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I Will Never Forget My Love for You

Fiction Rated: T

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Author: Miyano Ran

Genre: General

Multiple Chapters

Chapter 1: I Will Give My Life to Both of You

Angst/ Tragedy

"You don't dare……"

Shinichi sighed angrily. He sweated a lot. Crimson fire was clearly seen in his angry eyes that looked the members of the organization. He formed a fist and squeezed it because of his anger. He couldn't do anything and that made him feel useless. The police were surrounding each member of the organization. Officers Satou, Takagi and Shihatori were pointing their pistols on Vermouth and Vodka who had no more weapons. They had their arms raised up. Shinichi's parents were there, too. They were crying, worried of their son and the other two.

"At last, the silver bullet was able to get his justice."

Vermouth whispered before she gave her last smirk at Shinichi while she was entering the police car. She gazed at him with peace in her eyes.

"At last. Thank you, silver bullet."

A/N: 'silver bullet' refers to Shinichi because in one episode (I forgot which one) Vermouth somehow said that she herself wanted the organization to be put down and she says that only the 'silver bullet' can do it, no one else. (Not 100 sure about that, though. But, sorry if I am wrong) Actually, Vermouth's mother I think, Sharon Vineyard, was the best friend of Shinichi's mom, Yukiko Kudo. Actually, I am not sure if Sharon Vineyard is the mom of Vermouth or Sharon Vineyard took the APTX and became younger and changed her name to Vermouth (Chris Vineyard) But, I am SURE that Sharon Vineyard is a best friend of Shinichi's mom. It's shown in episodes 288- 289 at the Shinichi's NY Case Part 1 and Part 2) Sorry for taking up much of the space just for my author' s note again!! Sorry!!! Now, I'll stop and you can continue reading! Well, the info that I wrote here in the A/N, even though it is long, it's important. Let's get back to the story!!! Enjoy!!!

Inspector Megure, Kogoro and Inspector Nakamori were arresting each member one by one with the hand cuffs. The police blocked the way of the Boss and successfully arrested him, too. All members were arrested already, except one man with merciless green eyes on his face, squeezing the necks of two young girls. He was the only problem. All members except him were brought to prison and will be executed the next day.

It was almost over. What made it only ALMOST instead of IS ALREADY OVER is because of one man, Gin! He was the hardest one to arrest! The police didn't have a hard time in arresting the Boss or the other members because they held no hostage. Even though they had protective weapons, the police had more weapons, of course.

"If………If I replaced them………if…if you…you take me now……if you take my life now…Will…will…will……you let them go? If…if…you take me instead, will……will you free them?"

Shinichi asked while shaking. He knelt down in front of Gin, begging. His tears fell down the floor slowly from his eyes down to his cheek. He gripped with his two hands the soil hard. He was so sad. He was pleading for a yes. He would do anything to save Ran and Shiho.

A/N: If you're wondering, why didn't Gin say, "If you try to capture the other members of the organization, I am going to kill Ran and Shiho." Maybe you are wondering that why Gin didn't defend his partners. He just let the police capture all of them. Sure, the other members don't have hostages, bur, isn't Gin's hostage the organization's hostage, too? The answer is- NO!! In the organization, when they are in trouble, no one saves anyone but themselves!!! They don't help their partners. They save themselves. They don't care about each other. They will just take care of their own life, but, for other members, I don't think so. Why should Gin make Ran and Shiho the hostage of the organization? I mean, he was the one who used all his strength and time to capture the two, right? Then, why should he give all the credit to his co- members?? He just wants to save himself and there is no need for him to save other members. The answer to that question is- HE IS SELFISH AND HE ONLY LOVES HIMSELF AND DOESN'T CARE ABOUT OTHERS!!! Sorry if there are too many A/N. Hehe! Enjoy! Don't for get to review, onegai!!!

"Maybe." Gin said coldly while staring while grinning at Shinichi. "Come then. All you have to do is make one step forward and I won't harm them anymore."

Shinichi did as he was told.

Gin was squeezing Ran and Shiho's neck to they were about to choke already.

"Don't." Shiho gasped faintly. Her eyes were blurry with tears.

"You don't have to do this!" Ran yelled as tears flow out of her beautiful eyes.

"I want to." Shinichi said while giving the brightest smile at them.

"No……" Shiho gasped again.

"No Shinichi!!! Don't give up!!! This must be a trap!! There must be another way to be able to save me and Shiho- chan without you having to do this!!" Ran shouted while tears fly out of her eyes while struggling from Gin's neck squeeze. She was using her elbow to hit Gin's stomach hard. She was stepping on his foot. She was practically stomping at it!

Gin let go of Ran and Shiho's neck and kicked them onto the ground. Ran and Shiho fell hard on the ground.

"Ouch! That hurt!" Shiho expressed while massaging her knee.

"Oww!!" Ran shouted while looking at Gin angrily. She was rubbing her elbow while sighing angrily. "Huh!! Hmmp!!"

Both girls were on the floor.

Shinichi went closer to Gin.

"Oh, Shin- chan!! NOO!! Don't harm my Shin- chan!!" Yukiko shouted at Gin. She was wailing.

"You're so brave, Shinichi, my son." Yusaku said as a single drop of tear fell from his eyes while embracing his wife tightly.

"Kudo, I can't believe……" Kogoro said as he cried. He treated Shinichi as his own son and he couldn't accept that that lunatic is about to kill him. He was very livid of Gin.

"Kudo- kun……" Heiji sighed as he looked at Shinichi with blurry eyes. He bit his lower lip. "Is this really the end of Kudo Shinichi? My friend……" Heiji started to weep. He punches his fists continuously on the floor hysterically while kneeling. "NOOO!!!! Kuso!!" His fists were bleeding but he didn't care.

"Oh……Heiji, your hand's bleeding. Please, stop. I don't want this as much as you do, but, please, stop hurting yourself!! Kudo- kun won't like this……Heiji."

Kazuha softly said while crying. She was trying to calm him down. She was wiping his bleeding hand. She was so sad upon Heiji hurting himself and Shinichi about to die.

"Shut up!!! My best friend is about to get killed!!! Who cares about my DARN HAND??!!!! KUSO!!!!!" Heiji shouted angrily while punching more. The floor was bloody.

"Heiji…… I'm sorry. Heiji……" She kept on crying while leaning on his chest. "I'm sorry." She kept on crying. Tears were wetting Heiji's shirt. Then, Heiji suddenly gave her a tight embrace.

"S…So…Sorry, K..Kazuha. I…I didn't mean…to…to shout at you. S…sorry" Heiji said as he cried. His words were stopped with his abundant crying. He was biting his lower lip. He was caressing Kazuha's soft hair as it was contaminated with his blood. "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have shouted at you. It's just that, Shinichi……"

"I understand, Heiji." Kazuha smiled. Both sat on the floor, embracing each other. They were too afraid to see the upcoming event.

"I don't think I can bare this."

"Close your eyes. We'll get through this."

"Hold me tight, Heiji. Don't ever leave me, k...kay?"

"I will never leave you. You captured my heart. My heart will forever be in your heart even if I die."



"Kudo…Kudo Shinichi." Kogoro gasped. "Ran was right. You do love her more than your life. I understand now why Ran and Shiho fell in love with you so deeply. You are the one of the kindest, caring, and loving and soft- hearted person that I know. You would give up your life just to save others. I can't believe it. Kudo……Kudo Shinichi, domo arigato."

Kogoro smiled as tears fell from his eyes down to his cheeks which were falling at the ground.

"Arigato, Kudo- kun…and…and arigato, Conan- kun."

"I'm sorry, Yukiko, I really am." Vermouth sighed inside the police car as she shed a single drop of tear. She formed a fist on her lap.

A/N: Vermouth's closest friend is Yukiko. Somehow she doesn't want Shinichi to die because of her friendship with his mom. Everyone has a soft, good side, even Vermouth. There is no one who is 100 bad. All bad people have hidden good sides, too. Believe it or not, I think that even Gin and Vodka have good sides, too.

Kazuha, Sonoko, Hakuba, Sato, Takagi, Shihatori, Megure, Nakamori, Yukiko, Yusaku and everyone watched sadly as they cried. They can't believe that this is happening to THE Kudo Shinichi!!! Everyone watched and wailed. Everyone who saw this very moment fell on their knees and cried and cried and cried and cried more!!!!!

Shinichi took a deep breath, then, stepped right in front of Gin. Gin gave a smirk.

"Kudo- kun…Ran…Shiho…" Hakuba Saguru sighed as he couldn't stop the abundant flowing of droplets of crystal tears.

"Shinichi……" Ran gasped.

"Kudo- kun……" Shiho sighed.

Tears fell from their eyes.

Gin grabbed the neck of Shinichi and pulled it closer to his chest. He then used his right arm to hold his body toward him. When he was helpless………

"Sayonara." He said softly with emotional eyes that welled up tears. "I will miss all of you so much. I love all of you. I'll see you all… I'll see you all in the other world."


"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" All of them shouted. "SHINICHI!!!!!! SHINICHI!!! KUDO- KUN!!! NOO!!!!"

It was a shot in the heart.

"Darn you!!" Kogoro shouted from behind. He stole Inspector Megure's gun from his pocket.

"M….Mo…Mo……Mouri- kun!!! What……"

When Gin was about to face Kogoro…………

BANG!!!! BANG!!!!

A/N: Shot at both legs.

"You shot the most sensitive being. How……How could you???!!! NOOOOO!!!!! KUDOOOO!!!"

Mouri suffered in deep pain as he saw Shinichi fell down helpless and bloody down the floor. He loved him. He was like a son to him.

"If… if only I had…I had done something sooner…NOOO!!!!!"

Then, Officer Sato ran towards Gin and gave him a hard punch and kick in the stomach. Officer Takagi held his hands tight while Officer Shihatori stole the five pistols and 2 revolvers that he had. He was armed with so many weapons but Officer Shihatori managed to get them all. He gave all the weapons to Inspector Megure and Nakamori for safe keeping. When Takagi was loosing his grip of Gin's hand, Sato quickly kicked his head hard with her sharp heels and used her elbow to hit his face. Then, he collapsed.

When he was about to get up and fight again, Takagi had already put handcuffs on his hands.

"I can't believe I failed the mission of getting rid of the Ran and Sherry!!! I can't believe that I would have been caught!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!" He screamed.

All the police surrounded him and dragged him to the police car.

"Well done everyone!" Megure shouted happily while clapping. "Thank you, Mouri- kun, Sato- san, Takagi- kun and Shihatori- kun!"

Everyone ran towards the lying body in the pool of blood. They all gathered around the dying body, caressing his soft hair and holding his hand. All of the people (as in all of the people) including Sonoko, Kazuha, Saguru and Heiji (of course including Ran and Shiho) were crying and wailing right beside him.

The police quickly called an ambulance but there seemed to be a firing in a certain district so many people got burned. All of the many people were rushed to the ambulance so they said that they didn't have enough time and enough ambulance to get Shinichi. They said that they could arrive but it would take a while. There was no extra ambulance and all are full- booked!

"Oii!!!! Kudo!!! This is not happening!!! You'll get through this!!! Your best friend is here!!! Darn!! Where's the ambulance when you need it?!! KUSO!!! Aren't we like brothers?!! Didn't we promise each other that we will go through life together?!!! You told me one that YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE ME!!!! YOU CAN'T DIE BECAUSE I STILL WANT TO CHALLENGE YOU IN OUR DEDUCTIVE SKILLS!!! YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE LIKE THIS!!!!! NOOO!!!!! I…I want to have the chance…to…to get closer to you. For…for our friendship to be stronger!! And…and I want to…I want to…to…GET THE CHANCE TO FINALLY CALL YOU SHINICHI!!!!! I NEED TO CALL YOU SHINICHI!!! And…and you can't just leave Saguru!!! He's our friend!! We're all friends here!!! KUDOOO!!!!! "

Heiji shouted crazily while wailing. He was wailing at the top of his lungs.

"H. (gasp)..Hattori H… (gasp)…Heiji. Heiji…(gasp)…H..Heiji-(gasp) nii (gasp)sama. I love you, niisama. Continue loving Kazuha…"

He gripped Heiji's hands while blood flowed out of his mouth. He was crying.

"I will always…(gasp)…be your(gasp)…be(gasp)…be…(gasp)be your(gasp)…n(gasp)…niisama no matter what(gasp) happens to(gasp) me. (gasp)"

A/N: 'Niisama' means 'brother'

"Oh, Shinichi niisama." (cry cry and more cry and wailing)

"Kudo!!! Ran and Shiho need you!!! Please, DON'T LEAVE US BEHIND!!!!" Sonoko wailed while shaking his body.

"Suzuki…(gasp)…Sonoko…(gasp) take care of Ran for me, k…kay?" He smiled.

"You…you called me by my first name!! Kudo Shinichi!!! Don't worry!! I'll take good care of Ran!!" (cry cry and more cry and wailing)

"Kudo…I know that we are not yet that close…but…you can't die!!! YOU JUST CAN'T DIE!!!! ALL OF US NEED YOU KUDO!!!! THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!! YOU WILL LIVE!!! YOU WILL LIVE!!! I like to get to know you more!!! I still want to play soccer with you!!! I still want to hear you talk to me!!! I want to hear you joke with Ran and Shiho. I want to have the relationship that you and Hattori- kun have!!! I want to call you Shinichi!!! Hattori and I need you!!! We are like brothers, aren't we??!!! You can't leave your brothers!!! C…can you?? NOO!!!"

"H..hakuba… (gasp) S..Saguru. You are also (gasp) my (gasp)…my nii(gasp) sama."

"Kudo- kun!!! You have more years left!!!" Kazuha cried out loud.

"Toyama…(gasp) K….(gasp)..Kazuha."


"My son…MY SOOOOONNNN!!!!!!!! SHINICHI!!!!!!!! DON'T DIE!!!! YOU CAN'T LEAVE YOUR MOTHER AND ME!!! YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS!!! SAY SOMETHING!!!! AHHHHH!!!! SHINICHIIIIIII!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T LEAVE!!!! YOU HAVE GREAT FRIENDS AND YOU'RE OUR ONLY SON!!!! DON'T DIE!!!!!!! Don't die…SHINICHI MY SOOONNNNN!!!! No words can explain how much pain I feel!! (which is really true because I have no idea how to write this part) You can't die!!! NOOOO!! I LOVE YOU MY SON!!!"

Yusaku shouted and cried. He was shaking him.

A/N: I haven't experienced this situation wherein my loved one had been shot and is going to die yet because all of them are still alive and well. I am so happy that they are and I love my family!!! So……I don't really know what they would say to their loved one who is going to die already. I don't know. Hehe!! I don't know how to write this part. Gomenasai!! If I were in their situation, what would I shout or say to my loved one?? How would I feel?? What will I say if I know that this might be the last time that we would see each other well and alive??? If I had to say something short before my loved one dies, what will I say?? What would be the shortest but the most meaningful thing that I can say to him/her?!! Well, I HAVE NO IDEA!!! I HAVE NO CLUE!!! And besides, I DON'T want to experience that!!! As I said, I luuuuvvv my family and my parents!!! So, sorry if my writing style in this part is not so nice. Sorry if it's corny! I am doing my best to make it realistic. I hate the crying and dying parts anyway. Sorry again for long A/N!!! It's just that, I have a lot to say!! Please don't get mad at me and I hope you don't think I am weird!! Read on. I hope I made this A/N self explanatory!! Hugs!!

"Otousan…(gasp) Ai shite imasu…(gasp) Thank you for teaching me things that I know now……(gasp)… and thank you for raising me to become a good person. Thank you…(gasp) for…(gasp) for…(gasp) teaching me how to love and to live. You have been a great father. I will never forget you…(gasp) … forever and always……(gasp) loving you."


"Shin- chan!! You can't leave me and your father!! DON'T DIE, SHIN- CHAN!!!! SHIN- CHAAANNN!! Speak to me!!! We all love you!! Ai shiteiru kara!!! I will always love you!!! MY SOONN!!!!! You were a brave hero!!! I will never forget MY SON!!! SHIN- CHAAAN!!!!"

Yukiko shouted while crying. Her beautiful eyes were very red. She gripped his chest. She was wiping his blood. She can't believe that her beloved son was dying.

"Okaasan…I shiteiru kara… Thank you for taking good care of me…(gasp) since the day that I was born. Thank you for… for everything…for…for binging me to this world and…(gasp) and for letting me have a chance to live. Thank you for everything. Remember, I will always love you forever and always,mother." He smiled with glistening tears in eyes.

"Oh, Shin- chan!! Ai shiteiru…"

"Kudo- kun, thank you for saving my daughter Ran. Thank you for always being there for Shiho- chan and everyone. Thank you for loving my daughter and for helping me earn the reputation 'The Sleeping Detective'!!! You… you are the best person that I have ever met in my life! In spite of the times when… when I always tell Ran to avoid befriending stupid detectives like you, you still care about me and you still don't hate your ojiichan. (finally breaks in tears) I AM SO SORRY FOR ALWAYS HITTING YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU WERE CONAN AND FOR GETTING MAD AT SHINICHI!!! YOU CAN'T DIE!! YOU CAN WIN OVER DEATH!!! YOU ARE LIKE MY SON!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! KUDO- KUUUUUUUUUUN!!!"

A/N: Pronouncing the 'KUUUUUUUUN'- 'U' part, very long, heartbreaking pronunciation. When all of these people talk, they wail and have tears in her eyes, and so, I don't have to keep on telling you that they wail, okay?! It's understood that they cry while talking, of course. And, I don't have to let all Conan characters talk to him, do I? It's understood that all of them wants him to live and is very sad, so, I don't have to let all characters talk, okay? It doesn't mean that if the inspector or the police or other Conan characters that I forgot to mention didn't talk to him here, that they don't care about him. I might have forgotten to mention other DC characters but ALL OF THEM CRY AND MOURN, okay? I don't want this one- shot to be too long!!! And, by the way, ojiichan means- uncle. Sorry again for long A/N!!!

"Ojiichan,, you're a gr…great… (gasp) great…great…(gasp) father. You maybe a skirt chasing drunkard……(gasp)but…but…(gasp)…you…(gasp)…you have been a great father…(gasp) to…(gasp) to Ran and you have been a great ojiichan to… (gasp) to Conan- kun. I know that you and Eri will remarry and form a complete family again for Ran. That…that…(gasp) is my wish, ojiichan…for …(gasp) for Ran and… and ai shiteiru kara. You are like a father to me. Thank you for raising Conan. I will watch over you…I… (gasp) I shall never forget your kindness, ojiichan."

"I will. I will be a better person, I promise, for you and for Ran. You will always be in my heart and my son."

A/N: 'Ai shite imasu' and 'ai shiteiru kara' means 'I love you'

Shinichi was lying down on the floor. He was badly shot and bloodstained. He was lying down on a pool of blood with his eyes slightly opened. He was glancing at Ran and Shiho. Ran, Shiho and everybody were kneeling beside Shinichi and cried and cried and weep and wailed and shouted and etc……

A/N: I hate writing the 'crying scene'!! Just imagine it yourself, okay? I am sure you get what I mean- they cry and cry and bla……bla……bla…… All of these are so morbid so I don't want to write the 'crying part'!!! Sorry if it's corny! Hehe! Remember, DON'T WRITE FLAAAAAAMES.

"Don't die……" Shiho whispered while crying. "Please……"

Ran's tears rolled down her cheeks. She was holding Shinichi's hand tight. "Don't leave us…" She said softly.

Shiho fondled his bloodstained brunette hair. "I……I may not have the chance……the chance to tell you this Kudo……I……I love you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KUDO SHINICHI!!! I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU SINCE THE FIRST DAY THAT I MET YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!" She cried and cried and wailed more!!!

"Since we were kids, I'd loved you." Ran confessed while she stopped at every syllable because she was crying. She was gripping his arm. "So please, DON'T DIE!!!!!!" She shouted while shaking him. "DON'T DIE!!!! DON'T LEAVE ME AND SHIHO!!!! WE'LL GET THROUGH THIS!!!! SHIHO LOVES YOU AS WELL!!!!! SHINICHI!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! YOU ARE MY LIFE AND MY SOUL!!! I'LL DIE WITHOUT YOU!!! SHINICHI!!!!"

"Ran- chan……" Shiho whispered as she tried to calm her down.

A/N: Sorry if this part has a lot of (gasp) on it. This indicates that he is dying so he is losing air so he has to gasp almost every second. He can't speak straight anymore because he's losing blood.

He looked at them with emotional eyes while lying on the floor. He smiled at them.

He said slowly and softly, "I… (gasp) …I love (gasp) both of you …… (gasp) I can't choose (gasp) between you… (gasp) …and you both…(gasp) …you both need to live. Both of you………are very……are very important to me. I… (gasp) but…… (gasp) I…(gasp) …The one…(gasp) …who I truly want to marry is…(gasp) …is…(gasp) ……"

He breathes his last.

"NOOOOO!!" Shiho shouted hysterically while gripping his arm. "Wake up!!! AI SHITE IMASU"

"This is not happening!!!!" Ran cried. "I LOVE YOU!!!!!! DON'T LEAVE ME AND SHIHO!!!!!!"


The very late ambulance finally arrived, but it was too late.

He had died seconds ago before the ambulance came with the oxygen tank.

"It's over…" Heiji weep softy while he shake a doctor and a nurse from the ambulance. "This is your entire fault and yet you call yourselves life saviors!!! DARN YOU DOCTORS AND NURSES!!!! HE'S GONE!!!! HE'S GONE FOREVER!!!! IT'S YOUR FAULT!!!!"

"St…stop it Heiji- kun. I know it's hard for all of us, but, you can't take out your sadness and anger of Shinichi's lost on the poor doctors and nurses." Shiho whispered softly while trails of tears fell one by one down her face.

"Please, Heiji. Calm down." Kazuha murmured to his ear while tiny drops of tears fell.