Mokuba hummed happily as he started to download his favorite song "dance, dance" by fall out boy. He was just about to click download when he noticed he didn't have a blank C.D with him. Hmmmm he thought to himself. 'Nii-san would probably get mad if I asked him. Well, it shouldn't be too hard to find a blank C.D.'

Mokuba walked down the halls in search of a C.D. He came to a door that had a sign on it, which read 'do not open unless a C.D is needed.' Mokuba then realized he had never seen anyone coming in or out of that door…ever. 'Oh well, it is does say C.D.' He reasoned. He entered the room which was surprisingly unlocked.

On the walls were shelves piled high with C.Ds. "That's odd," he muttered to himself as he picked one up and proceeded to walk back to his room. When he got there he put the C.D in the disk drive and noticed it started upload something to his Hard Drive. "Upload? That's weird." He then went to find Kaiba to get a real C.D.

"Thanks Kaiba" Mokuba said happily clutching the C.D. He entered his room practically bouncing over the fact that his secret crush had given him something.

"Hello Mokuba," said a voice. The voice sounded so cocky that Mokuba could practically picture the smirk on the voices face.

'Hmmm' thought Mokuba 'Male. This means that voice doesn't belong to my crazy ass girlfriend.'

The voice continued, "Thank you for freeing me. By the way, what about this crazy girlfriend of yours?" Mokuba spun around and saw whom he never thought to see again