. Joey looked at everything and then he turned to his husband and whispered "I love you so very much and always will."

They went over to the table and as Seto opened the bottle he poured two glasses and they toasted each other. After they drank the soda Seto held out his hand and Joey place his into Seto's and they walked along the stream, their stream and just enjoyed the silent beauty of the area. Seto then brought Joey into his arms and kissed him and they walked back to where the tent was and as Seto unzipped the opening they went inside and there what awaited them was so beautiful.

There was a huge bed in the middle of the tent and on the bed was flower petals. Seto picked up Joey bridal style and laid him on the bed and laid down beside him and as they held each other they began making love to each other as a married couple.

Now they had finally found their hearts, their souls and the love of their life mates and the world was beautiful for the first time in either of their lives. What laid ahead of them neither of them knew, but what they did know was that they would face anything together because they love was so strong.

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