Raven woke with a start the next morning. She looked around desperately when she found the pleasant weight that had spent the night against her breast gone. Raven sighed as she looked at the clock. It was late in the morning. Robin was probably already up and gone by now, returned to their somewhat normal routine.

Raven swung her feet over the side of the bed when she noticed something at the foot of the bed. Robin's pajamas lay neatly folded at the foot of the bed. Raven stepped over and gently lifted them to her nose and inhaled Robin's scent.

The pajamas still reeked of his sweat. They hadn't had a quiet night. Every time he awoke though, she would whisper to him and gently pull him back to her breast where he would eventually doze back off to sleep. These pajamas needed to be washed for sure, so why would he…

A sudden realization struck Raven that Robin wouldn't have left them there unless he intended return for them, or perhaps use them again. Raven looked down at the pajamas and quietly laid them back down before stripping out of her own and putting them next to his. If she knew the boy wonder this was his vague way of asking if he would be welcomed into her bed again tonight to fend off his nightmares. If he came back here before she did, he'd be able to see her answer here as well.

Raven showered and dressed before heading off into the tower. She didn't find anyone about despite it being late morning, so she headed up to the roof. She really didn't know whether it was to meditate, to look for Robin, or to just spend a few hours staring at the sea, but she was inexplicably drawn upward to the roof.

Raven arrived to find Starfire sitting on the edge watching the island below. She didn't really stir as Raven joined her.

"He's been down there all morning." Starfire noted.

Raven looked down at Robin as he trained on the obstacle course throwing his entire being into his workout. "That's how he deals with things."

Starfire didn't ask what had happened during the night in Raven's room, and she suspected she never would. Raven just sat with her and watched Robin try his best to exhaust himself, hopefully to the point more dreams wouldn't come. It shocked her when Starfire started to speak again.

"How do you do it Raven?" Starfire asked.

"What do you mean?" Raven asked in confusion.

"How do you cope with so many feelings that are dark?" Starfire asked never looking up from where Robin was training.

"You get used to them." Raven said simply. "The trick is to never become too accustomed to them."

"I don't think Robin has learned this." Starfire noted.

Raven had to grant her that one. They boy seemed to try to draw strength from suffering, not unlike his mentor. Raven returned to watching her love and thought back to the previous night. This must have been what saddened Starfire so much. "You haven't been to bed yet have you?" Raven said as more of a statement than a question.

"I couldn't sleep." Starfire admitted. "I do not think that I am ready."

"Ready for what?" Raven asked in slight alarm. Did she think that she'd slept with Robin to comfort him? Did something about her relationship with her as her kundogi somehow stipulate that now she had to do the same?

"I am not ready… for Robin." Starfire said sadly. "There are many things about his feelings I do not understand. I cannot help him or reach him like you can Raven. I do not think that I will challenge you as my kundogi, at least not for a while. He needs you too much right now and I can't help him with these feelings I do not understand."

It hurt to see Starfire this upset. She knew that it must be killing the girl to watch Robin and not be able to reach out and comfort him. "He will need you too Starfire."

"How? Even if I bring joy into his life, those are feelings that he can have with his friends and not just with a friend who is also a girl." Starfire said passionately looking at Raven.

"You remember what I said about becoming too accustomed to the darker emotions? Starfire, I can't help him there. I can't make him see the joy in his life because I have a hard enough time with it myself. You bring light into both of our lives. I'd hate to think what kind of man he would be without you to give him hope." Raven said to her friend. It dawned on her that she was trying to convince her greatest romantic rival not to break up with the boy she was in love with, but right now she was seeing her friend who needed just as much comfort as Robin had needed the night before.

"Thank you friend Raven, you have made me feel better, but I will still leave Robin to you for a while. I think he will need you much for a few days." Starfire said glumly.

And nights… Raven thought to herself, but judiciously decided not to make Starfire feel any worse. "Just promise me one thing."

"Anything, you know it." Starfire said nodding.

"You'll cheer me up too whenever it becomes necessary for you to get Robin to look at the good things in life again." Raven said seriously.

"I promise!" Starfire said hugging her with a giggle. "I am glad you are my kundogi."

"Yeah, me too." Raven agreed.

The End.

A/N: I started to make this a trilogy, but I think I have one more story left to write. This one was kind of dark, so my next one will be more comedy. I intend to have it feature my favorite Teen Titans villain Control Freak and I intend to call it 'Control Freak Rerun'.