OK, I will be starting AND finishing this story! Of course, I'll be making a special apperence in this story. I'll be the one who makes fun of the Smashers. Okey-dokey! Let's-a go! (I know that was lame).

Samus was climbing a random mountain in a random mountainouse region on a random planet when a random door appered infront of her!

"Woah!" Samus said, nearly falling off the random mountain, "A random door? I could add that to my random collection!" Samus enters the door and looks around. She sees a chair sitting all alone in a spotlight. "I am tired..." Samus walks over to the chair and sits down.

"Know your stars... Know your stars..." A voice boomed from no where.

"Huh?" Samus asked, "Who's there?"

"Samus Aran of... where ever you're from..."


"Samus Aran... your blaster is made of plastic."

"What? No it's not!"

"Then what?"

"It's made of metal!"

"It's made of Metal Mario?!"

"What?! I just said metal!"

"Suuuuuuuuuure you did."

"Are you deaf or something?"

"Samus Aran... You share a bed with Captain Falcon."

"How did- Uh, I mean, no I don't!"

"You admitted it! Samus and Falcon, up in a tree..."

"Lies! All lies!"

"Then what's with this picture, then?"

"Wh- what picture?" Samus was blushing, but no one could tell because of her mask."

"Here." The voice threw down the photo. Samus looked at it. On it was a bed. On the left side was Falcon. On the was Samus.

"Th- this prooves nothing!"

"I want the picture back."

"Who took this?!"

"Someone with the initials 'F.M.'"

"F.M... Freddy Malcom... Fiona Mallord... Frank Millard..."

"Samus Aran... She has a random collection."

"That, I'm not ashamed of."

"So what I said before is true?"

"What? No, I just-"

"I knew it! I was right! Go voice, go voice, go- huh?" Samus was charging up her big energy blast (The one from the SSBB first trailer). "Wait! What are you doing?!"


The voice snapped his fingures and mirrors appered around the room. The blast hit one, it hit another, and another and another and another and another until it finally goes out the door. Samus' suit falls appart.

"Wait..." The voice said, "YOU'RE A GIRL?!"

"Yeah. Why? Is that a problem?"

"Uh... no, it's not... Uh... erm... um... you can, uh, go now."

"Good." Samus said in a bad mood. She walked to the door and left.

"Thank goodness she's gone."

Yayness! Go voice, go voice, go voice! Sorry, I get carried away. So, what do ya'll think? I hope this will get crowd pleasers. Everyone of this gets crowd pleasers. Well, with out further ado...

Au revoir!