A Fathers bonds

By: Zuki chan13

Summary: A father bonds with his daughter. Rated T for language (I think?) Oh yeah and violence, it gets into the action and adventure later on.

Author's notes: I rock at writing stories! This is my first story on here so please be gentle. I hope you like it. I love writing stories with Sasuke being a father. Enjoy!

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(Sasuke's POV)

June 6,

Suzuki's DOB

I saw her through the window of the nursery. She was one among other new born's, but their different from her because she's mine. I saw her sleeping silently in peace, while the other new borns were crying. I knew right away that she is going to be a quiet girl. I look at her name tag at the end of her little bed. It says, Uchiha Suzuki.

I thought of that name for her, Suzuki. It means gentle breeze, and I think that's a beautiful name for a girl. Suzuki's mother, Sakura knew that we would be having a girl. I don't know how she knew; she said that it was a mother's instinct. It doesn't really matter now, because know she's here and she's perfectly healthy. I'm grateful that she is, I wasn't really comfortable with the fact that she is two months premature. But the doctor told Sakura and I that Suzuki's healthier than most newborn's which is amazing. I love the look of her very dark violet hair. Her hair is so dark it's almost my raven colored hair, but if you look closely you can tell that there's violet. I'm just standing here silently, watching my newborn daughter, through the see through window, sleeping. She looks so peaceful, I notice that she's staring to open her eye's. I take a closer look and see that her eyes are black, like mine. I observe her as she observes the room curiously.

Then I see her eyes trail off to the window where I am standing. I hope she's looking at me, I feel like she is. My eyes meet with hers and I smile, she looks so beautiful. As I continue looking at her something strucks me, she looks like me. The moment Sakura saw her, she told me that Suzuki looks just like me. I guess that's true, because she has the same eyes as me, and face. Sakura told me that she's a splitting image of me. Now that I think about it, I haven't even held her yet. I was kinda afraid to when Sakura offered, I don't know what I'll do if I drop her. It scares me just thinking about it.

I continue just looking at her angelic face and I smile. Then as I walk back to Sakura's room I run into Naruto. "Hey Sasuke teme, so why are you here? Is Sakura okay?" he asked. Even though he still called me 'teme' he was more mature now. He and Hinata were also expecting a child, and I guess that's why he's here. "She's fine, she just had the baby." I answered. "What? But isn't she due in two months?" he asked. "Yes, but it didn't go as planned." I answered. "Well is the baby healthy?" he asked. "Yeah, she's perfectly fine." I said. "Ah, you have a girl. Well Hinata and I have boy." He said with a smile. "I'll show you him." he led me back to the nursery. I looked over to where Suzuki was and her bed wasn't there anymore. "Look there he is." Naruto said pointing out his son, but I was too focused on where Suzuki was. "I'll be back Naruto." I said starting to walk away.

When I reached Sakura's room, I saw Suzuki in her arms. I sighed in relief and I came up to her bed. "Now do you want to hold her Sasuke kun?" she asked me. I nodded and she handed me my daughter. I'm so amazed, she's so small, she barely weighs anything. She's so light, and her soft skin feels like silk against mine. I looked into her dark eyes and smiled. She looked straight at me in curiosity. "Hi Suzuki, I'm your daddy." I said sweetly and walked towards the window in the room. the sun was beginning to set and the sky was mixture of red and orange. It was really warm out and a gentle breeze was saying through the village. Her name fit perfectly with the weather. I am so overjoyed by her presence, I look forward to alifetime with my new daughter. I promise to make her life happy, I want her to love her life. I don't want her to be like I was, and she won't. I'll make sure of that.


Authors notes: moushi moushi readers! I hope you like it! I dedicate this story to my aunt, Katie sensei and to my buddies at school!


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