Stupid Lies and Foolish Games

By Catrina

Chapter One

A/N: Right another Kyo Yuki story from me, I hope that you enjoy. As always THESE CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE.


Yuki loved his independence. He had fought hard to be able to make decisions on his own and he was glad that he had gotten into the school of his choice. Tokyo University was the best college in the Asian Pacific area and he was proud that he had received scholarship to get him in. There was only one problem right now, and it was basically where he lived.

Yuki's looks had always been popular. He had grown taller, but still only around six feet. His light hair fell framing his face sometimes blocking his lavender-gray eyes. The first time his classmates saw him he knew that he would once again have problems, like living his high school days over.

This however was not something that he was looking forward to.

His high school days were something that he really wanted to forget about. But there was nothing he could do however. It was quickly apparent that college girls were a bit more forward then high school girls were. For the first month of college he did fine, he was now referred to the 'ice prince' of the freshman class. He was icy to girls and boys alike as both sexes seemed to hit on him constantly. Most were put off by his icy exterior. But not his dorm mate. Hideke and he seemed to get a long fine, but he was the big man on campus and it seemed that their dorm soon became the party and hang out dorm. It was okay though he thought that he could live with it.

Until he woke up in bed with a woman that said woman being the ring leader of his fan club.

It had been a shock and he made a point to go to bed sober every night, so he knew that he had done nothing. But if this continued it was only a matter of days before he woke up as a rat. Rudely he pushed the college sophomore out of the bed.

"Yuki……." It was a whine that came from the other girl and Yuki decided that it was best to end this now.

"That was the most rude and disgusting thing ever done. Do you normally crawl in bed of men you don't know?"

"But, but Yuki…."

"I would never touch a woman like you and I don't ever want to see you again." He pointed to the door as the woman broke into tears. She ran for the door and Hideke look at him surprised.

"Man that was cold."

"Maybe, but I don't want to wake up with strangers in by bed, do you?"

"I don't blame you but I've never heard you say anything like that before."

"I know, I try not to make a habit out of it. Excuse me I need to make a phone call." Grabbing his cell Yuki made a call that he didn't really want to make, but if things like this kept happening he would turn into a rat sooner or later, and after all he was still a Sohma.

"Hello?" The cheerful voice on the other end of the phone made Yuki smile. After moving out of the dog's house he found that he actually liked the dog.

"Shigure, its Yuki."

"Oh! Well Yuki how are you? I'm doing well, everything is well her. Tohru loves living here at the main house. She loves cooking for everyone and it is a great arrangement." Akito had died the year that he and Kyo had graduated, after that Shigure moved back to the main house and took Tohru with him. She absolutely loved having so many people to cook and clean for.

"I'm well but I need assistance. I don't think that I will be able to live in my dorm. I'm running into issues here."

"Is it the curse, have you been found out? Do you need me to sent Hatori?"

"It's not that far yet, but I fear that it will go there. Can the family look at an apartment near by?" He waited for an answer and hated the fact that he had been pushed to do this, but it was most likely true that dorm life didn't suit a Sohma.

"Well, I fear that we may not be able to help you. They already help Kyo with his apartment. Let me see what I can do. I'll call you shortly." The conversation was cut off short and Yuki wondered what the big deal was. He looked over to Hideke and smiled.

"Want to help me pack?"


Kyo was lucky and there wasn't a day that went by that he wasn't aware and thankful of that. His luck changed last April when then news came from the main house that Akito was dead. Akito, bearing the weight of the curse, passed away at a young age and when he did he freed Kyo of a challenge and took a weight off of his young strong shoulders. His graduation day was one of joy and it was later in May that he held the new leader in his arms, as a newborn, and wondered how this small girl would bear the weight of the Sohma curse, hopefully she would grow and be strong and not allow the curse to drive her past insanity, in this newborn there was hope. His hope.

But still there was no one to tell her that the cat was a monster, that the cat had been cursed twice, that he was more like her than any of the other Sohmas.

He dished up lunch and at the table while he studied his homework. The Tokyo Institution of Technology was awesome, and he was surprised that he actually liked working with programming and computers there. It was odd; he never thought that he would have like something like that. But it fit and it was something that he enjoyed.

The apartment was quiet so he jumped when his phone rang. Looking at the caller id he was a little worried when he answered the phone.

"Hello Kyo-Kyo."

"Shigure." Kyo growled back, granted the dog wasn't as bad as he was when he lived there, he was still annoying.

"How are you?"

"Good?" Kyo was starting to question the motives of this conversation; he could almost see the black eyes shimmering with mirth.

"Well, you have a two bed room apartment right?"

"Yes. It was all that was available at the time close to school why?"

"How far are you from Tokyo University?"

"You mean the University of Tokyo?"


"A few blocks." He said taking a bit of the rice ball in his hand, "I go there to use the library sometimes."

"Wonderful. The Sohma family is taking over your rent. You are getting a room mate."


"A room mate isn't it great?"

"No. Who is it?"


"It is not Yuki. No, I will not do it. The only reason we haven't killed each other is because we never see each other."

"You have to."

"No." Kyo couldn't help but imagine his peace and quiet being shattered by that annoying rat. There was no was that he could deal with that. Not for another four years as they both worked through college.

"Kyo the family won't pay for two apartments when you could live together."


"You have two rooms."

"Shigure, don't do this."

"Start cleaning out the room."

"I'll pay for the apartment myself."

"Kyo, I know you don't make enough where you work at."

"I can pick up more days."

"Your grades will suffer."

"I can't live with him."

"You'll have to Kyo; the dorms are too dangerous for him."

"Then he should have picked an all boy school. This isn't my problem."

"Kyo!" The voice was sharp and angry, "it is a Sohma problem and you are a Sohma so you will do your part."

"Fine." He pouted and he knew it went through the line when he heard Shigure sigh.

"It's not the end of the world."

"You have no idea." Kyo hung up and went to the second bed room which just had a desk, lamp and radio in it, and moved that to his room. Then he cleaned the room and decided to jump in the shower, trying to prepare himself for seeing the rat again. He hadn't seen him since August and it was nearing the middle of December.

He wasn't looking forward to this at all.


"Hello?" Yuki asked. It was odd playing phone tag like this. It was something that he normally didn't do.

"Are you packed?" Shigure asked. He looked at the collection of boxes that he and Hideke had packed.


"You're moving in with Kyo."

"WHAT!?" Yuki couldn't believe this was the solution. This couldn't be the solution. Kyo…not Kyo.

"That stupid cat. No… isn't there another solution?" He asked quietly noticing that the people in the room had noticed that he had yelled.

"No. Trust me he wasn't happy either, but remember you really won't see him much. He goes to a different school and works and you have council and all those committees that you are on." Yuki agreed it was all that he could do.

"What's the address?" It was only a couple blocks away. When he got off the phone the others looked at him. Hideke was his roommate, and then there was Akira and Yui both with him on council. They were going to help him carry his stuff over. Akira was a rich kid and one of the only freshmen with a car.

"Ready?" They loaded the boxes up and before Yuki knew it he was at the apartment with dread. They decided to leave their things in the car, so that they could at least know where they were going. He walked up to the third floor and reached apartment C. With his friends behind him he didn't want to show the dread that he was feeling, so he knocked quick and hard hoping that Kyo wasn't home.

"Hang on." There was shuffling inside and it was then that one of his friends finally decided to ask what was going on.

"Who is this guy?" Akira asked looking at Yuki then at the door.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Yui asked him. Yui was a tall guy with black hair and dark blue eyes and his eyes seemed to find the answer in Yuki stuttered surprise. "So he is your boyfriend..."

"Well no…its not… I'm not." He stuttered."

"You are so gay, but we already knew that. Trust me a gay man knows." Yui nodded.

"Huh?" He stuttered again but the door opened and stopped him from saying anything. There stood Kyo in a pair of boxers and a towel around his neck. Kyo was taller then him standing at around six two and he was much more muscular then Yuki could ever hope to be. His hair was dark red, showing the moisture in it as it fell in spike and around his face. His crimson eyes looked surprised at Yuki.

Yuki looked older, and he didn't look like the girl that he used to when he was in high school. Kyo barley paid the other guys a glance as he stared at Yuki, his red gaze burning into Yuki. Yuki's eyes were darker then he remembered and his hair was a little longer framing his face beautifully.

"Yuki." Yuki noticed that his voice was deeper, and his eyes were an intense red. That stare that he was receiving made him shiver and he really didn't know what to do.

"Kyo." Well that was a start. "How are you?" He asked politely turning his head to the side. It was then that he remembered his friends.

"Good." Kyo finally raised his gaze from Yuki to look at his friends. Yuki heard his friends let out a small gasp as they looked at Kyo. Yuki knew exactly how erotic Kyo looked. With his odd coloring and amazing shade of eyes, he got more and more stares as he grew though high school.

"This is Hideke, Akira, and Yui." He said and Kyo extended a hand to each one of them.

"Come in. I guess you are wondering where you are going to stay." He opened his door and they all came in. The kitchen and living room were combined and there was a small hallway that had two doors on the left and one on the right.

"We'll go get the boxes." Akira stated and dragged the others out with them under the impression to give the boys privacy. Kyo blinked as he watched them leave.


"I'm not doing this by choice. Just stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours." Kyo stated, he stared again at the rat and waited for a reply.

"Well this wasn't the solution that I was looking for."

"Well now we're stuck, what happened anyway? I thought that you liked mingling in the mixed sex world."

"Well it was great until a girl snuck into my bed." Yuki growled walking closer to the cat. "This isn't going to work." Yuki realized. He went to walk to the door. Before he reached the door however, he felt a hand grab his arm and pull him around and closer to Kyo.

"I will remind you what Shigure reminded me today. You and me we are both Sohmas and we have no choice but to protect the other members of the zodiac. You are stuck here with me. So deal!" Kyo's face was only inches from Yuki's and Yuki knew the picture that they presented when his friends opened the door.

"Sorry!" Hideke exclaimed, but Kyo's words stopped him.

"No, it's fine." He looked and smiled at Yuki's friends. "If you want to set his stuff there, I'll take care of it. Is that everything?"

"Yeah, there wasn't much to begin with." Yui stated before looking over to Yuki who looked just a little uncomfortable right now.

"Okay, why don't you walk your friends out, I'll take care of your stuff." Yuki nodded then turned over his shoulder.

"Don't break anything,"

"Damn rat." Yuki heard growled as he closed the door. His friends looked at him and for a moment he smiled collecting himself. It was Yui that made him blush again.

"Your boyfriend is hot."

"I'm not gay and I agree." Hideke stated looking at Yuki and the blush that covered his cheeks. Never had he seen anyone break through Yuki's cold exterior, but Kyo had pulverized it in a matter of seconds. Akira seemed to be nodding his agreement.

Yuki said nothing as he walked down the stairs, but when he got the car he decided that it was best to end this farce.

"Thanks for your help, but Kyo is not my boyfriend."

"Sure, that's why he looked at you like he was about to eat you." Yui asked and inside Yuki shuttered.

"You mean beat me." It was a whisper and he was glad that no one heard him.

"Yeah, didn't mean to step in on your moment. I never knew you were involved with someone."

"It wasn't a moment, it was…." Shaking his head he knew that he was getting no where so he simply gave up. "Thanks for your help, I appreciate it."

"No problem, we'll just pretend like you still live in the dorm."

"Yeah if the faculty asks we'll just make up for you for a while."

"Thanks guys." Freshmen were supposed to live on campus the first year, but it seemed that his friends would cover for him so all was good. He waved as they drove away and walked up the stairs. When he opened the door, the boxes were gone and he caught Kyo coming out of the room on the left this time with a shirt on.

"Shigure is sending some furniture for you. So you well have a bed and stuff tomorrow. Yours is the one on the right."

"Okay." Yuki didn't know why he had been a little nervous about this but he realized that it would be okay. They could stay out of each others way. It would work out just fine.

"I didn't want this either." Yuki stated.

"I know, you had to fight the family so hard to go where you wanted, and do what you wanted. Don't worry, rat, you're safe here." Kyo really didn't know where those words came from but he knew them to be true. Yuki fought to go to the college of his choice, fought to go to a co-ed high school. Yuki eyes looked at him wide and amazed. Yuki had always been beautiful but Kyo was surprised that he had grown even more elegant. His eyes wide and fringed by dark lashes, his skin soft and pale, he was a true work of art.

"Thanks." Yuki went into his room to find a made up futon and went through his boxes set in the corner. He smiled. This would be okay.


The next day of class, all the talk was about how the ice prince had a boyfriend. It spread so quick that the whole campus knew, and Yuki didn't know how to combat it, so by the end of the first week he had given in. He lied. 'Yes, Kyo's my boyfriend.' 'We've been dating 6 months.' 'I like him a lot.'

Little did they know that he never actually saw Kyo. The cat left before he did, came back before he did, all he ever knew was that there was a meal waiting. It wasn't like they were even friends. Occasionally he would catch a glimpse of the cat as he went in and out of the apartment, but for the most part their lives were as separate as they were before they moved in together. Once in a while they would pass each other in the hall or in the kitchen but nothing was said. There was once though during a weekend that he heard laughter from the living room and two voices, the laughing one was Kyo, and Yuki was blatantly aware that he had never heard the cat laugh before.

Idly he wondered who the other guy was…

Who could make Kyo laugh?

Yuki realized slowly that he missed the human interaction that he had in his dorm, so he once in a while would head to the dorm and hang out, and come home to a dark apartment.

But Yuki wasn't uncomfortable here. He thought that it would be odd to live with Kyo again, but he found that since they never spoke they never fought. Kyo wasn't always attacking him, wasn't always asking for a fight. It was nice. Plus the fact that Kyo always cooked for two showed that the cat was considerate. The food wasn't great like Tohru's; it was usually plain but healthy and tasted good.

Once in a while he would catch himself looking at Kyo, wondering what he was thinking and how he could stand being so quiet. But then again Kyo wasn't quite the social creature that Yuki was. He didn't crave the human interaction that Yuki did. So instead of doing his homework in his room, he started to do it at the kitchen table. The sounds of Kyo in the kitchen or watching TV were comforting. Yuki started to wonder if Kyo wanted the human interaction as well because he wasn't always hiding in his room.

Kyo noticed the little things that Yuki seemed to be doing. He was putting himself out in the open and it seemed that he was trying to get Kyo's attention. There was something that was different about the rat. Since they had parted ways, Yuki wasn't really getting on Kyo's nerves. Maybe it was because they no longer went to school together or maybe it was just that they were more comfortable in their own skins. Kyo wasn't sure, but it made living with him much easier. He found that he really didn't mind having his friends over, and while all they saw of Yuki was at the table doing homework or eating in the kitchen they never really asked questions and Kyo wasn't really sure how to explain his presence either. He noticed the eyes on him now, and found himself watching in return. They eyes on him were curious, and he found that those little glances created a curiosity in himself at well. Yuki never said much, but at least they did 'bye's and 'hi's but that was about it. So it was after winter break that Kyo took a drastic step.

He set the dinner table.

When Yuki sat down and ate it became part of their weekly routine, at least when Kyo wasn't working.

Another step happened when Yuki was doing his homework. Kyo was straightening up in the kitchen and then grabbing a glass of water to drink. The rat looked aggravated. Which Kyo knew was a task in itself. Looking at the text book he was working from he realized exactly why. Calculus was a hell of a class, especially if math wasn't your strong point.

The rat was rubbing his temples as though his head hurt. Grabbing the glass of water he sat down at the table by Yuki. The rat looked up with startled eyes.

"What's up?" Kyo asked looking at the homework. It was more casual then the normal 'hi' but Kyo was ready to maybe try and talk, move on. Yuki was no longer in his way to freedom. Yuki was just another person now, no longer an obstacle to Kyo. And with that prospective Kyo looked at Yuki just a little differently. And since he had been looking at Yuki differently, he knew that Yuki was now looking differently at him. It seemed that they really had moved on from high school.

"I don't get it." He was looking at the problem and Kyo smirked.

"Logarithmic differentiation, it can suck." Kyo pulled the paper away and started to explain it to the other boy. This was something that he knew. Math was one of his strong points, even if he didn't like it. Kyo watched Yuki as understanding dawned and they worked though some problems and by the end, Yuki was looking at him a little differently then he was used to.

That was in January, and now the months had moved on.

By February they had what Kyo would call a 'balanced existence.' They got along, but didn't really like each other, yet. They worked together, didn't complain but didn't like it.

Kyo did the laundry but Yuki would fold his own.

Yuki did dishes Kyo cooked.

Kyo dusted Yuki vacuumed.

Yuki helped Kyo with English.

Kyo helped Yuki with Calculus.

It was a balanced existence.

Kyo, though, had no idea that he was Yuki's boyfriend to all of The University of Tokyo campus.

Yuki on the other hand had to deal with faking a relationship on one side. He wasn't quite sure how to do that. But it worked out okay, because Kyo didn't go to his school, and Yuki could keep his lies straight. But unfortunately, the more and more he talked about Kyo the more and more he noticed his own gaze lingering after the red head, the more that he thought about the cat. He wasn't quite sure where it had started, but somewhere in this scheme he had formed a crush on the cat.

That was something that he had no idea how to deal with.


"Why doesn't Kyo ever come with you?" Yuki wanted to growl in frustration, but he knew that that would do no good. Everyone was always curious about Kyo. They always wanted to know about Kyo. It was always Kyo, Kyo, Kyo. It was enough to make Yuki want to scream, but he was very good at keeping his emotions in check.

"Yeah, we aren't that scary." Hideke agreed with Akira who as asked the first question. The others seemed to agree and Yuki just shook his head. It was a Friday night, a 'guys' night, and he was back at the dorm. Yuki couldn't stand to hang around the apartment on Fridays because Kyo went to work and the place was to empty and quiet with out him. Kyo worked part time for the school as an evening tutor, sometimes is was once a week and sometimes it was five days a week. But he seemed to make enough money to put away into savings. Yuki felt a little bad that he didn't have a job to help at all, but the Sohmas were supporting them both.

"Kyo's working tonight." Well at least that was true, but he would most likely be home by 9:00 and it was already 10. They were hanging out in the common area of the dorm and just talking and watching movies and though they weren't supposed to they had beer, which Yuki usually only had one bottle.

About half way through the second movie, some girls came down to hang out and they brought some punch. It was Hideke who smelled the punch and realized that it had a sweet strong liquor in it, but he didn't share the secret. By the time the movie was over Yuki had had three glasses. The other boys smelled a scheme but they didn't say anything. The girls in the dorm had been very curious about Yuki's boyfriend, like much of the school campus. People always wanted to go over to his apartment, but Yuki never really allowed it. He never gave people a reason, and people respected him to not drop by with out calling.

"So Yuki, tell us about Kyo?" This time it was one of the girls, he thought her name was Ume.

"What do you want to know?" He looked at the girl and was a little surprised to see that she was blurry. He looked at his empty glass of punch then back at the girl. He tried to blink his grey eyes but that didn't really seem to help. He looked down to see his empty glass being filled by another girl. "Thanks." But he didn't drink any of it yet. His stomach seemed to be just a little upset, and he wanted to give it a minute to settle.

"What does he look like?" This one was Takara, she was a sweet girl, and she was in his calculus class.

"Well, he's taller then me and he has red hair." Yuki smiled nodding that was a good description.

One of the girls sighed and looked to Yui. They knew that the other guys had met Kyo and that one of them would be honest.

"He's hot." Yui told the girls but they couldn't see that a tall red head was hot. It wasn't a description that most would find attractive. It was then that Yuki stood and wavered. He looked at the punch and brought it up to his nose.

"Am I drunk?" He asked looking at the girls.

"There was stuff in the punch couldn't you taste it?" Takara asked.

Yuki shook his head and that didn't help. "I need to go home." He was surprised when the girls jumped up

"We'll walk you home." They said in unison.

"You got him drunk so that you could walk him home." Hideke stated and Yui finished his thought.

"So you could meet 'The Boyfriend'." They each grabbed an arm and draped him over their shoulders.

"I want to go home." Yuki stated letting his head drop against his chest. He was drunk, he knew that. How could he have not felt it before? Was that normal? How had he not tasted it? But he knew that he had a problem. They would expect something of Kyo, and he would be home. They would want to see a hug or a kiss or something. Or Kyo acting caring or something…

He tried to think but couldn't really formulate a plan. Thoughts kept slipping though his brain just like it was a full of holes.

"Well come along, then." Akira said, opening the door and starting the walk home.

Yuki found that looking at the ground didn't help. "How much did I drink?"

"We but strawberry flavored vodka, in with the punch, it was about half and half, but it taste good."

"No wonder you can barely stand." Yui said as they walked with the other boy, the short blocks to the apartment. They made it up the stairs, to the door and then knocked. It happened so fast that Yuki didn't even realize what was going on.

Yuki really tried to think but it really wasn't working, he could hear Kyo in the apartment. Then the door was opening and he was looking at his cousin. Kyo had been in bed he could tell, his hair was rumpled and he was in his black pajama pants. Yuki loved it when he wore those around the house; they fell so low on his hips that all he saw was muscled abs and the tips of hip bones. Yuki had fought the urge, more then once, to run his hand down that lean abdomen, but he never had. Briefly he heard the girls behind him gasp, but there he was just as he described, taller then him and with red hair. He caught Kyo's eyes for a second and tried to convey any thought but it wasn't working.

"Hey Kyo."

"Yui, Akira, Hideke. What the hell happened?" He asked letting them in, surprised when they dumped Yuki into his arms. By reflex he caught Yuki and since the rat seemed to be having a hard time locking out his knees, he pulled the rat closer. Yuki's arms came up and wrapped around his neck into his hair, and Kyo was more then a little surprised.

"Your boyfriend got wasted." Hideke informed him.

"Excuse me?" Kyo was a little lost; he looked from one to the other about to say something when Yuki said something against his shoulder. Kyo looked from one to the other until he looked down at Yuki. The rat was clinging to him trying to stay standing, so he finally leaned his head down to hear what Yuki was trying to say.

"…please pretend…" was really all that he caught before Yuki kissed him. It was a light quick loving gesture before he settled his body back against Kyo's, seeming to fall asleep on his feet. That helped but not a lot, all he knew was that these people though that they were boyfriends?

"What did you do to him?" He growled, more then a little angry, more at the fact that he was here holding a drunken idiot and caught in a lie not of his own making.

"Whoa, we just brought him home, they got him wasted." Akira pointed to the girls who withered under Kyo's stare.

"Why in to world would you do that?" Kyo was pretty sure that Yuki had passed out. He leaned down and swept the boy into his arms cradling him near his bare chest. He thought that this was how a boyfriend should act, but he had no clue. It also placed that while it should be odd hold Yuki like this it was surprisingly easy.

"Rumors have been flying around about you at school, and we just wanted to meet you." Umi stated realizing that maybe they had gone about this the wrong way. But she realized that all the rumors were right, this Kyo, was an amazingly intense person.

"Well, hello, nice to meet you." It came out more then a little sarcastic and he looked to the others. "Excuse me while I put him to bed." He walked down the hall and into Yuki's room. The rooms furnishing were modest and he laid him on the bed. Going to the end of the bed he pulled off the shoes.

"You owe me." Kyo muttered and he looked to see that Yuki had opened his eyes and was watching him. "You hear, you owe me." He growled as Yuki nodded groggily. Kyo watched as Yuki tried to unbutton his shirt and flailed like a fish out of water. He pushed the hands away and started unbuttoning the shirt. Half way through he felt Yuki's hands thread through his hair.

"They're right, you are hot." Yuki stated looking Kyo in the eyes and Kyo let out a little laugh.

"You're wasted." Kyo would remember this for the fact that Yuki, the prince of the Sohma family was acting like a complete idiot.

"You're being nice to me." Yuki noted as his shirt was taken off his body and he moved to the belt, pulling it from the loops. Kyo unbuttoned the pants and pulled the zipper knowing for a fact that the other boy wore boxers, hell, he did do his laundry. He was startled when Yuki grabbed his hair hard and pulled his face to his and pulled Kyo's lips to his. Balancing himself he put his hands on Yuki's sharp hip bones and tried to bring his mind back into focus.

Kyo's eyes opened wide, but for some reason he didn't pull away, he found himself kissing back. Their lips met then left and it was Kyo who nibbled on Yuki's lips and they opened to him granting him entrance.

He tasted like strawberries.

It was the only thought that crossed his mind and he probed and tasted Yuki with his tongue.

Yuki's world was spinning, and this time it wasn't just the alcohol that was in his system, it was the cat. Kyo above him, kissing him back. For almost two months he had pretended that Kyo was his boyfriend. That they kissed like this on a regular basis and he had wanted to. He moaned as Kyo mouth moved over his, Kyo tasted like mint, the random thought that he brushed his teeth before going to bed crossed his mind. But he moved his tongue to move against Kyo's so that he could taste his mouth as well. His moan was silenced so he clawed his fingers into Kyo's bare back letting him know that he was doing something right, something felt good, and the heat in his body was pooling low in his groin.

Kyo's hands clawed into Yuki's hips as he felt Yuki's fingernails dig into his shoulders. Then Yuki wasn't responding. Kyo pulled back on a laugh realizing that Yuki had passed out again. It was probably better off, Yuki wouldn't remember in the morning anyway. He shook his head, shaking off the effects of the kiss. He pulled off Yuki's pants then placed him under the sheets.

"Sweet dreams." He smiled before he closed the door. He found Yuki's friends in the kitchen.

"Is he okay?" Umi asked her and the other girl looking guiltier by the second. They were the reason that he was dealing with this right now, and he didn't want to pretend to be Yuki's boyfriend. He was an honest person, this went against everything that he really valued and respected.

"He'll live." He caught a look at himself in the mirror in the kitchen and realized that his lips were red and his hair was crazy. "Not to be rude, but you've done your duty, I'll take care of him now."

They nodded and left and Kyo went back to Yuki's room to check that he was lying on his side.

"Some how they think that we are dating, you didn't stop the rumor, so it must have been helping you somehow." He walked into the room and brushed Yuki's hair from his face.

"You owe me big, rat. Not only did I pretend to be your boyfriend, I was nice to your friends and I let you kiss me."

But the kiss wasn't bad.

No it wasn't bad at all, Kyo agreed with himself. He was aware that he liked boys, hell, he had already been involved with one, but they had broken it off just before Yuki had moved in here. But now he was looking at Yuki a little differently. Yuki was attractive, Kyo knew that, but it was more then that. His maturity had made him even more beautiful. Right now both he and Yuki were different people. Kyo liked this new Yuki.

He had a feeling that Yuki liked the new Kyo too.


Next chapter: Yuki wakes up.

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