Title: Love Without Warning

Date: 5th May 2007
Author: Kazavid
Chapter: 1 / 10

Rating: M
Pairing: Ronon Dex, Dr Ellie Harrison
Archiving: None
Warnings: Sexual Content
Spoilers: None
Feedback: Yes
Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis and its characters do not belong to me. The character Dr Ellie Harrison, belongs to ElaineDex, and comes from the story 'Love After Love'.

Summary: Ellie originally worked with SG-1, alongside Daniel Jackson, when she was called upon to work on the building of the Odyssey. This is where she met Paul Emerson. During the construction of the Odyssey, Paul asked Ellie to marry him, and she accepted. But Ellie got cold feet, when Paul was sent on a long mission, which made her realise that he would constantly be away. They called the wedding off, despite Paul not wanting to. Ellie was offered a place on Atlantis, as Rodney's assistant, which she decided to take after much deliberation. This is where she meets Ronon Dex.

A/N - This story was written for ElaineDex, as requested. Using her character Dr Ellie Harrison, from the story 'Love After Love'. Using some ideas and scenarios she wanted incorporated in to the story. This story is set just before 'Love After Love'.

Love Without Warning

Chapter 1

Ellie, was rushing back to the Lab, with two cups of coffee in her hands, and sandwiches tucked under her arm. She'd been on Atlantis a few weeks now, and she was still being sent by Dr McKay to fetch cups of coffee and food, like she were his own personal servant. She was highly trained in her field, and all she wanted was to be treated as such. She sped up a little as she entered the Lab, only to come to a sudden halt, as she seemed to hit a 'brick wall'. The plastic coffee cups in her hands, disintegrated, sending hot scalding coffee, spewing all over the 'said wall', she heard the wall, yelp in pain, and curse in a language she'd never heard before.

Ellie, who had been knocked backwards, thankfully, avoided being hit with hot coffee. She focused her eyes on the 'wall', and blushed bright red, as the very large man before her, glared at her. She could see the steam coming from his clothes, where the coffee was soaking in to them. Ellie quickly grabbed a cloth from the work bench and began wiping the cloth across the steaming stains, soaking in to his clothes.

"I'm sorry." she managed to croak, as she continued to wipe at the coffee stains. It didn't actually register with her, exactly where she was wiping, not until Ronon suddenly jerked his body back, away from her touch, cursing again. It was only then that she saw where she'd been wiping, and the reaction she'd caused, to his body. Her face felt like it were on fire, she was so embarrassed.

Thankfully, no one was around to see her embarrassment. She watched as he stormed out of the room, still cursing, in a foreign language. At the same time that he was leaving, Dr McKay, came strolling back in to the Lab.

"What happened? Why was Ronon all wet, did he break something, tell me it wasn't something important" he said, looking around the Lab trying to see if there was any damage.

"No, he didn't break anything." she mumbled, not really wanting to tell him what had happened.

"Did you get the coffee?" he asked.

"No." she said, and quickly got back to her computer, and leaving a very confused McKay to wander around the Lab looking for the reason why Ronon was wet.


Over the next few days Ellie seemed to be out of luck, for on two separate occasions, she had almost bumped in to Ronon Dex again. The first time she had almost colliding with him as she turned a corner, just barely missing him, but causing him to bump in to the person behind him. The second time was in the mess hall, she'd turned to walk away, and almost knocked the tray of food he'd been carrying, this time he'd trodden on someone's foot, he'd looked at her like he'd love to swat her like a fly. Ellie grimaced, she'd made at least one enemy, she thought as she watched Ronon Dex, storm off.

A few days later, Ellie was, startled by McKay latest outburst. She wondered if she would ever get used to Dr McKay's sudden outbursts, of inane chatter.

"Oh that can not be right, no, no, no, you'll have to run the test again. Those figures are ridiculous, you must have done something wrong." He ranted, glaring at the screen, then at her.

Ellie, had forgotten how many times he'd made her run the same test. Her eyes were tired, and she rubbed her hands across them, reaching in to her pocket she pulled out her glasses and put them on. She only needed them when her eyes were strained, which is exactly what they were now, just like her nerves, which were stretched to the limit.

"McKay, you're not harassing the new Dr, are you." Sheppard asked, as he walked in to the Lab.

Ellie looked up and glanced at Colonel Sheppard, he smiled at her, and she smiled back. She liked him, he was friendly, made her feel at ease, unlike McKay, who was still ranting over the experiment. She wondered if McKay would ever treat her as an equal, she might not be a genius like him, but she was capable of doing everything he could. And in a better mood, she thought.

Ellie turned intending to get back to running the experiment, again, when she suddenly realised that someone else had come in to the Lab, with Colonel Sheppard. She looked up and saw Ronon Dex, standing in the doorway, she tensed, her face flamed as she remember, the hot coffee, and the reaction she'd cause to his body.

Ronon stood in the doorway of McKay's Lab, his eyes focused on the petite brunette across the room. He grimaced, shifted his feet and winced as his pants rubbed across the tender skin on his thighs. He saw her turn and look at him, watched as her face reddened when she saw him, then she quickly looked away.

"Ellie, have you met Ronon Dex?" Sheppard suddenly asked, she didn't know what to say, Sheppard began introducing her and Ronon to each other.

"He's usually friendly, but for some reason he hasn't been himself the last couple of days. And I wouldn't offer him any coffee if I were you, he seems to take exception to being offered any, he almost took my head off the last time I asked." he told her, then glanced over at Ronon, who just glared back at him.

"Aren't you going to shake hands?" Sheppard asked, standing between the two of them.

Ellie could feel her skin burning, at the prospect of having to shake hands with Ronon.

Ronon didn't want to go anywhere near Ellie, let alone touch her, no telling what might happen, he thought. But Sheppard kept insisting that they shake hands.

Ronon wouldn't budge, but he saw Ellie moving towards him, when she was within a few feet of him, he saw her raise her arm and reach her hand out to him. He hesitated, then he saw the look Sheppard was giving him, so he grabbed hold of her hand and shook it.

The electrical shock that both of them received, jolted them apart, Ronon flinched, not from pain, but from the unexpectedness of it. He glared at her, then almost growled at her, when she started to explain that it was her fault.

Ellie blushed furiously, and tried to apologise, tried to explain that the top she wore was made of nylon, and that she'd been rubbing her hands against it, which had caused some static electricity to build up.

Sheppard was grinning, and McKay was trying to explain the complexities of static electricity and its problems.

"Must be love." Sheppard said jokingly.

Ronon and Ellie, looked at each other, both horrified at the thought...