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Song: "Last kiss" by BONNIE PINK

'We all start out as pure and innocent babes'

"Play for me Demyx," said the older Nobody. The sitar player couldn't help but stare for a moment. The berserkers had always ignored him or on rare occasions send a cold stare at the water wielders direction. He shuddered slightly as he looked into the bluenettes eerie yellow eyes. 'He wants me to play', thought Demyx, 'for him?'

The blond hesitated for a second before plucking a few strings on his sitar. He gulped as a sour note tore through the silence. 'Stop shaking', he thought, 'Don't be an idiot now!' Slowly, as he began to get use to the other's curious gaze, music began to pour out into the air. The sad melody danced around them making Demyx a little on edge. He wished he had played a different song but his fingers seemed to have a life of their own as he moved with the music.

'Even if you taste the bitter fruit'

Feeling a hand on his chin, the blond gasped when he realized how close his superior had gotten. Fumbling with the cords, and breaking one in the process, he dropped the sitar in his surprise. Saix didn't even notice the fallen instrument as he advanced towards the younger Nobody, brushing a finger down his neck. Demyx sat frozen, eyes wide with fear as the berserker kissed him lightly on the lips. Saix pulled away slightly and whispered, "That song does not suit you number IX."

Blushing a bright shade of red, Demyx turned his face away in embarrassment. "I-I-", he stuttered unable to find the right words. Before he could even begin to formulate a sentence he felt the bluenettes tongue slip into his mouth. The blond let out a surprised squeak at the sudden contact.

'Don't be discouraged, walk straight'

Every minute of every day that followed that awkward moment, Demyx spent it in hiding. He couldn't be around the Lunar Diviner without remembering… without wondering…

'No,' he thought, 'it's a trick. It has to be…'

But as much as he 'hated' to admit it, Demyx was attracted to Saix. Every time he let his mind wander he would picture the blue haired Nobody in his entire regal splendor. Just the thought of him or the sound of his name made him imagine the claymore wielders lips on his. He could recall the hunger and the need behind the kiss he wanted to experience again. Demyx was lost and even more confused, what should he do? He didn't know…

'I know it's in the past'

Demyx was weak, of course, and finally gave into temptation. That sweet, sweet temptation that made his mind soar and body tremble with ecstasy. He may not have a heart but the warmth surrounding him made him forget who he was, what he was…

He let out a quiet sigh as Saix pressed him against a wall, dominating their kiss. Slowly he began to return the kiss wrapping his arms around the bluenettes shoulders, pulling himself closer to him. As the older Nobody moved down to the blonds jaw line and exposed neck, Demyx felt his mind jerk him back to reality. Memories flooded his mind, dark memories he wanted to forget. He remembered those brief escapades he'd experienced with several of the organization members that had left him broken and bruised. He had been shunned afterwards, seen only as another notch of sexual glory for the stronger Nobodies that had used him.

'But the rain still stings'

He couldn't help but let out a strangled sob escape through his parted lips. 'I'm a Nobody', he wanted to scream, 'I shouldn't feel!'

Saix looked up at the strange sound Demyx had made. Those cold eyes softened as he stroked the blonds' cheek, wiping away fallen tears. Closing his eyes tightly Demyx managed to whisper, "Just get it over with." The berserker frowned, eyes flaring brightly at the words.

"'Get it over with'? If I was looking for a quick fuck I would have gone to Xemnas or Marluxia."


"I want you to be mine and mine only," Demyx shivered as the other's breath blew gently against his neck, "and I be yours."

'I'm lonely as floating ice'

It became a habit for both Nobodies to be seen together in Castle Oblivion. They were never separated from each others side and several of the organization members learned they shouldn't be disturbed the hard way. Then there were mission… Demyx couldn't stand them; it was the only thing that separated him from Saix. He tried to keep himself busy but it never worked, his mind was too preoccupied with the other's wellbeing.

But he waited…

He would go to the tallest building in The World That Never Was and wait. Staring at the moon he'd absentmindedly play his sitar hoping Saix would hear him.

'I kiss your thin finger'

"Hold him still Lexaeus!"

Demyx squirmed as Xigbar began to tear the younger Nobody's clothes off. "Stop it!" He tried to shove the sharpshooter away from him but it was no use. Demyx had just finished a sparring match with Axel when he was cornered by the two Nobodies. He tried to fight them off but he was still recovering from the recent battle.

He yelped in pain as Xigbar entered him without warning, those rough hands stoking him unpleasantly. He cringed as Lexaeus caressed his hips and back, holding him still for the sniper. Then it was the sharpshooter who held him and Lexaeus who pounded into him. Demyx closed his mind trying to escape from the horrible torture he was enduring. He was just relieved Saix was away again so he wouldn't have to face him.

'And remember you crying'

He fell to the ground in his torn clothes, listening to the Nobodies laughter roll through the hallways as they left him. Summoning a portal Demyx crawled into it, not caring where it led. When he opened his eyes he realized he was at the top of the Station Tower in Twilight Town. The cool air flew around him making him curl into a fetal position. He began to cry silently until the tears dried and he was fast asleep.

Days passed and he still hadn't moved. He knew Xemnas would not be pleased and Saix might be going insane but… he couldn't go back. 'No,' he thought, 'I can't…'

On the eighth day a portal appeared behind the sleeping Nobody. Still curled up in a ball Demyx didn't feel the other's presence until two strong arms closed around him. He panicked thinking Xigbar or Lexaeus had found him. He began to kick and punch wildly not landing a single blow before whimpering for mercy. When the other Nobody did nothing he opened his eyes slowly. He began to sob, "Saix…"

'Even if this is the end'

Like the beginning of their 'relationship' Demyx began avoiding Saix again. When he was actually near the Lunar Diviner he'd flinch whenever the berserker touched him. He didn't want to but his mind was just too wounded and those memories were imbedded deep inside haunting him. He would apologize profusely for being distant and for running away constantly every now and then.

Saix finally confronted him, a calm expression over his face, and a white slip of paper in his hand questioningly, "Is this why?" Demyx didn't respond. "You escaped the first time," whispered Saix, "you can do it again." He remained quiet. Saix hadn't figured out why he had been behaving so strangely and was 'glad'. The older Nobody had confused Demyx's 'fear' for the other organization members with the mission Xemnas was sending him against the keyblade wielder. The blond Nobody wrapped his arms around the other's neck, kissing the tip of his nose, "You're right. I can do it again." Deep down, however, he knew he wouldn't survive another match and held back tears as he held his lover closer to him.

'I won't forget your last kiss'

Now Demyx stood before him… Sora, the famous keyblade master. The sitar player jumped backwards as the keyblade flew at him. Running his fingers vigorously up and down the sitar he called wave after wave of water. 'That was close,' he thought as the key ricocheted back.

He summoned water clones and smiled when they danced energetically around him. The keyblade master's friends became distracted by the moving figures and Demyx saw his chance. Throwing back his head he conjured columns of water before him, sending them forward at amazing speed. His eyes reflected the waves of the ocean as he sang, "Dance water! Dance!"

'I won't forget'

But the brunette shot through the columns that had cornered him determined to win the battle. Leaping into the air, keyblade held high, he came down at Demyx. 'So close,' he cried silently. He yelled out in pain as the cold steel bit into his skin, running over his shoulder and down his chest. He could hear the faint sound of his sitar snap as it hit the ground. Stumbling backwards Demyx gasped as his body grew cold.

'I won't forget'

" N-no way!"

He clutched his aching chest as he fell to his knees, pain flaring inside of him. It was over… It was finally over…

He fought to stay conscious as he tried to catch his escaping breath knowing it would be over soon. And those tears, the tears that held no true emotion, began to slip down his cheeks. The darkness began to close over him and all those colors began to meld together before his eyes. Demyx smiled sadly, "I'll wait for you… I'll find you on… the other side…"

'I won't forget his kiss'

His beautiful voice echoed through the air as he faded into the passing wind. The broken sitar he had clutched a few moments ago began to melt slowly, slowly into water…

'I won't forget his kiss'

Author's Note: The song I used isn't in English but I got the lyrics translated so it might not be exact and if you want to hear the real thing watch GANTZ, the song comes out in the end credits. Whoop!