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20. The School Year goes on

Fred and George had been punished with the loss of twenty points each and they were very keen on finding out who was really responsible for the hair prank. They suspected the Slytherins and retailed true to form with pranks on the snake house. At the end of January the Weasley twins had lost another hundred points and the animosity between the snakes and the lions was high. Point losses left the ravens and badgers tied for the House Cup for the first time in many years.


In the first meeting of the Wizengamont in the New Year Dumbledore was suspended from his post as the Supreme Mugwump to a vote of no confidence. As it could be read in the Daily Prophet he would also be facing a hearing before the highest Wizarding court in Britain in relation to the abandonment and subsequent death of Harrison James Potter.

Elroy, Head of the House Longbottom watched the proceedings with interest. Not that he really expected a severe punishment for the man that defeated Gellert Grindlwald fifty years ago; but Dumbledore's political reputation might get enough of a hit that people wouldn't take everything from him at face value any more.

Elected to step up as the interim Supreme Mugwump was Lady Griselda Marchbanks. Lady Griselda was the head of the Wizarding Examination Authority. The evening of Griselda's election the new Supreme Mugwump and the Longbottoms celebrated this at Griselda's home near Salisbury. Griselda and Augusta had started Hogwarts together. They had soon befriended each other and had stayed best friends through the years. As Augusta's best friend and one of the thirteen family member's and friends who had taken part in the ritual that had extracted the Horcrux out of Nathan's scar she knew exactly that Nathan had once been Harry.

'I was surprised by young Owen Potter's statement.' Griselda admitted after a while when they made themselves comfortable in front of the sitting rooms fireplace. They had discussed the cause for Dumbledore's political struggle in length and had decided to keep an eye on the old man.

'Actually I wasn't.' Elroy answered. 'Young Owen and our boys have become good friends since the start of the school-year. Nathan has been a bit apprehensive first – for understandable reasons but it seems that Owen was able to disperse his fears. The boy is pleasantly down to earth what is surprising if you think how the Potters used to parade the child around.' Griselda nodded thoughtful.

'So he knows who Nathan has been before! Than why telling the press that Harry is dead?' Augusta chuckled at that.

'Isn't that obvious, Elda? He did it to take the pressure off Nathan. Since September first everyone was asking questions about Harry. People were looking for him. Telling the press that Harry is dead makes everyone focus on Dumbledore and Lily Potter.' Augusta smiled. 'In a way what young Owen said wasn't even a lie because Harry Potter doesn't exist anymore. Telling everyone that the twin-bond between him and Harry broke was actually a stroke of genius and a very Slytherin move if you ask me. The twin potion is only known by the Longbottoms and the Moody's and few friends of the family who are sworn to secrecy. No one will search for Harry Potter anymore.'


'Still nothing!' Dean Thomas grumbled, shutting Great Wizards in recent History and put it back on the shelf. He glared at the redheaded boy beside him. 'You know Weasley; I have had it! We have been looking for this guy Flamel for over two months now. I have spent so much time in this library I'm dreaming of it. Yesterday I had to report to MacGonagall because my standard has dropped and I have to show more progress in nearly all my classes. What's worse, she has written to my parents. I got a letter from my mum today that if I pass more than two of my classes with less than EE I will spent the whole next summer reviewing. I don't care what's under that trapdoor. I have to get out. NOW!' with that Dean took his book bag and stalked out of the library.

Ron Weasley stared open mouthed after the dark skinned boy. Didn't he see this was important? That Snape wanted to steal whatever was hidden under the trapdoor that was guarded by Fluffy, the three-headed dog? Ron set his jaw. Dean would be back! And if not – who needed him? Not Ronald Bilius Weasley that's for sure! He would go on. He would show them all!

'What are you staring at!' he snapped at a Ravenclaw first-year and pulled out the next book. The dark haired boy took a book from the shelf and turned without giving the redhead another glance.

'Ronald Weasley seems to have lost his sidekick.' Neville stated when he sat down with his friends again. Owen just shrugged.

'Wonder what he is doing in the library. His class work is appalling; he really should work more on his homework. Even Crabbe and Goyle from Slytherin get the stuff down faster than him.' He grumbled. Thinking of Ron always left him in a bad mood. He and the redhead had played together as long as Owen could remember. He had thought of the youngest Weasley as his best friend. The way Ron had acted towards the press and their year mates at the beginning of the school year had really hurt Owen. He had come to realize that Ron had never been a real friend.

'Well, it's his problem when he fails out of our year, isn't it?' Terry remarked from behind his Astronomy charts. With that the Ravens turned back to their homework.


'Good evening Molly, Arthur thank you for coming!' Professor McGonagall greeted the elder Weasleys.

'Good evening Minerva is this about Frederick and George? What have these two done now?' Molly Weasley asked the Gryffindor Head of House slightly out of sorts. She had lost count of how often she had been asked to come to Hogwarts because of her twin sons. McGonagall ushered the couple to the chairs in front of her desk and offered them tea before she came to the reason why she had called them to the school.

'Actually this is not about Fred and George. Not that these two aren't up to their usual pranks; nothing we couldn't handle. No, I have called you because of a much more serious matter. Molly, Arthur your son Ronald is in serious danger to fail his first year.' Minerva McGonagall counted in her head the seconds until the explosion that was Molly Weasley.

'He is failing? How can he fail his first year?' Molly demanded to know. Only years of experience dealing with Molly and Arthur Weasley prevented Minerva from wincing at the volume of her voice.

'Ronald is in danger of failing Transfiguration, Charms and Potions and is only barely passing Astronomy, Defence and History. His homework is atrocious and his class work his clearly beneath standard. Molly, Arthur I know Ronald isn't stupid, but he doesn't put any effort in his course work. I have talked to Ronald several times, trying to impress on him the need to study more. As for now none of these talks had any lasting results.' Molly and Arthur sat there thunderstruck. Ronald was failing in half of his classes – in his first year! Arthur took his wives hand.

'He isn't working?' Arthur asked his voice deceptively calm. Minerva, recognizing the gentle mans growing anger simply shook her head. 'We would like to talk to our son now, Minerva.' The deputy headmistress nodded and got up.

'I will get him.'

Ron was trashing his brother Percy in chess when Minerva entered the Gryffindor common room. She frowned at the boy.

'Ronald Weasley, you will come with me now.' she commanded. The redhead looked up at her defiantly.

'Why? I didn't do anything.' The look he received let the youngest Weasley boy shrink back.

'Five points from Gryffindor for that tone, Mr. Weasley. Follow me now or it will be twenty.' Swallowing hard Ron followed his Head of House out of the common room.


Lily Evans shot a reducto curse at another howler. Since the hearing she had received countless hexed mail and howlers all telling her what a horrible mother she was. Some even went so far to threaten her with horrible accidents. Why could no one understand that she had done it for the Wizarding World, the Greater Good? Harrison hadn't been important. Owen was the Boy Who Lived. He would destroy Voldemort when he came back. Dumbledore had said so; so why all the excitement about a boy that wasn't even important?

Thinking of the Leader of the Light Lily growled. Albus wasn't answering any of her calls and letters. Yes, he was a bit busy with the Wizengamont and the Board of Governors of Hogwarts but he could call her back. She was the mother of the Boy Who Lived after all. Still angry she sat down to write another letter.


Ron followed his grim but silent Head of House with a growing feeling of apprehension. Entering MacGonagall's office Ron stopped and the unease he was feeling grew tenfold. There, in front of the professors desk sat both his parents and they didn't look pleased. MacGonagall made no move to conjure a chair for Ron and sat behind her desk.

'Mr. Weasley,' she began, 'you are here because your course work leaves much to be desired. To be frank you are about to fail your first year here at Hogwarts. Since none of our talks so far have made an impression on you I have asked your parents here because I hope they will be more successful.'


The first year Ravenclaw's had stuck up a tentative friendship the groundskeeper of Hogwarts, Hagrid. Owen had known the gentle half-giant since he had started his training with six and Hagrid had invited them to his hut in the first week after they had started Hogwarts. At first it had only been Owen and Terry but after the former had found out about Nathan the triplets and than the girls had joined in the now nearly weekly visits to the hut on the grounds of the school.

'Never thought Dumbledore would do such thing.' Hagrid told them when Alan, Neville, Owen and Nathan visited him after the term had started in the New Year. He was deeply shocked about the recent revelations about the man he had deeply admired for years, especially after Owen had confirmed that everything was the truth. 'Kept me here after I was expelled, yeh know? My da was dead and I had nowhere to go.' he told them. 'Poor little Harry. Thought he was a good man; Dumbledore.' Owen and Nathan shared a look and Neville patted the big man gently on the shoulder.

'Don't beat yourself up, Hagrid. You can't look into people's minds and you admired the headmaster.' He tried to placate Hagrid.

'So did I.' Owen said quietly.