J'onn was actually rather fond of the science fiction genre, novels, movies and television; the ones involving aliens, in particular. It was so intriguing to see another species' view of what life on other planets was like, especially when the writers lived in a time in which alien life forms hadn't even been discovered yet.

ALF, from the planet Melmac, a planet where cats were a delicacy, and people mined foam. My Favorite Martian, starring the campy Christopher Lloyd on television, as opposed to in the movies.

J'onn was rather fond of the Back to the Future trilogy, too.

ET, phone home, and in the simple minds of children, sharing candy with a new friend, however unusual in appearance. In a hole in the ground was It, and the five children stared, and the wisdom of being careful what one wishes for. A robot may never harm or allow harm to come to a human, but in a society in which humans still killed each other, machinekind was kinder.

Even Loony Tunes held some appeal; Duck Dodgers in the twenty-fourth and a half century, illustrating the futility of never-ending war.

J'onn actually had a persona of a man named Marvin, a short, older man who loved comic books and designed video games.

J'onn was fond of the stories humans had written about aliens, but he did wish that, since he'd been on Earth almost half a century, was it too much to ask for all the 'Green Men from Mars' not to be little?