Title: Forget Me Not Part I of II
Chapter Title: Chapter One
Characters: Aldwin, Garshaw/Yosuf, Jacob/Selmak, Malek, Other
Rating: Gen (G)
Summary: The Tok'ra are experiencing a lull in the war against Baal when a young woman comes through the gate bringing with her an unusual puzzle to be solved.

Disclaimer: Stargate does not belong to me, It belongs to MGM and anyone else involved in the project. The charaters that I create though, they're mine.


italic and bold are the main Tok'ra character's soft italic is Sarelle.

Forget Me Not

Things have been so quiet of late that everyone in the tunnels were getting stir crazy, the waiting for the Goa'uld's next move was not what many of the Tok'Ra would rather be doing right at this moment.

" I just wish Baal would hurry up and make his next move " Lorick moaned to Garshaw

" Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts my friend, we have had little time to relax, get to know your new family, that is, after you have finished your patrol " Garshaw said in her no nonsense voice to the newest addition to the Tok'Ra. You see Lorick was one of the few that grew to adulthood and decided to fight the Goa'uld, something in his mind had told him that what the Goa'uld were doing was wrong and he wanted to help put it right, he just thought that it would be more hands on, proving himself was a task in itself and it was proving to be very tiring.

" Yes master Garshaw " " Was all the young Tok'ra could say without falling foul of Garshaw's temper, he had only been with the Tok'ra for a few months but even he knew when he was pushing his luck. The young centurion met his partner for the duty at the rings and reluctantly went about his duties for the evening.

" What was all that about " Malek asked Garshaw with concern, he didn't totally trust the new addition to his base, symbiotes that crossed over from the Goa'uld had to earn his trust more so than a transfer from another base would have.

" It seems that Lorick is getting a little edgy with the silence " Garshaw told the base commander.

" If he is bored I'm sure I could find something to keep him busy " Malek added menacingly.

" Give him a chance Malek, rarely do we find Tok'ra in a Goa'uld clutch, we need to keep this one " Garshaw said gently to the disgruntled base commander.

" I will do as you ask, but I do not trust him " Malek replied matter of factly.

" So noted, but at least try Malek " The Grand Councilor smiled.

" Yes master Garshaw, now if you will excuse me I have to issue that needs dealing with, yet another punishment duty to Korin and Ashen " Malek told his commander and chief.

" Another? What over this time ? " She asked exasperated at the news.

" It seems that Ashen insulted Korin's mate and all Netu ensued " Malek said with a sigh I'm beginning to wonder if those two will ever get along "

" I'm sure they will eventually, if I would make a suggestion?" Garshaw smiled devilishly

" Anything" Malek sighed, he was just as exasperated with this whole situation and at a loss at how to sort out the ever squabling duo.

" Make them the exchanges in the Tauri/Tok'ra exchange programme, I'm sure General O'Neill will sort them out, one way or another " She laughed.

I'm not sure we would have the Tauri for allies for much longer if I did that " He said amused " But it would keep them out of my hair for a little while "

" Out of my hair ? " Garshaw asked, a little confused at the expression.

" Another of Jacobs expressions " He hadn't realised just how much of an influence on him that Jacob has been. With all that out of the way Garshaw smiled and they said their goodbyes for the evening.

" Goodnight " Malek smiled tiredly.

" Another from Jacob ? " Garshaw smiled, "That man is starting to grow on a lot of our brothers and sisters Yosef " She Said to her host.

You say that like it is a bad thing " Yosef said to her soul mate.

" Not bad as such, I just worry that one day our operatives might slip into Tauri mode and get themselves killed " Garshaw sighed as the worst case scenarios ran through her mind. "

They are to good for that my friend, even Jacob pulls off a pretty convincing System Lord ", and even Garshaw had to chuckle at that one as she remembered him showing her his routine.

" I think he is very attractive also my friend, I would not be opposed to us taking him as a mate, but I think Samantha would be, we should broach the subject with her when next she visits " Yosef told her " Agreed ?" She asked hopefully, she received the mental approval and both retired to their quarters for the evening thinking up the best way for gaining Samantha's approval..

Are patrols always this interesting ? " Lorick asked his partner for the evening.

" Mostly the most that happens is a sand storm, but it's best to be vigilant it could be a Goa'uld attack one day " Aldwyn said, just as he finished his sentence the Chaapa'ai activated, both assumed their attack positions and waited for their unwelcome guest.

The gate burst into life and a young woman came hurtling through with what could only be described as a visual distortion following her through the gate at an alarming speed.

" Must be an Ashrak " Lorick said unable to contain his excitement Should we not assist Aldwyn ?"

"wait a little while " Aldwyn said to the young symbiote It could be a Goa'uld trick

The two watched the woman as she sprang to life, she fought with the Ashrak using techniques that Aldwyn found very familiar, "Can't put my finger on it " he said to his host.

Pretty soon the fight was over, the young woman was battered and bruised, but victorious. Lorick was about to rush over to the girl but before he could Aldwyn stopped him

"What do you think you are doing?" Aldwyn asked the you Symbiote.

" We were going to assist her, she seems harmless enough" The youngster replied innocently.

" Harmless? She just despatched an Ashrak that was not even visible" Aldwyn stated, shocked at what the little one had just told him.

" I had not thought about that " Lorick replied, he was slightly embarrassed that he had not taken that train of thought.

" Then start to think, you will have a very short life if you do not " Aldwyn notified Lorick. He had taken Lorick under his wing and had started to think of him as a son, for the Tok'Ra to lose him so soon would not be acceptable. Aldwyn finished his lecture with a " Think your actions through more wisely" and with that they cautiously approached the Woman.

" Are you alright? You need not be afraid, we are Tok'ra and will not harm you, come with us, we will get your injuries tended to, I am Aldwyn and this is my colleague Lorick, and your are…?" he asked gently so not to startle the young woman in front of him.

" I am…. I, I do not know " She said fearfully as she rumbled through what little memories she did have.

" Do not worry yourself, I am sure the condition is only temporary" Aldwyn assured her softly.

" What if it isn't? " She replied hysterically and with that darkness drew her down.

Malek had just got to his quarters after sorting Ashen and Korin out, he had decided that he would put them on his exchange list, but he would at least do O'Neill the honour of forewarning him first, he didn't want an interstellar incident coming back to bite him on the backside anytime soon. He had just placed his head on the pillow when he heard voices in the hall way

" I need to see him, it's important"

"Whatever it is it can wait till morning"

" I really don't think it can"

" What is going on out there" Malek shouted from his sleeping platform.

" It is I Lorick, I would speak with you please, it is important sir " Lorick shouted back.

Malek sighed quickly throwing on his clothes and called the new " Pain in the Ass " as Nate had taken to calling him into his quarters. Lorick excitedly told him of what had happened on the surface and a Concerned Malek decided to go see this remarkable young woman.

Lela had just finished examining the girl when Malek walked in, " She woke but 5 minutes ago, Her physical wounds I have healed, her mental ones are of a similar affliction to Zataarc programming, Don't panic she is not going to self destruct, her memory has been tampered with to make sure she cannot remember and I don't know how to reverse it " She relayed to Malek.

" She is no threat ?" Malek asked, still a little scepticle at the medics words

" No threat " She said flatly.

" She'll need a name " Lorick said bursting with enthusiasm" " How about ….."

" How about you get back to patrol? Malek replied cutting him short, Lorick was not at all amused by this, huffing as he left the room.

We'll ask the base to forward names and the young lady can pick one " He said smiling at her, She's stunning Nate " Malek said to his host You noticed that too eh ?" He laughed.

" Rest for tonight, we will look upon this problem in the morning with fresh eyes, " Lela promptly sedated the girl just as Malek finished his sentece.

" I'll place guards in the hallway, we do not know anything of this girl, I am not prepared to give her free reign just yet " He told Lela

" I will stay here for the rest of the night to make sure there are no problems " Lela added

" Agreed, Inform me if there are any problems. Shall we try to retire once more my friend ? " He asked Nate, Sounds like a plan and

once again made their way to their quarters.

The next morning the eating area at what Jacob called breakfast was all excitement, the atmosphere was electric and the feeling contagious.

" It seems Lorick has told the hole base " Nate said rather amused, people started to approach him, Is it true? What does she look like? How long will she stay for? Do we know where she came from? Malek put his hands up in surrender

" You are as wise as we are at this moment in time my friends, she has no memory and is in very much need of a name so if any of you have suggestions put them forward and I will offer them to our guest "

Back at his office his desk was starting to disappear, slowly data pads where appearing from what seemed like the whole base, Malek couldn't help but smile, he didn't notice the figure in the corner of the room.

" I thought I would accompany you to the healing area to meet the you lady "

" Master Garshaw, you took me by surprise " Malek said startled at the sudden intrusion to the pleasant silenence that surrounded him.

" A most unusual feat my friend "our guest arrived " Garshaw replied, amused at the embarrassed look that had crossed Malek's face.

" My mind has been elsewhere since" He sighed, his look was far away as he thought about his guest.

" Is she pretty ? " Garshaw laughed as the colour rose to Malek's cheeks.

" Pretty ? She's stunning " He said very enthusiastically, Garshaw couldn't help but smile.

" A prospective mate perhaps ? "

" If she stays long enough, most definitely "He replied mischievously and smiling at Garshaw, she had to laugh, this atmosphere was indeed contagious, she liked this feeling.

In the healing chamber Lela was still running tests when Garshaw and Malek walked in.

" What can you tell me Lela ? " Malek asked the young medic as he entered the healing chamber.

" Well at this moment in time I can tell you that judging by bone formation and her teeth that she is at least 21 years old, if not more "

" and ? "

" And she is Female, What more do you wish me to say Malek ? I am no Mind reader she has no memory, an unfortunate state of affair, but still a fact" The medic notified him, she was more than slightly annoyed with Malek's attitude.

" I am sorry my friend, it would be nice to have answers that is all . " Malek sighed.

" Then think how she feels right now " Silence ensued but was soon broken by Jacob.

" Hey Santa's come early this year kids, " He said as he hauled a sack full of data pads into the room.

"Santa ? "

" I'll explain later, took the liberty of retrieving these from you office, she needs a name doesn't she ? " Truth be told, both he and Selmak were more than a little curious themselves and this was just an excuse to pay a visit.

" Yes, thank you Jake " Malek was more than amused at the High Councillor's excuse, too proud to come out with the truth and say " Hey, I just wanted to take a peek".

" Will you take a look at these ? " Nate asked his symbiote, he was amased at the amount of data pads that they had collected.

" Wow, this must be the whole base ! " Malek said, shocked at the responce of his request.

" Pretty much " Jacob answered All but Malek/Nate, Selmak and I "

" You know , you two are the only people I find familiar, I can't put my finger on it but I definitely know you from somewhere " The young woman mused, they were deffinately familiar.

" I can assure you Miss, we have never met " Malek assured her

" And yet you are familiar to me, what were your names going to be Jacob ? " She asked, for some reason it was important what this man had to say to her.

" Well Selmak picked Saroosch after her last host and I picked Elizabeth, it was my wife's name " He replied.

" I like both " The young woman informed him.

" May I make a suggestion ? " Malek asked.

" Sure shoot " The young woman replied. Poor Malek looked more than a little confused

" She means yes make your suggestion Malek " Jacob informed him with a smile.

" That is a Tauri expression my friend " Selmak said to her host " We'll tell him later Mac " Jacob replied

" Well how about Sarel, it combines the two names and it sounds quite pleasant " Malek continued oblivious to Jacob and Selmak's internal conversation.

" Sarel, Sarelle, I like it, Sarelle it is " She said proudly at her new name. Malek looked proud as punch at this as did Selmak and Jacob.

" Would you like to get out and about for a while ? I have a few spare hours today. " Malek asked Sarelle, something about this woman just made him feel strange, in a nice way, but strange non the less.

I would like that…,What is you name ? " She asked the handsome man that stood before her.

" I am sorry, my name is Malek and my host is Nate"

" Pleased to officially meet you both Malek/Nate, where shall we go ?"

" The pool area " Malek replied and Jacob raised an eyebrow at the statement but before he could say anything Garshaw swiftly brushed him out of the room giving both their goodbyes.

" He seems quite sweet on the young lady doesn't he ? " Jacob asked, fishing for information from his fellow councillor.

" He has said as much to me " Garshaw confirmed with a grin, funny how she knew exactly what Jacob was thinking.

" We know absolutely nothing about this girl are we just going to let Malek walk into this blindly? " Selmak asked concerned for her friends safety.

" I see no harm, I can't quite figure it out but I trust this girl, I don't know why but I do " Garshaw sighed, this young woman was deffinately causing more confusion that Garshaw felt comfortable with.

" I got that feeling too but one of us has to be objective." Jacob stated.

" He will be alright, do not worry yourself." Garshaw placed her hand on Jacob's arm to reassure him and was rewarded with a smile that would make the coldest heart melt.

" You're probably right." Jacob relented. " I best get this day started, I will see you later Garshaw "

" Until then my friend " Garshaw replied.

" I'll tell you something we do know of the girl Jacob, she used a Tauri expression earlier on, maybe we should pay them a visit ? Just to see if they know anything " Selmak asked her host.

" Good thinking, I'll get Malek to sign off on the orders while he's a little side tracked, it would be nice to see him happy Sel, there's been no one since…Well it would be nice don't you think? And maybe he won't be such a tyrant while running the base, he's been like a bear with a sore head since we wound up with Lorick "

" You never know my friend, you never know. " Selmak said as her laughter rang loudly in her host's ears.

The pools looked so inviting, Sarelle started to undress there an then, pretty soon she was in the pool and happily swishing about in the luke warm water.

" By Egeria she's stunningly beautiful, tall, slender, long blonde hair to her waist, muscular and curves in all the right places as Jacob would say, and those eyes, piercing blue eyes, I've seen those eyes before, but where ? " Malek asked Nate, he was getting more and more confused.

" Will you not Join me ? " Sarelle enquired. Brought out of his internal conversation he looked at her, smiled and started to undress, It didn't take long to remove his clothing. He walked towards the pool and lowered himself in, all the while not taking his eyes off of Sarelle, she too was watching him and as soon as she thought him comfortable she made her way over to him. Malek was captivated by her beauty and was frozen to the spot as She traced his jaw line with her lips and slowly moving towards his, as soon as she was near enough he caught her, feather light kisses at first but soon grew more hungry and kissed her as though his life depended on it, the whole of their surroundings seemed to melt away as they became better aquainted.

A little while later Malek gave his love a wonderful smile which was followed with a " we should get back to the healing area ", This brought her back to the grim reality of what was her life.

" Can't we just stay here ? " Sarelle sighed contentedly.

" I have duties to attend to my love, but we can return later if you wish ? "Malek smiled and kissed the tip of her nose.

" Yes I wish " She whispered in his ear caressing him and placing a lingering kiss on his lips. The sound of someone clearing their throat got his attention, Jacob was standing in the opening smirking at him and suddenly he felt like a lava again

" Caught in the act " He said

So it would seem " Jacob laughed, Malek was amazed, Sarelle didn't seem a bit embarrassed she just smiled sweetly at the pair of them.

" Seeing as though it's so quiet I was wondering could I take leave to go to Earth, Not seen my Sammie for a quite a while now " Jacob requested.

" I see no problem with that request my friend " Malek replied as he got out of the pool and lifting his new mate out also.

" I was just going to take Sarelle back to the healing area, I need to sort quarters for her and have a few missions to sign off on " He said chearfully to one of what he considered his best friends.

" I'll walk with you two " Jacob said absent minded, the girl did look familiar.

" Jacob, I think you need to sit down for what I have to say " Lela sounded concerned.

" What's the problem ? " Malek asked his chief healer.

" Well you know my hobby ? "

" Messing around with DNA ? " Jacob asked worriedly.

" Yes well, I was messing around with various DNA and well, the young lady here is Martouf and Samantha Carters daughter " She said excitedly.

" That's impossible Lela, Sam's never had kids and Martouf and Lantash are long since dead " Jacob said, he was more than shocked at this little piece of news.

" As impossible as that seems Jacob DNA does not lie, her parentage is correct "

" Well now we know why she looked so familiar, and where we've seen those eyes before " Nate said out loud to no one in particular.

Jacob looked at Sarelle properly for the first time and sure enough those eyes were Martouf's but how ?

" One of life's little mysteries that need solving " Selmak said

" We should leave for earth, maybe they have some answers " Jacob sighed. " Malek in light of this new development I think you and Sarelle should join me "

" Agreed, I'll just tie up some loose ends and give Koren his orders and then I'm all yours, so to speak " He said walking out the healing area.

" Let's see if we can't sort out this problem a kiddo ? " Jacob said to Sarelle taking her in his arms.

" I have a beautiful bouncing full grown grand-daughter Sel " Jacob grinned, he was so proud, confused, but proud none the less.

" So I see my friend, so I see "