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Edwards Point of View

I can't believe it. Bella was making me follow through with this whole saying sorry thing to Mike. He was such a newt. Just thinking of him made me want to hide Bella and gag.

Mike Newton had repulsive, dirty, and vile thoughts about my innocent Bella. He was envious and utterly jealous of everything I had. He was pathetic and whiney. If Bella ever decided to go out with him, not that she ever would of course, I would swear to murder him.

I wondered why it was so important to humans to apologize for the slightest mistakes. In my house, we never apologized, unless to Rosalie who would get upset almost as easily as Mike.

The only reason I was doing this was because of my perfect angel. As people in this century would say, I was whipped.

It was time for school. Bella and I were just pulling into the small school parking lot. Mike was talking with a group of jocks.

I looked to Bella pleadingly. "Do I have to?" I tried everything in my power to make her change her mind. I blew on her slightly and I leaned in to her hoping to dazzle her. Every vampire charm that I had to lure in my prey was in use.

She pulled back trying to breathe. "No," she said breathily. "And that won't work you know."

"What won't work?" I tried to be innocent.

"Dazzling…me." She looked away trying not to succumb to my will. "You have to go apologize to Mike."

"Oh, fine." I frowned. I never could win against Bella because I loved her far too much. She had no idea how much power she had over me with each dazed blink that she made. I would bow at her knees and be her slave just to look at her face.

I got out of the car walking at a quick human speed to her door. Luckily for me, she still hadn't managed to open the door handle because of her abnormal klutziness.

I opened the door for her.

"Thanks." She blushed at her inability to accomplish simple tasks.

"Your welcome." I smiled at her.

We headed over to where Mike Newton was talking with the other children. He saw me coming and though Cullen is with Bella again.

I was in no mood for his emotional imbalances today.

"Mike," I grunted. "I would like to speak to you alone."

He looked to Bella. What could this be about? Does he want to give me a chance to ask out Bella? Is he going to tell me that he doesn't love her as much as I do?

We walked off and his thoughts kept pouring into my mind. They were so pointless they could barely count as thoughts. His thoughts were thoughtless. I tried to block them but they still nudged against my brain faintly.

I stopped and he almost ran into me. Human reflexes were the worst. I can't even imagine being one again.

"I'm sorry." I said quickly. "For bumping into your car the other day and for accidentally spilling my food onto you the day before."

"What?' He asked confused.

I tried to speak slowly willing myself to go at a human speed so he could understand. "I am sorry for bumping into your car and for…"

"Yeah, yeah." He said impatiently. "I heard that. I just wanted to know why you were apologizing."

I shrugged trying not to grimace at being by him for so long. "I am sorry." I enunciated each syllable while spitting them out. The words themselves were nice, but the way I said them showed my hate for Mike.

"Whatever." He said disappointedly as he turned to leave. I bet Bella put him up to this. She seems like the type to worry about me. If she were my girlfriend…

"Don't think about Bella." I growled.

He turned around and looked at me confused. Can he read my thoughts? This is too weird…I've been thinking for a while now that he is…

"I can tell by your face," I lied trying to cover up for what I had let slip, "That you want my girlfriend." I put emphasis on the fact that she was mine. Bella will be mine for as long as she wants me around.

"Bella deserves better than you." Mike hissed. "All you are is some spoiled rich kid who gets everything he wants."

His words stung. Not the rich kid part, but the part that I didn't deserve Bella. He was right. He just didn't know how right he was.

"You are right." I agreed surprising him. "I don't deserve Bella." He blinked before I went on. "But if I don't deserve Bella than sure as hell you don't."

His hands curled into fists. If he hit me his hand would break. It would be hard to explain that to the nurse. I decided to end this before he got to badly hurt. Not that I cared, but I didn't want to ruin my families cover. Then we might have to leave Bella. The thought burned what used to be my heart.

"Goodbye, Mike." I strode past him, leaving him to his thoughts.

Who does he think he is? Bella should be mine and he knows it. He is just all jealous because he is scared that I might take his girl if he isn't careful enough.

I blocked his thoughts out of boredom before heading to my sweet angel. She was walking next to my sister and they were talking. I could hear them from where I was.

"Alice," Bella asked. "Will Edward really apologize?"

"Yes, Bella." My sister smiled showing a row of perfect white teeth. "In fact," She looked over to me walking towards them. "He is already done."

Bella turned to see me and she smiled. My heart raced, or at least it would have been racing if I wasn't heartless.

I ran towards her at a human speed. I think that I was pushing it a bit because Alice frowned at me.

"Act normal." She chastised me.

"What isn't normal about running to see your girlfriend?" I held Bella's hand.

"Do you know how fast you were going?" She frowned. I think some people over there noticed, Edward.

I looked towards where she nodded and read their thoughts. They were innocent enough and just were wondering why I wasn't on the track team.

"It's fine, Alice." I smiled at her and pulled Bella closer to me. "We're all good."

He sure has loosened up with Bella here. Alice thought. I didn't respond to her because I hated eavesdropping unless necessary. It wasn't polite to listen to all of your sisters thoughts.

"So," Bella asked me. "How did it go?"

I glared over at where Mike was, and saw that he was now sneaking looks at me. I didn't have to have super hearing or the ability to read minds to know that he was talking about me.

"He gets on my nerves." I said through gritted teeth.

"That's okay." Bella squeezed my hand reassuringly. "You don't have to like him."

I squeezed her hand back. Right now I felt very good. With Bella next to me, Mike didn't seem half as bad. With Bella my life was always good.

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