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Song: "December" by Static X

'I still feel the cold

Of long past days'

Silence covered the World That Never Was. It didn't matter how many times he roared or screamed. It didn't matter how many walls he broke or how many buildings he demolished. There was still silence everywhere. At first all he could do was break and destroy objects that crossed his path but even the beast inside him had to rest…

He lay exhausted on a building somewhere in the dark city of their world feeling himself slowly unwind. Clutching his chest he knew it meant he was missing more than his heart, the Melodious Nocturne was no more.

'I knew my worth

Put in my place'

He never went back, not after that night. Maybe if he'd kept his thoughts to himself it would have continued until their very end. But did he really want that? Did he really want to spend his last moments obeying him? Or the unholy 'moon' that controlled him? As the blue haired berserker walked out of the Superiors room he shuddered.

How could he? Saix snarled just thinking about what he'd done. There was no excuse. How could he believe he'd be able to replace Demyx?

'It's no surprise

I realized some time before'

"Looks like everything is falling apart…tsk it could be worse," laughed the Freeshooter. Number VII wasn't paying attention, he was being quiet. The moon was at its fullest tonight making Kingdom Hearts shine beautifully. It seemed to put the Berserker in a trance until he heard the sound of a gun cocking. The cold purple barrel pressed lightly on the back of his neck.

"Hey! Dude, are you even listening?" Saix barely understood him as he answered a simple "No." before walking away. But Number II had other plans and portaled his way in front of Saix to block his path. "What's the matter? Still upset water boy took a dive?"

Xigbar smiled as he felt the air quiver around them, he could feel the Berserker losing control. Saix curled his fingers into claws and bared his teeth at the other Nobody. The sniper just smiled and took a few steps backward taunting Saix to go after him.


"Move aside." Saix growled as he tried to keep himself composed. The Freeshooter just shrugged and smiled as if replying he couldn't move out of his way. "I will ask you nicely, Xigbar. Move or I will be forced to bring your broken neck to Xemnas."

Number II rolled his eye as he walked a half circle around the Berserker. "You know I bet you'd be the jealous type if you had a heart." Saix was walking away again and uninterested in Xigbar's conversation. "Yeah I bet if you had your heart you'd have killed water boy yourself."

That made Number VII stop and face an upside down Xigbar. "Because after all rumor has it you were there when..." Saix summoned a claymore, gripping the handle "and if you'd payed attention you would've known Demyx preferred me in his bed over yo-"

He didn't finish his sentence and Saix just stared at his claymore embedded into the ceiling where the Freeshooter had been moments before. "You little sneak!" laughed Number II. That was enough, Saix turned away as he walked into the dark portal.

'Sun shines through haze
I put my thoughts'


They were tricky to control at times and knowing Number VII control wasn't his strongest suit. They always seemed to strike when he was weakest, torturing and taunting him, laughing that he couldn't be there. As those thoughts that seemed so real evaporated into the rain he'd reach out to them hoping that maybe he'd be able to touch them. Maybe one of these days he really would grab hold of that blue sitar. Maybe he would be able to run his fingers through the smaller Nobody's hair and kiss those cupid lips.

Maybe… maybe he'd finally be able to apologize and ask for forgiveness telling him, admitting he had been there when he fell…

'Toward future days
It's no surprise'

And as their numbers dwindled down to the last few, Saix could barely contain himself. The boy with the keyblade would be broken, dismembered… gone. Clutching his claymore, the yellow eyed Nobody stared at the heart shaped moon almost salivating as he imagined the keyblade being broken with his claws. Demyx had sacrificed his life for Kingdom Hearts to please Xemnas and what did he get in return? He never had a chance to retrieve his heart. What would Saix do if he gained a heart? Why should he care about something so insignificant?


It didn't matter anymore except to make the keyblade bearer scream before killing him. He could almost picture his claws wrapped around the boy, tearing him into pieces. Revenge would be sweet, yes… very, very sweet.

'I close my eyes
And close the door'

"Can you feel it? The moons power…" Saix looked at the keyblade "MOON SHINE DOWN!" He swung the claymore towards the boy throwing a powerful force. The keyblade bearer lost his balance and for a moment separated from his comrades. The Berserker attacked mercilessly, pushing Sora farther and farther away from his friends.

Together they dueled locked in a fierce battle slashing through the air and dodged each other's attacks. A sense of shock came over Saix when the boy knocked his claymore out of his hands. No. Something snapped inside his mind as the keyblade stung his knee. He snarled


The Berserker unleashed his power, reigning down claymores in every direction. He felt invincible as the energy coursed through him and part of him believed that this battle was his. It was short lived however when a shield deflected a claymore that could have impaled the boy.

'Feeling so old
Years pass like days'

He could feel his skin tear as the keyblade ran down his hip slicing through the black coat. It wasn't enough that the boy had taken away his friend, his 'love' but now he was going to take away what was left of himself.

He roared as he launched himself again at the boy, using revenge as his fuel to keep going and not give into the fading darkness. He would get rid of that pesky keyblade but not for Xemnas and not for the salvation of his precious heart. It would be for the only Nobody who ever cared about his existence. Pain rocked him backwards as one of his claymores slammed into his shoulder and another in his chest. 'I can- I can't…'

'Fastly changing
So many ways'

So… the slivers of darkness began to swallow him and he didn't care. The cold black tentacles slowly climbed their way upward to his face peeling away his self. But in that moment when he felt his insides twist and begin to separate he heard a voice. A bright light began to shine and pulse before him. 'Was there really a heaven for Nobodies?' He was being delusional; he was dying after all, but-but that voice…

"Sa-…" something soft brushed his face.

'My eyes perceive'

There was static everywhere and that made it difficult to concentrate on the words. He was so weak and the darkness promised sleep, never ending sleep. The calming end pulled him but he needed to know, he needed an answer. He slowly stepped towards the window breathing heavily.

"Why? Kingdom Hearts… where is my heart?" he whispered looking up at the broken heart shaped moon, 'The hearts we were promised… the heart you promised him…'

The air grew thicker and his limbs ached, it was almost time. The feathery touch danced across his face again...


'Yes I believe in nothing more'

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