None of you are ever going to be able to enjoy a frozen treat after this is done XD just a little something I came up with while eating a popsicle with my best friend. Enjoy!


It was one of those days, the ones where you could cook an egg on the sidewalk, or make a fortune selling lemonade. At 35 degrees Celsius, there was no one in Soul Society who was comfortable. Desperate measures were being used to stave off heat-stroke. Some of the wealthier shinigami chose to remain indoors with the air conditioning cranked full blast. Others doused themselves in water. Then there were those who put cold things into their bodies, like ice cream.

Ikkaku was one of the ones who wanted to enjoy a cold edible item. He had just gotten a popsicle, purple so he could walk around for three hours afterwards looking like he had exploded a gel pen in his mouth.

He was standing on some random street, smug as he licked away. Zaraki and Yachiru were nearby chatting, or rather, Yachiru rambled on about how mean Byakuya was for not letting her share his air conditioning.

Yumichika was out for a stroll, and smirked when he saw Ikkaku. "Ikkaku, it that a popsicle?" he asked.

Ikkaku noted the strange tone in his voice, and answered surreptitiously "yeah, so what?"

"May I have some please?" Ikkaku gave him a weird look, but handed it over.

Yumichika then spent much time enjoying it; he slowly put it in his mouth, clamped down with his lips, and drew it out; all the while with an expression of ecstasy on his face.

Ikkaku, and at this point Zaraki and Yachiru as well, stared at him. "Thank you Ikkaku." He said sweetly, handing it back.

"Wow, you really like popsicles don't you?" Ikkaku asked with a raised eyebrow.

Yumichika turned up the corner of his mouth and replied "I was just practicing for tonight. See you later." He casually sauntered off.

Zaraki followed him with his eyes until he was out of sight, his mouth agape. He had always known that they were going out, but it still shocked him.

"What did he mean practicing-"Yachiru gasped "wait, is there a popsicle eating contest tonight! Oooh, I wanna come I wanna come!" she gushed excitedly as she danced around Ikkaku.

"Yeah, I guess…" he responded in bewilderment. He was just as clueless as she.

Zaraki took a deep breath and walked away, before he did something out of character. He had a reputation to uphold after all, couldn't have people thinking the scariest guy in all of Soul Society could laugh at something unrelated to battle.

So? Not as great as I thought it would be, but fairly amusing nonetheless. For the gel pen thing, there have been several times in my schooling experience where some kid has actually done that.

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