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Of Stars and Lightning Bolts

Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardy, Leader of the Light sat at his desk in his office deep in thought. This morning he just went to an interview for a divination-teacher and now he had to deal with a prophecy.

Dumbledore's former pupil Tom M. Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort was at the height of his reign. Nearly everyday muggles, squibs, muggleborns, half bloods yes even purebloods who didn't want to join this maniac terrorizing the wizarding and non-wizarding world of Britain were found dead and tortured, the feared dark mark of the self made Lord above their houses.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born when the seventh month dies

The fire in the headmaster office flared to life. Frank Longbottom stepped out of the floo closely followed by his visibly pregnant wife, Alice.

"Ah Frank! Alice!" Dumbledore greeted his two former students. "How good you could make it on such short notice."

Frank was a tall man with dark brown, nearly black hair and friendly blue eyes. His wife was a small blond woman with a heart shaped face.

Frank gave the headmaster a weary smile. He had seen the calculating look in the old mans eyes before he had schooled features in a grandfatherly expression. Not for the first time in the last years Frank hat the unsettling feeling that Dumbledore followed his own plans, whatever they were.

"Good evening, Albus! What … ?" he began but Dumbledore stopped him.

"Just a moment, Frank my boy! I know you want to know the reason of this meeting. I ask you to wait for Lily and James. This concerns the Potters as much as you two!"

Five minutes later the floo flared again and the mentioned pair stepped into the office. The man, James Owen Potter was nearly as tall as Frank. He hat pitch black hair, which stood in every direction (Frank hat never seen it tamed) a bespectacled brown eyes. Lily Potter was a delicate redheaded woman with sparkling emerald eyes and the most brilliant mind Frank had ever seen. Lily was expecting as well and both women were due to the same time. Frank wasn't sure, but he thought for a moment to see the same calculating look on the old mans face directed at them.

Lily and Alice greeted each other warmly. While Alice had been in Ravenclaw and Lily in Gryffindor the love for books and learning had led to a friendship since their second year at Hogwarts. After greetings were over James conjured enough chairs for everyone to sit and Dumbledore finally came to the reason why he had asked them to come here.

After telling the two pairs the prophecy there was absolute silence. For a moment which seemed like hours no one spoke a word.

"So it is either Lily or James child or ours?" Alice asked, still shocked by the revelation. One of the children born to the people in this office was prophesized to save the wizarding world! – That was unbelievable.

"OK Lily! Just once more!" the midwife ordered. Lily pressed. James stood beside her head holding his firstborn son Owen in his arms who was born just ten minutes ago. Just a moment later the cries of another newborn filled the room.

"Cratulations Lily! James! You have another healthy little boy!" Beaming James hold his sons.

"Welcome to the world Owen Sirius and Harrison James Potter!"

Two rooms down the hall another little boy was born. Frank and Alice Longbottom beamed at their firstborn son Neville Frank Longbottom

Shortly after the boys were born the Potters and the Longbottoms went into hiding. While Frank and James still worked actively for the order Lily and Alice stayed at home and met as often as possible. Alice had been made the twins godmother, while Lily was Neville's. When the first birthday of the three toddlers arrived they threw a little party for all of them together. While the war was raging through wizarding Britain they all treasured small moments like this.

James stretched tiredly. There had just been a Death Eater raid in Diagon Alley and James and Frank had been among the order members who fought them back. It had been a close victory for the Order.

James was about to fall asleep right where he sat when Lily came down the stairs.

"They are finally asleep." She smiled. Lily was tired, too. Harry had been crying nearly the whole evening. It was like if he knew, what was going on in London.

Lily was about to sit beside her husband when the entrance of Godrics Hollow was blasted open. James jumped up within a second.

"Lily! Take the boys and run!" he cried, drawing his wand. Before he could fire a spell he was hit by several stunners.

Lily moved to grab her sons to take them to safety when the door of the nursery was blasted out of its hinges. Realizing, that there was no possibility to escape Lily stepped her children and the darkest wizard in two centuries.

"Not my boys!" she begged. "Please! Not my children!"

"Out of my way, silly girl!" Voldemord snarled coldly.



Lily Marie Evans Potter sagged on the floor unconscious. The black robed figure trained his wand at the children. Owen was crying, fearfully hiding behind his twin. Harry looked at the bad man, who just hurt his mommy. His green eyes bright with fear and tears.

"The saviour of the wizarding world? I do not think so!" the wizard hissed. "Avada Kedavra!" he roared.

Suddenly Harrison James Potter was enveloped by a soft silvery light. Lord Voldemort screamed, when the deadly curse bounded back on him, burned his body leaving only a pile of ashes and black robes. The explosion caused the roof to collapse. A small piece from a mobile hanging above the cripp fell on Owens forehead burning the star formed pattern into the soft skin.

Albus Dumbledore and nearly half of the Order of the Phoenix arrived at the Potters home. Seeing the burning Dark Mark above the now visible house they stormed inside, fearing for the worst. Just behind the entrance they stumbled over a stunned James.

"James? Where are Lily and the twins?" Albus asked after a quick ´enervate

"They haven't made it to Hogwarts?" after a shocked moment of silence they followed James racing up to the nursery.

The members of the Order of the Phoenix stopped shocked by the destruction in the room. Lily Potter lay between the cripp and what looked like a smoking rubble of dark robes. While James revived Lily Albus stepped at the cripp. Both boys were unconscious and, Dumbledore's eyes widened, both were marked! Harrison had a lightning bold formed scar while Owens scar hat the form of a star.

"James! Voldemord! My boys! Owen! Harry! Where are they?" Lily sobbed. Within seconds James and Lily were by their sons.

The order members were staring at the two boys. How could both of them be marked?

"Albus? Which of them?" Hestia Jones finally asked.

The leader of the light looked from one child to the other. Than he made his decision.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Owen Sirius Potter, The Boy Who Lived!"