Title: Love Without Warning

Date: 24th May 2007
Author: Kazavid
Chapter: 10 / 10

Rating: M
Pairing: Ronon Dex / Dr Ellie Harrison
Archiving: None
Warnings: Sexual Content
Spoilers: None
Feedback: Yes
Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis and its characters do not belong to me. The character

Dr Ellie Harrison, belongs to ElaineDex, and comes from the story 'Love After Love'.

Summary: Ellie originally worked with SG-1, alongside Daniel Jackson, when she was called upon to work on the building of the Odyssey. This is where she met Paul Emerson. During the construction of the Odyssey, Paul asked Ellie to marry him, and she accepted. But Ellie got cold feet, when Paul was sent on a long mission, which made her realise that he would constantly be away. They called the wedding off, despite Paul not wanting to. Ellie was offered a place on Atlantis, as Rodney's assistant, which she decided to take after much deliberation. This is where she meets Ronon Dex.

A/N - This story was written for ElaineDex, as requested. Using her character Dr Ellie Harrison, from the story 'Love After Love'. Using some ideas and scenarios she wanted incorporated in to the story. This story is set just before 'Love After Love'.

Love Without Warning

Chapter 10

Ellie sat in the corner of the shower cubicle, her back against the wall her shoulder and face pressed against the wall beside her, she didn't think she'd ever stop crying. As soon as she'd entered her room she'd noticed the smell that lingered on her skin, and she'd immediately jumped in to the shower. She'd used several different scented soaps, yet she could still smell him on her skin.

She couldn't believe how cruel Ronon had been, she was expecting him to be angry at how she'd treated him but to go as far as he did...

She finally stood up and turned the shower off, stepping out of the cubicle she saw her clothes strewn across the floor, and the smell of him was overpowering. She grabbed the clothes off the floor, stuffed them in a bag and dumped the bag in the bin.

For two days Ellie didn't go to work she excused herself feigning illness, which wasn't far from the truth, and she avoided contact with every one. Luckily Sheppard and his team where off world for a couple of days, so she didn't have to deal with seeing Ronon.


Ronon stood in the doorway of the lab and stared at Ellie, she was bending over one of the computer consoles, with her back to him, but he knew she'd sensed his presence, he'd seen her back stiffen as soon as he'd stopped in the doorway. This was the first time he'd seen her since she'd run from his room carrying her shoes. He hesitated about stepping in to the lab, he wasn't sure how she'd react, in fact he wasn't sure about anything lately. Except that they couldn't go on the way they had been.

"Ellie." Ronon said, his voice low. He waited to see how she'd react, would she answer him or just ignore him.

Ellie tried to block out the fact that Ronon was standing in the doorway of the lab. She tried to concentrate on her work, and it was working until she heard him say her name.

"About the other night, I..."

"Hey, I wondered where you'd gotten to. Weir wants a debriefing in her office, like now." Sheppard told him, smiling at Ellie who still hadn't turned around.

"You don't mind if I take Ronon away for a while, do you Ellie?" Sheppard asked her.

"Do what you want, it has nothing to do with me." Ellie said quietly, just thankful to be rid of Ronon's overpowering presence.


Luckily it was a few days later that the next encounter came, Ellie was in the mess hall with Teyla when Ronon and Sheppard entered and immediately made their way over to their table.

"Don't mind if we join you do you?" Sheppard asked, not waiting for a reply he sat down facing Teyla, leaving the seat facing Ellie for Ronon.

As soon as Ronon sat down Ellie dropped her head down, when she did look up it was only to look at Teyla or Sheppard, she didn't look at Ronon. But she could feel him looking at her. Sheppard was the first one to leave, followed by Teyla, who seemed to dash from the table before Ellie got a chance to say or do anything. Ellie realised that they were up to something, and that they'd purposely left her and Ronon together. Ellie stood up and left the table without saying anything.

She was half way down the passageway when she was suddenly hoisted up and over Ronon's shoulder.

"What the hell do you think you're doing. Put me down, now." Ellie shouted at him, banging her hands on his back.

"I intend to talk to you, and nobody is going to stop me, not even you. I am sick and tired of all these games." Ronon told her bluntly.

Ellie didn't know if she was angry at him or not, but she did know they needed to sort things out, maybe this was the best way, she just hoped she didn't break down in front of him.


Ellie was hoisted off his shoulder and dumped on the bench on one of the balconies. She gave Ronon a glaring look, then looked away when he took no notice. Ronon stood there looking at her, waiting, but all Ellie did was sit there in silence.

"You got anything to say." Ronon asked her, after a few more minutes had ticked by.

Ellie didn't want to be the first one to put her emotions on display, so she didn't say anything.

"Right, I'll go first then." Ronon told her.

"I don't understand what your problem is. You told me you didn't want anything to do with me. Yet when we where looking for the ZPM you were all but begging me to take you." Ronon told her.

Ellie could feel her skin flushing at his bluntness. She couldn't even dispute his words, because they were true.

"Why did you tell me you only wanted a 'one night stand' if you didn't?"

"Because I didn't want to wait around until you told me to get lost."

"Why would you think I'd tell you to get lost?"

"Because you're so...and I'm just...well I'm probably not the type of woman you usually date."

"And what type of woman do I usually date.?" he asked her, confused as to what type she was on about.

"You know, tall dark 'playboy bunny' type." she muttered.

"You said that before but you never told me what it means." He said, then listened as Ellie told him what it meant. Then told him about seeing him with that woman.

"You saw me with Rachel and you thought..." Ronon bit out a curse, he couldn't believe all the heartache he'd endured was because she'd seen him being friendly with another woman.

"She's happily married. And for your information she is not my 'type', I don't have a 'type'."

Ronon looked at her, she had her head bowed. They were supposed to be sorting things out, but he wasn't sure it was working.

"And about the last time, when you came to my room. I admit that I might have gone a bit too far, but I did tell you, I gave you the choice to leave, and you chose to stay."

"Is this how you talk to Rachel." Ellie bit out.

"You keep mentioning Rachel, and I can't understand why. Unless it's because you're jealous. But you'd only be jealous if you actually had feelings for me." Ronon asked, her.

"Is that it Ellie, do you have feelings for me?" Ronon asked her outright.

Ellie took a quick glance at him, should she tell him the truth, was she brave enough.

"Sort of." she said half heartedly.

"What does 'Sort of' mean?"

"It means, yes I have feelings for you." she said loudly, finally admitting the truth.

"Ronon we have an emergency you need to get up to the Gate room right away." Sheppard said in Ronon's ear piece.

"Damn it..." Ronon bit out.

"You don't have to curse, I won't be throwing myself at you again." Ellie shouted at him.

"I'm not talking to you." Ronon told her.

"That suits me fine." Ellie said, and before Ronon could explain what had happened, she shot out the door and left the balcony.

Ronon growled with frustration, she was always getting the wrong ideas, he let her go and decided he'd sort it out later.


"There's a malfunction somewhere in the system." McKay announced, as the whole of the security system suddenly went haywire.

"Can you find where the problem is." Weir asked him.

"It seems to be originating from somewhere else in the city. By my calculations it's on the far side, just on the outer fringes of where we've explored." he told her.

"Can you fix it from here."

"If Ellie could go to the other section, we may just be able to fix it. Ellie?" Rodney said, looking at her.

"Sure I'll go, anything I need to know?"

"No, when you get there I'll let you know what I need you to do." Rodney told her.


Ellie and her two marine escorts used the transporter to reach the outer section of the city. They found the terminal that Rodney indicated to them and Ellie began accessing the data in the computer terminal.

"Ellie, have you found it yet?" Rodney asked through her ear piece.

"No, I'm just trying to see if I can locate the problem, but I'm not getting anywhere. It's like the programme keeps changing."

"Try running a trace programme, see if you can locate it that way." he told her.

"I've tried that, it still can't locate it."

The sudden sound of gunfire startled Ellie, she turned around to see what was happening, and saw one of the marines being hit by a stunner blast. The other marine grabbed her and dragged her behind the computer consoles.

"Major Lorne, this is Lieutenant Rawson, we're under fire, request assistance. Benson is down, and I have no idea what or who, is firing at us."

"We've got a team on their way to you now, just sit tight." Lorne told him.

Rawson tried to see who was firing at them, but he couldn't see anyone.

"Dr Harrison, I want you to stay close to me, what ever I tell you to do, you do it, understand?" he told her.

"Yes I understand." she told him.

"Right, stay here, while I check out Benson. And don't move."

Ellie watched him slowly making his way over to Benson who was lying unconscious on the floor. As Lieutenant Rawson reached Benson, Ellie saw a movement by the doorway, she shouted to Lieutenant Rawson, who just managed to evade a stunner blast, and make it back to her.

"Major Lorne, it's Michael."

"Michael? You're sure it's Michael?"

"Yes, I got a good look at him, it's definitely him."

All of a sudden the city went in to a lock down, alarms sound, doors began to shut, and Major Lorne could be heard cursing in their ear pieces.

"Who's Michael?" Ellie asked, Lieutenant Rawson.

"He's a Wraith."

"A Wraith! I've never heard anyone associating a name with a Wraith before." Ellie commented.

"This is a special Wraith, if you saw him, you'd understand." he told her, puzzling her even more.

"Lieutenant Rawson, sit tight, our people are trying to by pass the lock down." Lorne told him.

Ellie saw something being thrown in to the room, a loud band and a glaring flash and everything went dark. When Ellie found her senses again, she saw Lieutenant Rawson lying on the floor, unconscious with a man standing over him. Ellie stood up and the man turned around. She immediately knew this must be Michael because of his unusual features.

Ellie stared nervously at Michael, his features looked so human.

"And who do we have here?" Michael asked, pointing the stunner at Ellie. When she didn't answer he waved the stunner at her threateningly.

"Ellie." she said reluctantly.

"Ellie, and what exactly is your designation here on Atlantis?" he asked.

"I'm a Dr." she told him.

"A Doctor. A medical Doctor?"

"No, I work with Dr McKay." she admitted.

"McKay! Really, then you could prove to be very useful Dr..." Michael raised his eyes querying her last name.

"Harrison." Ellie said.

"Dr Harrison. Now do as I say, and you won't get hurt." he told her, and motioned for her to move ahead of him.

As Michael passed Lieutenant Rawson he picked up his P90 gun and then continued to push Ellie ahead of him down the passageway. Now that he had been detected the only thing Michael wanted to do was get away.

When they came to a locked door Michael forced Ellie to by pass the system and open it, which she did, but took her time in doing it.

"If I think you're stalling Dr Harrison I won't hesitate to kill you." Michael told her, aware of her delaying tactics.


Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla, arrived back through the gate and where told of the situation with Michael.

"How the hell did he manage to get on Atlantis without the sensors detecting him?" Sheppard shouted, looking around at everyone. "McKay." Sheppard said, looking at him.

"Well don't look at me I don't run the security system, that's down to your people. I only fix it when they break it." McKay said, sarcastically.

"Alright, we'll sort this out later. What I need to know is who you sent down there to fix the problem?"

"Lieutenant Rawson, Benson and Ellie." McKay told him.

"Ellie! She's out there with Michael?" Ronon said, his voice raised, and angry.

"Yes, we didn't have any one else to send, and she does know what to look for, and she can repair the problem if she can locate it." McKay said nervously, backing away from Ronon, who looked like he wanted to hit something, or someone.

"Have you managed to by pass the lock down yet." Sheppard asked McKay.

"Almost, I need a little bit more time..." McKay started to tell him.

"You can't wait any longer, we have to go now." Ronon told Sheppard. "Michael knows we're on to him, he won't be waiting around."

"Ronon's right, we can't wait. We'll meet up with Major Lorne and his team. McKay we need you to get passed that lock down." Sheppard told him.


Sheppard and Ronon met up with Major Lorne, then they split up from Lorne and went after Michael.

It was taking longer than they'd have liked but each door they came to they had to physically open.

"McKay we need that lock down disabled." Sheppard shouted.

"Shouting won't make me go any faster than I already am, Colonel." McKay retorted.

"McKay..." Ronon snarled.

"Alright, I'll see what I can do..." McKay spluttered nervously at the sound of Ronon's voice.

Sheppard and Ronon made it to where Benson and Lieutenant Rawson where, they where still unconscious.

"Where's Ellie?" Ronon shouted when he couldn't locate her.

"Michael must have taken her." Sheppard said harshly.

"There's only one place he could be headed to from here, he must have a ship outside." Sheppard said.

They headed towards the exit that would take them outside.

They where coming up to the exit when Ronon spotted Michael up ahead, he had a gun trained on Ellie and he was making her open the door. Michael must have heard them because he suddenly turned around and saw them. He grabbed Ellie and used her as a shield, placing her in front of him.

Michael fired the P90 towards Ronon and Sheppard making them dive for cover, then he tried to open the door, but it stuck.

"Open the door Dr Harrison, or I'll kill you." Michael told her, sounding a little nervous.

Ronon looked across at Ellie, she looked very nervous and he could see that her hands where shaking as she tried to open the door. Ronon's adrenalin had gone in to overdrive the minute he'd heard Ellie was down here, with Michael. He couldn't stay where he was, he stood up and moved towards Michael.

Michael turned and saw Ronon, he immediately started firing at him, but Ronon ran at him, dodging.

Ellie stared as Ronon came charging towards them, she saw Michael firing at him, and fearing that Ronon would be killed she pushed her hands against Michael, knocking him off balance long enough for Ronon to reach them.

Ronon grabbed Michael by the scruff of the neck and slammed him back in to the wall. He rammed his fist in to Michael's stomach, then pulling his blaster out of it's holster he aimed it at Michael.

Michael knocked the blaster from Ronon's hand and attacked Ronon. Sheppard had come over and he grabbed Ellie and pulled her away from Ronon and Michael who were now fighting with each other.

Ronon knocked Michael to the ground, but unfortunately it was right where Michael had dropped the P90, he grabbed it and turned firing it towards Ronon.

Ronon ran, but didn't get very far when he felt the bullet graze his thigh, then another bullet hit his side, entering and exiting within seconds.

Sheppard pulled Ellie behind him and backed up behind the wall, hoping that Ronon would be able to find cover. He looked out and fired his gun at Michael who was escaping through the door. Ronon was on the floor slightly dazed, and blood spattered.

As Michael got through the door Sheppard and Ellie ran over to Ronon, to see if he was alright. But Ronon was already getting to his feet. They heard the sound of a dart taking off, and knew Michael had gotten away.

"Ronon, you alright." Sheppard asked him, concerned at the blood covering Ronon.

"I'm fine, he just nicked me." Ronon said, his eyes on Ellie, he was more concerned about her than himself.

Ellie was pretty shocked by what had happened, she could feel herself shaking. But her eyes where glued to Ronon, and all she could see was the blood seeping in to his clothes around his waist and the top of his thigh.

"Ellie are you alright?" Ronon asked her as he moved closer to her.

He could see the tears welling in her eyes and watched as they suddenly started spilling down her cheeks.

"Come here." he groaned grabbing her and pulling her into his arms.

Ellie clung on to him, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist.

"You could have been killed." Ellie whispered against his chest.

"But I wasn't." he said, kissing the top of her head.

"Why did you take such a risk. Why didn't you just wait?" she asked him.

"Wait for what, for him to hurt you, I couldn't do that. If anything happened to you I..." Ronon said trailing off before he finished.

Ellie lifted her head up and looked at him. "Before when I said I had feelings for you, you cursed at me, and then told me you weren't talking to me."

"I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to him." Ronon told her pointing a finger at Sheppard.

"Thanks a bunch pal." Sheppard mocked. "But don't you think you should finish this conversation after Doctor Beckett takes a look at you."

"He's right, you need to see Doctor Beckett." Ellie said pulling away from him.

"Where are you going." he asked, pulling her back against his body. He tilted her face up and kissed her.

"I was just going..." Ellie tried to say between kisses.

"You're going nowhere, you're staying right here where I can keep an eye on you." he said clamping her to his chest.

"Will you just get moving for god's sake, he's bleeding all over the floor." Sheppard said exasperated by their canoodling.

It seemed to take ages for them to reach the infirmary.

McKay and Sheppard stood there watching, Ronon still had Ellie clamped to his side as they entered the infirmary.

"Told you it was love, didn't I." Sheppard laughed and looked at McKay.

"Mm, yes you did, didn't you. Funny that, you noticing I mean, considering you're own tactics, and of course the nickname you have, I never would have believed you could have predicted such a thing."

"What nickname?" Sheppard asked, narrowing his eyes on McKay.

"Oh, you haven't heard..." McKay asked all innocent like.

"No. What nickname?" Sheppard asked again.

"Well, now this isn't my opinion you must realise, although now that I think of it, it really is a good description for you, a very good nickname if you ask me." McKay waffled on.

"McKay, what is it."

" 'Mr Jump it and Hump it'. Very appropriate for you, don't you think." McKay told him with a huge smirk on his face.


A/N--If you want to read more from these characters the follow on story 'Love After Love' is written by ElainDex. You can find it here on this site.