She waited. She waited all day. She sat on the bench in the park. She looked around at what, what seem to pass by her each day when she sat, and waited. She does not know what she is waiting for. But, she knows it is important. She waits for him. She waits and wonders and watches. She runs. She runs so fast after hours and hours of sitting there. She decides to run. Run away from all her fears. She runs into the streets. They claim her now. She lays there at night not sleeping but waiting. Finally, she decides to get up. She decides to get up and do something. She makes coffee and gets dressed. She goes to a bar. Like she KNOWS that he is coming. She sits there all dolled up. Some one walks to her. He asks her why she is here so late with no one else. She says I don't know what I am doing anymore. He takes her hand and they depart from the bar. They go back to his apartment. They kiss as the door shuts. They become aroused, clothes fly off. They journey off to the bed completely wrapped in each other's arms. They are lost in kiss and love. They both work at the same office but, never knew. They fall asleep in each other's arms 7 A.M. (when they both have to go to work.) She looks at the clock and rolls over. She's found what she is looking for…….