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He slept peacefully for the first time in a long time. Without warning his body was surrounded by a sudden warmth and for moment he was afraid. Some how the feeling of being afraid seemed foreign to him. Soon it became clear that warmth wasn't going to hurt him. To his surprise it actually made him stronger. Fragmented memories washed into his mind but, he paid the memories no heed. Suddenly the darkness that comforted him as much as the warmth slowly began to crack. As it began to crack he remembered that he was inside an egg.


Hiei Ishida watched his cousin Midori Asura snore lightly as the egg cradled in her arms began to glow. They had originally got on this train to heading toward Shibuya. Hiei was going to see his brother Demtri. The two of them hadn't seen each other in what seemed like years. The two of them having been separated by child services. Demtri and Hiei's father and mother had died in a car accident. His uncle who was Midori's father took in Hiei. At the time his uncle and aunt couldn't afford to feed another mouth. The good news now was with the recent promotion his uncle had gotten they could now take Demtri in.

That news had pleased Hiei to no end and his uncle and aunt could tell that. Going to Shibuya had even been Hiei's idea. Though the two of them asked that he take Midori along. For a short time things seemed to be going according to plan till that had entered that tunnel.

That pitch black tunnel though very short had changed everything. Almost as soon as they had come out of the tunnel Hiei had been scared witless by the arrival of a small creature with a huge grin and two very differently colored eyes. After what seemed like forever Hiei and the creature had stopped staring at each other. It hopped onto the floor right infront of Midori and himself. That's when Hiei noticed the huge egg strapped to creatures back. Before Hiei could ask about the egg the creature carrying it introduced itself as Dracmon.

For some odd reason Hiei had felt he already knew that. It looked at Midori and took the huge egg out of the pack on it's back saying that it knew there was a reason it had brought the digiegg or digitama as it called it both. The egg was a solid black with what looked like tiny red paint dots dripped on it.

Hiei sighed bringing himself back to the present Dracmon was sitting on his lap. With a bubble that was shrinking and growing with each breathe matching the creatures snoring.

The egg began to crack and without hesitation Hiei put his hand on Midori's shoulder. "Midori-san Midori san wake up…."

Groggily Midori slowly let her eyes drift open. "Hiei-chan…?"

"Look…" at those words Dracmon woke up. "Hello sleepy…"

"Hello partner…"

Hiei rolled his eyes. "Why do you keep calling me your partner…"

"you'll figure it out…" Dracmon said grinning.

Hiei groaned and watched as the egg hatched. Midori smiled as the egg fragments disappeared into data. The hoping digimon blob bounced in Midori's arms. "POYO!" the baby digimon cheered for itself.

Midori smiled and hugged the baby digimon. Suddenly a light appeared as the Poyomon snuggled closer to Midori. When she moved her hand back a device appeared in her hand. It was shaped something like a wrist watch. It had a small display screen. The device was solid red in color. On one of it's sides was a pair of buttons. On the other side was a single button. Dracmon smiled when he saw it. "put it on…"

Midori looked at the stange wristwatch like device before putting it on. Dracmon's grin grew wider after he dropped a near identical one in Hiei's lap. "There called Digivice 01's "


"Just put it on partner…"

Hiei groans putting on the digivice. Almost imdetatly after he had put it on Poyomon began shaking in Mirdori's arms. "Poyo?" the digivice on Midori's wrist lit up like a Christmas tree. Poyomon soon surrounded by a brilliant light. As the light faded Poyomon was gone in the little blobs place was a larger Tokomon. "I'm tokomon!"

Midori smiled and brought Tokomon to her face and nuzzled the small digimon. "I'm MIDORI You cure little thing!"

The train whistle blew. "next stop Urd terminal!"


"Yes partner it was. And it was talking about our stop."

"why do I get the feeling I'm not going to like this…"

"You'll love it…"


Cannon trailmon came to a stop at Urd terminal. Not to far away five pairs of eyes watched in interest as Dracmon his partner, Tokomon, and his partner all exited cannon trailmon's cars. The first set of eyes belonged to a human being in a military style uniform. He was watching the group through a pair of binoculars. "I've located Dracmon. Shall I engage him?"

A voice spoke from the ear piece in Satoris Havik's ear. "Engage at will Chaos king…"

Satoris smirked upon hearing his title. "Piemon, Puppetmon, Metalseadramon, Machinedramon. Do what you…" Satoris stopped as he noticed three figures.

Looking into his binoculars. The binoculars though looking like normal binoculars had several advantages. One of which was IDing subjects within it's viewfinder. "Crud…"

"well boy what is it." Piemon asked his arms crossed his face twisted into a smile.

"what is it what is it…can I play with it…" Puppetmon asked swinging his bullet hammer in circles as he rocked back and forth.

"Shut up you overgrown toothpick!" growled Metalseadramon.

"Sensor data indicates two digimon one human…correction three digimon one human." Machinedramon announced his sensors scanning where Satoris was looking.

Satoris widened the scope of his binoculars. "Machinedramon is right Darkdramon is heading straight for Bantyoleomon, Zeromaru and Taichi." Satoris put away the the binocular's. Touching the earpiece he activated it's mike. "I've just spotted Darkdramon and Bantyoleomon orders."

"Crush them."

Satoris smirked. "Piemon, Machinedramon take out Darkdramon and Bantyoleomon. Seadramon, Puppetmon smash Zeromaru and his partner! Leave the rest to me…"

Piemon bowed smirking. "It will be a pleasure come Machinedramon let us defeat our enemy."

"Objective: Termination…" Machinedramon and Piemon where off.

"YEA! I GET TO SMASH AND PLAY!" Puppetmon cheered as he flew off toward his targets.

"Why do I get stuck with mr. Fire wood!" Seadramon complained as he made his way toward Zeromaru and his partner.


"Come on Hiei-chan an adventure sounds like fun!" Midori said pulling her cousin along with Tokomon at her feet.

"You kidding Midori we get sucked into a strange world and all you can think of is having fun?"

"it your going to be my partner live alittle!"

"Don't push me Dracmon…"

"see there you said my name! Was that so hard?"

"See Hiei-chan! It's not so bad…"

Hiei sighed. "fine…but first…" Hiei picked up Dracmon and held the digimon upside down. With one swift motion he flicked Dracmon in the face.

"OH YOU!" Dracmon complained which only lead to giggling from Midori and a smirk from Hiei. "YOUR JUST LIKE HIM!"

"Like who?"

"Uh…Look over there." Dracmon pointed in a random direction trying to get the attention off him. Unfortunately for him Hiei wasn't buying it. "Talk or I'll flick you again!"

"I'll never tell! Flick me all you want!"

"Ok then I'll just make you watch reruns of Survivor season 1."


Hiei smirked and sat Dracmon down. "I was talking about my original partner…"

"Your original partner eh?"

"Yes my original."

"Tokomon did you have an original partner?" Midori asked curios.

"Uh uh…" Tokomon answered shaking his head.

"Who might I ask was your original partner…"

As Dracmon prepared to answer another voice spoke out. "well that's something you really don't need to know. Now Dracmon come here and things won't get rough…"

Hiei looked at the new comer. He was a young man the same age as Hiei. The young man had on some type of military uniform in solid black with white dress slacks with knee high military boots. The young man's hair was raven black. Three strands of hair covered his right eye but, not completely. His eyes where a deep violet in color. The air about him seemed to scream authority but, it also seemed to scream not to trust him. "who that heck are you…"

"none of your business, now come here Dracmon and your little friends won't be hurt."

"You lay one finger on Midori-chan and I'll make sure you suffer." Threatened Hiei.

Satoris snorted holding back a laugh. "you couldn't stop a rampaging Bull let alone me." Satoris looked at Dracmon smirking. "with you original partner's death the seal of nightmare's has been released and the other six seals are already breaking down."

"I can't see why that would make you happy."

"I just love seeing things get destroyed and if that happens to be the entire digital world and maybe one or two alternate earths, who am I to complain…" Satoris shrugged.

"What if one of those earths was yours…"

Satoris shrugged. "then everybody I know would be destroyed so what? Think I actually care about anybody?"

Hiei growled he was liking Satoris less and less by the moment. Hiei wasn't the only one trying to lash out at Satoris. Tokomon was clamoring out of Midori's arms his numerous teeth all out. "LET ME AT HIM!" Midori tried to hold onto Tokomon. "no Tokomon…no…"

"You know Dracmon I'm curious…When my leader tried to revive the seven he wasn't able to, care to explain?"

"You'll see…" Dracmon grinned.

"There was one more things when my leader searched for the data of dark aristocrat he couldn't find it. Care to explain that to me?"

"In fact I do care….You'll just have to keep looking."

"LET ME AT HIM!" Tokomon finally got free of Midori's arms. Seeing the small digimon rushing him out of the corner of his eye Satoris sighed. With one swift stroke Satoris launched tokomon away. Midori ran over to her fallen partner. "How could you!" She picked up the fallen digimon. "Big mean jerk!"

"Should have kept a tighter grip on him little girl…"

"Why you…"

"Though my leader was able to retrieve some of Lucemon's data it seems that it's not compatible with his control device…"

"I just love how you think of us as a means to an end." Dracmon said his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Satoris shrugged. "it's a gift…" Satoris glared at Dracmon. "Come with me now and your friends won't go the way of the DOEDOE bird…."

"You're a mean person…" Midori cried still holding the recovering Tokomon.

-Tokomon Digivolve to Demidevimon-

Demidevimon flew up flapping his wings. "Demi DART!" A group of poisonous dart flew at Satoris. Satoris growled at the darts struck his arm.

"You pest…" One by one Satoris removed the three darts and let them hit the ground. Had Satoris been a normal human those darts would have been fatale. Had he been a digimon he would be feeling ill as he was neither and both it did nothing. "It seems to get Dracmon…I'll have to crush you!" Reaching into a holster on his side Satoris took out his Digivice iC. A black glow formed in his hand. "BIO HYBRID EVOLUTION!" Satoris brought his hand down on the digivice. The stream of data quickly surrounded him and formed a bubble. Had Satoris felt any pain from this sudden transformation he didn't show it. His body was broken down into data then compressed into a digi-core. The sphere of data that had once surrounded him expanded then exploded into a pillar of black data. The data began to form a body around the digi-core. First the basic shape took form then the body plating. Before long the body formed like that of a dragon man digimon. On each of his arms formed his black Dramon killers each with three blades. Then the black shield formed on his back. His helm and chest plate became white along with his leg armor. With out warning his eyes appeared and where the same deep violet as Satoris's.


"Now you pests shall feel pain like no other!"

"MIDORI WATCH OUT!" Hiei yelled at the top of his lungs not realizing his digivice had burst to life.

"You want a battle of Mega level digimon…You've got one…" Growled Dracmon.

-Dracmon warp digivolve to Grandracmon-


Author Note: Bet your all wondering how long this story will last. meh...maybe two or three chapters tops don't want it to run to long. Five chapters if I'm really creative...