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-° About Rolling Eyes And Hair Buns °-

"Stop pacing around, Booth."

He slowed down a bit to snap at her, "Work faster then!"

"I'm working as fast as I can, Booth. Remains must be handled with care."

Booth muttered something that sounded a lot like "care, my ass" under his breath as he resumed his nervous pacing around. Brennan tried to block him out as she picked up the skull for closer examination. However, Booth made that impossible as his muttering grew louder. Irritated to no end, Brennan put the skull down again and swivelled around to face the impatient FBI-agent.

"Booth!" she snapped, rolling her eyes.

Booth immediately pointed a finger at her face. "Don't do that."

Brennan frowned. "Don't do what?"

"That thing with your eyes. Don't do it."

Her frown deepened. "What thing with my eyes?"

Taking a step closer to her, he waved his fingers at her face. "You know, the rolling thing."

She tilted her head slightly up and turned her eyes heavenwards.

"There!" Booth exclaimed. "That thing right there."

Brennan's gaze flew back to Booth. She gave him an incredulous look when she saw him approach her some more. They were each standing at a side of the metal examination table, gazing at each other. Booth once again pointed at her face, more specifically at her eyes.

"You just did that rolling thing again."

"Booth, I did not…" Temperance started, rolling her eyes heavenwards again.

"Stop it, Bones!" He put his hands on the examination table and leaned forward. "One of these days your eyes are going to roll out of their sockets. Either that or they'll stick that way. If they do, you can always audition for the part of a zombie."

Her eyebrows shot up. "That's humanly impossible, Booth. And get your hands off my table!" She slapped his hands away. "Zombies and such nonsense. We don't all believe in Jesus you know!"

"Jesus is not a zombie! Come on, Bones! You must know what I'm talking about! Every time I say something you think is stupid, you roll your eyes."

Letting out a deep sigh, she sent him a piercing glare "Booth, practically everything you say in the lab is stupid. I'm telling you…"

"It's a bad habit, Bones. A very bad habit," Booth interrupted her. He continued, muttering "You should get a rolling patch to cure you from that habit. You know, like those nicotine patches?"

She was about to roll her eyes again but refrained herself just in time from doing so. Damn it, he's right. I hate it when he's right. Instead, she glared at him again and turned her attention back to the skeleton lying on her table. Booth went back to pacing around, which unnerved her to no end but she knew he was going to bring the rolling eyes business up again if she asked him to stand still. So she ignored him as much as she could.

Until he came up behind her to take a peek over her shoulder.

"Booth!" she scowled. "You're invading my personal space. Back up a mile or two."

She could practically feel him shrug. "So what? I'm just trying to see what's taking so long."

Stay Zen, Temperance. Stay Zen… Brennan drew in a deep breath and slowly exhaled before she resumed her squinting at the skull for what must've been the tenth time in twenty minutes.

That was until her partner found another way to irritate her. She was this close to slapping him.

Even though she had her back turned to him she could sense him becoming still. That wasn't a good sign concerning Booth. Maybe he'd actually learned some patience. Then she felt him tug at her hair bun.

"Booth!" she growled. "Let go of my hair!"

Booth mumbled something in response but continued his tugging. "Really Bones, why do you always wear it up? It looks much better down."

She squirmed to get away from him but he had her trapped effectively between his body and the examination table. He even put one hand on her hip to keep her still. Brennan froze when she felt her entire backside being pushed flush against him. She guessed realisation hit home with Booth as well when the hand tugging at her hair bun stilled. Neither of them spoke for a few moments until Booth cleared his throat.

"Uhm… Bones… Sorry 'bout that…"

The only answer he got was a sharp shove of her elbow against his ribcage. Stumbling a bit back while holding a hand over the sore spot, he groaned "Bones!"

"Personal space, remember? You stay out of it and you don't end up crippled."

He held up his hands in surrender. "Fine. I'll respect your 'personal space'. Just get back to those remains, please." Booth watched her pick up the skull again. "And do you think you could work a bit faster?"


From annoying the hell out of each other to an awkward, but a very exciting moment nonetheless, and back again to their usual bickering in less than five minutes. That's how it's always been and that's how it's always going to be, Brennan thought.

"I'm finished," she said at last, exasperated with Booth and his complete lack of understanding at how long it took with bones to get things right.

"Hallejuh!" he shouted excitedly.

He grabbed her coat and flung it at her, hitting her square in the chest.

Disgruntled, she said, "You're too impatient Booth."

"I am not!" Booth whined.

"Yes you are. I think even Mother Teresa would have wrung your neck."

Booth shot Brennan a nasty glare before jumping into the SUV and driving towards the Chinese take-away.


They were at Brennan's place now, each digging through a box of Chinese food with a pair of chopsticks.

Booth cleared his throat. "Seriously Bones, why is your hair always up in a bun?"

"Have you ever tried to examine bones with your hair constantly falling in your eyes and blocking your view?" Brennan asked.

Shoving another bite of Chinese into his mouth, Booth retorted "But you're not examining bones now so why is your hair still up?"

Brennan shrugged. "Does that matter?"

"No, I guess not," he shrugged back. "I just like it more when it's down."

She rolled her eyes and emitted a deep sigh.

"You're doing that thing with your eyes again," Booth joked. "Seriously, we've got to have a swear box for eye rolls with you."

Glaring at him for making that last comment, she said "Fine, I'll let my hair down then." She put her chopsticks and food box down and brought her hands to the back of her head.

Booth put down his things as well. "No, Bones. Let me do it," he said hastily.

Ignoring the strange look she threw him, he reached up for her bun, gently loosening it and letting her hair fall down. He admired the way her hair cascaded over her shoulders before he murmured "There. That's better. Much better."

"Don't tell me you're one of those guys who gets a kick out of touching women's hair."

He feigned hurt for a moment. "That's not nice of you, Bones. I thought we had agreed that you were going to be a bit nicer to me?"

"That was before I knew you liked to touch people's hair."

"Hey, how did we go from women's to people's hair?" he shot back. "Besides, I didn't know you were one of those women who like men touching her hair." A mischievous grin appeared on his face. "You know, if you ever feel the urge to let your hair be touched," he breathed, saying the last part saucily. "Just give me a call and I'll be there as quick as I can. Wouldn't wanna miss a night at Brennan's salon."

"Booth, I don't…" she began, rolling her eyes. When she saw the amused look on his face, she left her sentence unfinished and instead snapped at him "One more word about me rolling my eyes and I'm poking your eyes out with my chopsticks!"

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