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I was in Biology. This used to be my least favorite class before Bella moved here. Even though she had been here for almost a year, and she was defiantly dating Cullen, I still loved her.

I saw her walk in holding Cullen's hand. A flame of jealousy roared through me. She should be mine. Cullen had no right to be holding her hand with that smug look smeared on his face.

Bella should, and one day would, be mine. It only made sense. Cullen was not good for her. He was too moody and self-absorbed. He never talked to anyone other than Bella. He barely even talked to his family.

Bella was far too good for Cullen. She was pretty and smart, she was shy too. She blushed constantly at about everything I said. Maybe she liked me.

I heard a low growl behind me and I turned to see Cullen glaring at me. Sometimes I felt that he knew what I was thinking.

Bella was oblivious to his glares being sent toward me because she was struggling to get a book out of her backpack. Edward noticed and he pulled it out quickly for her putting it on her desk.

I turned back to face the front. It wasn't fair. I had my eyes on Bella first and that Cullen got her. He didn't deserve her. It wasn't like I hadn't made my feelings known. I asked her out to a dance for crying out loud. And a girls choice too.

I should be going out with Bella. We would look perfect together.

I can just imagine us going out on a date. She might pull her brown hair back. I've only seen her pull it back a few times, but she did look stunning with it up. Her lips were more prominent with her hair back.

I would pick her up in my older brother's car. He doesn't need it because he is at college. I don't understand why I can't have it because he isn't using it.

I would pick her up and chief Swan would tell me what time to bring her home. Bella would argue trying to stay out longer with me and then Chief Swan would give in because he thought that we would make a cute couple.

We would drive to an Italian restaurant. Every girl likes to eat expensively right? Then a waiter would take us to our table…no make that a waitress. Bella can't be looking at another guy.

Then we would order our food and while we waited we would talk and find out how much we have in common. When our food came we wouldn't even notice that so much time went by because we were enjoying ourselves too much by just being together.

Then we would eat and continue talking. I wondered what Bella would like. I think that she would get pasta and a salad; that was what Jessica got the one time that we went on a date.

I was sure that if Bella and I went on a date it wouldn't be as awkward as when Jessica and I went out. With Jessica I could barely get a word in edgewise. I'm sure that Bella would listen. She always listened to what I said.

We were so much more compatible.

Then we would leave and in the car we would kiss…and then…

Something hit the back of my head and I turned around. Cullen stared at the ceiling innocently but I had a suspicion that he threw whatever it was at my head.

I looked around to find the object that I was sure he had thrown. I had no success. It probably had bounced off to somewhere or other.

I thought back to my imaginary date with Bella. It was weird that he had thrown it right as I was thinking about what Bella and I could do after making out. I decided to skim over that part because I wouldn't want to get too excited during class.

I would drive her home and we would share a tender goodnight kiss. Then as I walked her up to the door Chief Swan would interrupt us and Bella and I would schedule another date.

We could go to the movies! I always wanted to go to the movies with Bella. I doubted that Cullen went to the movies with her because he probably hated movies. I don't think he likes anything other than Bella.

I heard him chuckle behind me. Was he laughing at Bella?

Apparently Bella was just as confused as I because she asked, "What? What's so funny?"

"Nothing." I heard him murmur to her.

I should be the one murmuring to her like that. It's not fair!

"What's not fair?" Jessica Stanley asked. She batted her eyelashes and I guessed that she was trying to flirt with me.

"Nothing." I shook my head in frustration. If Jessica was so infatuated by me, then why wasn't Bella?

Maybe I had found the problem. Maybe Bella did like me but she knew that her best friend liked me so I was off limits. Perhaps she loved me very much but couldn't show her true emotions because Jessica would be upset with her.

Bella was always that type. She would give up what she loved so that others could be happy.

All I had to do was get Jessica to not like me, while making sure that Bella still liked me. It was complicated and I thought about how I could achieve that.

I could act really rude to Jessica, but then she might tell Bella that I was a huge jerk. That wouldn't work.

I could wait for Jessica to fall out of love with me, but by then Bella and Edward might have gone too far for my liking. Or even, god forbid, she might actually like Cullen.

I tried not to gag at the thought of her and Cullen….I focused back to the lesson to rid those images from my mind.

There had to be some solution. The only problem was finding out what the solution was.