A/N: I do not own the Teen Titans. If I did, 'Things Change' would have never been broadcast. In the words of Adam Savage, "I reject your reality and substitute my own". For those of you who have read the other two stories in my 'Re' series, this is the new installment. It took me a while, but I finally tracked down 'Growing Pains' from the animated adventures of Batman and Robin so I could finally write this little ficlet to my satisfaction. Special thanks to 'Sussinator' from YouTube for posting the episode so I could finally lay this one to rest.

Annie Reborn

A Teen Titans Fanfiction


Raven headed for the living room. Robin wasn't in his room and she couldn't find him anywhere else in the tower. She was expecting a challenge from Starfire later that day and she really wanted to get in some good cuddle time before she had to give up her boyfriend to her 'kundogi'.

Raven paused before going into the living room and turning on the light. Ever since she'd caught Terra and Beast Boy in the middle of one of their late night make out sessions, she was more careful when coming into the living room. She and Robin were the only two usually up at this hour, but still she didn't want to take any chances. Sensing no one there, she turned on the light and looked around. Nothing caught her attention and she was about to leave when she noticed that there was a video message.

Raven pressed the button and the monitor in the living room came to life revealing some sort of lab. A young black haired girl looked back at her from the screen.

"Robin, please! If you get this message, please come as quickly as you can! I need your help! It's Slade! He's got my father!" The young girl cried desperately looking around. "He's returned! I've got to go!"

Raven checked the message playback. It had been viewed once before. Robin must have gotten the message and taken off without the rest of them… again. Raven emptied herself and tried to sense the boy wonder. He was too far away. She sighed and went to get Cyborg. She was going to need to track Robin's communicator for this one.

Chapter 1.

Cyborg tapped on his instruments as the T-Car raced through the streets. He had a fix on Robin's position, somewhere outside the city in an old industrial park. He looked over briefly at the other occupants and wondered not for the first time how the group was going to survive.

Beast Boy and Terra were on assignment with the Titans East trying to track down some sort of genetic experiment that had gotten loose and run off into the mountains. They needed Beast Boy's tracking abilities and Terra tagged along for support. Cyborg was happy for his friend, but he really wondered how long Beast Boy was going to stay in the tower. Much longer and he suspected the little green guy would go solo, or in the case of Terra, duo.

The two other Titans now with him in the car were a different story. He really didn't understand all the ins and outs of this alien love triangle that Robin had gotten himself into and he really didn't want to find out. Robin was going to have to figure this one out on his own.

Starfire and Raven were obviously upset. The two hadn't said a word the entire trip. Cyborg could tell from Star's crossed arms and Rae's impatient foot tapping that they were both angry and not at each other. He decided he was going to go out on patrol after this to someplace safe, like the nearest war zone. One girlfriend angry with you could suck, two girlfriends angry at you simultaneously was lethal even when you weren't dealing with two teenage girls with the combined power of an A-bomb.

"I'm sure he's alright." Cyborg said looking in his rear view mirror.

"You said she looked cute?" Starfire said ignoring the comment.

"Yes." Raven said looking calm.

Cyborg noticed a trash can explode with dark energy as they raced by.

"I wonder why he would not get the rest of us to help him on a mission like this?" Starfire said to no one in particular.

"Well, it is Slade. You know how he gets about Slade." Cyborg offered.

Two sets of eyes stared back at Cyborg as he felt his life passing before his eyes. For a brief moment, the team was no more and Cyborg found himself classified in the same category as Robin under 'men'. After what seemed like an eternity the glares seemed to soften.

"He does get obsessed with Slade." Starfire said uncertainly.

"He's still got some explaining to do though." Raven added.

"Definitely." Starfire agreed.

Cyborg merely sighed and pushed a little harder on the accelerator. He felt sorry for Robin when they got there, but he didn't want to be around two very ticked of super girls any longer than absolutely necessary.

The T-Car finally stopped outside of an old run down factory outside the city. Cyborg looked down at his tracking device, but Raven was already on it. "He's close by."

The three titans walked quietly into the dock entrance of the factory looking around carefully. They hadn't heard anything from Slade since the incident with Trigon, and were hoping that they would never hear from him again, but sadly it didn't seem that this was going to be the case.

A scream and an explosion brought Cyborg's attention to a series of large storage tanks. There on a catwalk above them, Cyborg could just make out the form of Robin fending off attacks from Slade as he tried to protect a young black haired girl behind him.

Cyborg let loose a barrage from his sonic cannon and the two airborne members of the team flew immediately into action. Cyborg watched as the two women raced upward, but whether it was to attack Slade or Robin, Cyborg wasn't about to venture a guess.

The machine man raced toward the ladder leading up to the catwalk just as a series of explosions announced Raven and Starfire's arrival into the fray above him. He climbed as swiftly as he could on the narrow ladder until he finally reached the top where Slade was giving all three of his friends a run for their money. The young girl cowered, terrified of what was going on.

"Cyborg, get her out of here!" Robin commanded. Cyborg nodded, but the girl seemed reluctant to depart.

"Robin, please!" The young woman begged.

"I lost you once, I'm not losing you ever again. Cyborg, NOW!" Robin cried as he dodged an attack from Slade.

Cyborg looked down at the legion of Slade's henchmen robots as they rallied for their attack. He quickly grabbed the girl and threw her over his shoulder. He then looked up at Raven and Starfire who were fighting with renewed ferocity. Robin, regardless of how this battle ends, you are SO dead. Cyborg thought as he jumped down to the floor with the girl slung over his shoulder.

More explosions started rocking the facility as Cyborg ran for the exit. Fires were starting to flare everywhere and he did not intend to let this girl get hurt. He made the exit just in time to look back and see Robin pursuing Slade out a different exit with Starfire and Raven hot on his heels.

With his friends clear of the building, Cyborg ducked through the door just as flames consumed the area behind him. He didn't stop until he reached the T-Car.

"Stay here!" He commanded the girl, as he turned to run back toward the burning building.

"Please, you've got to get my father! He's still in there!" The young woman pleaded.

Cyborg nodded and headed back for the factory just as the wall collapsed. He stood there looking around trying to find another way in, but nothing presented itself. Behind him the girl shook as she looked at the flames.

"Do you think my father is still alive?" She asked quietly.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he's alright." Cyborg said trying to comfort the girl.

"That's what I'm afraid of." The girl said as she trembled.

Cyborg looked at the girl in disbelief wondering what she meant as Robin joined him with Raven and Starfire in tow. "Slade got away."

"Robin! You're safe!" The young girl said as she jumped up and raced to throw her arms around the boy wonder. Cyborg noticed the dangerous looks coming from Starfire and Raven and decided that 'safe' in this case was a relative term.

Robin however was oblivious to this, his arms clutching the girl tightly to him. "It's alright Annie, I'm here. You've nothing to worry about anymore." Robin said soothingly.

Guess again. Cyborg thought wryly.

"I don't think we've been formally introduced." Raven said pointedly.

"Oh, yeah." Robin said sheepishly. "This is Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg. Guys, meet Annie."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Annie said politely.

"Charmed." Starfire and Raven said in unison, their faces telling an entirely different story.

"Might I suggest we take this party back to the tower? It would probably be much safer there." Cyborg suggested.

"Good idea, Cyborg, Annie would be safer there. I'll take Annie on my cycle. I'll meet you there." Robin said happily.

'I was thinking of the safety of the innocent bystanders'. Cyborg thought as he watched the two female titans getting more irritated by the moment watching Robin as he climbed onto his cycle with Annie wrapping her arms around him from behind. It was going to be a LONG trip back to the tower.