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To say that Uchiha Itachi was shocked was an understatement. Of course, on the surface, his expression emotionless- nada, nil, nothing.
But inner-ly, he was gasping for the lack of air.

Or, if you have trained eyes, like one Hatake Kakashi, you can see a slight twitch on the elder sibling of Uchiha.

Since when the Uchiha Sasuke cooed to a cat?!

That evening, when Sasuke was taking his shower– a couple of hours of plane journey and one hour drive, plus entertaining the endless bundle of energy fur-ball made him sweaty and in dire need for a shower; not that the summer helped too- Kakashi had the privilege –again- to see the elder Uchiha lost his cool.

This time, he was talking to the cat.

Kakashi had the decency to sweat-drop at this, seeing at how Itachi was starting to loose his marbles at his brother's changed in attitude.

All because of this… this fur-ball?!

If both of them had known this could work, maybe they would've bought a kitten themselves and presented it to Sasuke a looong time ago.

Unconsciously, both male made a mental note to thank Sakura. Not that she lives far away anyway; just a few blocks away from them.

"Kakashi," Itachi called the elder man, knowing fully that the grey haired man was silently watching him talking to and prodding the cat. Kakashi raised a questioning eyebrow.

"I think I know why Otouto is attached to this fur-ball," he speculated.


"His eyes… his energy… his character…" Itachi added monotonously after the man sent him a silent question through his eye. The cat kept on jumping to try to scratch and bite the feathers in Itachi's hand again.

Where did the feathers come from, you asked?


"Aniki," Sasuke called Itachi in the white kitchen that opens up to the back lawn. Sasuke stood up and strode towards his brother from the short green grass.

"I'm taking a shower- play with Hikari," he said. Well, more like commanded his older brother; and then he passed the play stick with the feathers at the end to the elder Uchiha. Itachi couldn't even say a reply before Sasuke was gone.

When the cat mewed in frustration at the height of the feathers, Itachi only looked- no, scratch that- glared at the tabby. Unlike Sasuke who has many version and levels of his trademark glare, Itachi only has 3- 'You're-Annoying-Death-Glare', 'I'll-castrate-you-if-you-don't-do-as-I-command-Warning-Glare' and 'You're-So-Dead-(for real too)-Death-Glare'.

Yup, all are under the copyright of Uchiha Itachi.

He glared at the cat- the 'You're-Annoying-(You're so dead!)-Death-Glare'; specifically modified for the tabby.

Hikari didn't budge. Instead, he played with Itachi's pants.


Kakashi saw another twitch on Itachi's forehead at the cat's persistence. Kakashi was torn between laughing, giggling and looking serious.

"He doesn't even flinch from my glare. He's just like that kid…" Itachi said after a moment of pausing.

At that, both came to the same conclusion-

This cat reminds Sasuke of Naruto.

"Maa… maybe he is the reincarnation of Naruto?" Kakashi burst into a giggle fit.

"Idiot." This time, Itachi sweat-dropped.

But Kakashi's giggle intensified when Hikari mewed at the 'idiot' from Itachi, as though he thought that the insult was directed to him.

'Yup, Hikari's clearly like Naruto!'

That's what they both thought.


It was drizzling.

It was drizzling when Sasuke started the engine and started to drive back from the cemetery. Hikari, surprisingly was sitting quietly on the next seat.

'Sasuke kneeled to place the white tulips on the grave. On the tombstone, it's written one name as Sasuke looked at it affectionally; Uzumaki Naruto.

"Dobe…" Sasuke whispered, touching the tombstone gently.

"How long has it been? 3 years? I'm not sure if you know what's been happening with me in the past years since you left…" Sasuke patted the cat next to him.
"But I'm okay now…" he added at last. "So you don't have to worry anymore, okay?" he whispered softly.

Sasuke sat, legs crossing now. After a while, "Oi, Uzumaki… Let me introduce you to this little fella," he rubbed the back of Hikaru ears. The cat purred.

"Naruto, meet Hikari. Hikari, meet Uzumaki Naruto…" and he started to tell the flaws and similarities between the two to the grave in front of him. There was a teasing smirk as he imagined what Naruto's reaction would be.

"You know what, Teme?! If I'm alive and kicking, I'd kill you right now!" the raven-haired chuckled as he imagined Naruto tossed and turned in his grave with fury.

The smirk was later on ceased as he put on a serious expression- bordering on tenderness.

"So listen to me carefully, for I'll only tell you this once," Sasuke took a deep breath. "I'll live for us both; 'cause I know that's what you wanted me to do. So you'll just have to wait before you can kick my ass, dobe. I want to live for quite a while now, seeming how I have to for both of us."'

As Sasuke drove, he put in the cd. 'I Believe in You' by Il Divo and Celine Dion was on immediately. He took in the lyrics and smiled softly.

'I've found my light again, Naruto. And maybe next time, maybe next time I'll find you… and you'll find me too.'

It was drizzling.

But now the sun has shine again.


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