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Recap::--- "OOOOHH...So, I guess you're stuck here?"Naruto asks,turning back to Sora's hair.

"Yeah, I gues-hey, is that Sakura?"Riku gestured to a pink-haired kunoichi coming out of the forest.

"Oh SHIT! IT IS!" Sasuke says, turning around, facing away from the forest.

"SASUKE-KUN!!!"she yells.---


"HEY! SASUKE-KUN!!" she yells, smiling and waving her hand. Kairi scowls. She doesnt like this girl from what she's seen so far. She seems pretty annoying. What did Riku call her? Sakura, or something? Either way her hair was pink and Kairi didn't like her.

"Shit." Sasuke repeats.

"Hey Saaasuke-kun, where have you been?" the girl says, dragging the 'a' out forever as she violentley pushes Naruto out of the way.

"OW! HEY WATCH IT SAKURA!" Naruto yells at her.

"YOU WATCH IT NARUTO!" and hits him upside the head. Hard.

"Ow! Sasuke tell your girlfriend to stop hitting me!!"

Awkward Silence...then...


"Well before ANYONE kills ANYONE maybe we should find somewhere to stay?" Roxas points out, stepping away from in front of Namine.

"Yeah, Roxas has a point. Sasuke. Any place we can stay?" Riku asks Sasuke as he turns to him.

"Well...I guess you could all stay at my place. It's basically a hotel anyways."

"...what do you mean?" Kairi asks him.

"Because it's a manor and the Hokage asks everyone to stay there because there are NO hotels in Konoha...but, um...there are kinda people staying at the house already."

"Like WHO?"

"Um...the three sand ninja."

"Oh God..." Riku's voice trails off as he rolls his eyes.

"What? What's wrong with them Riku??" Sora asks Riku.

"Well, one gets on my last nerves and attacks people with puppets, one's a girl-"

"HEY!" Sakura Kairi and Namine yelled.

Riku ignored them and went on "-and one's a psychopathic murderous Kazekage who has insomnia and controls sand." he rushes out quickly.

"..." (everyone)

"Wait, what's a Kazekage?" Sora finally asks.

"Oh God. I don't think you guys are gonna like Gaara." Sasuke rolls his eyes.

"Gaara? Who's that?"

"He's the psychopathic murderous Kazekage that has insomnia and controls sand, I'm guessing?" Kairi asks.

"Yeah. Listen to the girl in the pink. She knows what she's talking about. Now follow me." and he jumped about 50 feet in the air straight to the trees surrounding them.

Kairi turned a bright pink and said "Well! You heard Sasuke! Let's go!" she said, running off with the others behind her.


Oooh...theyre gonna meet Gaara. This will be good I swear.
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