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Chapter 17

Ten minutes later Troy and Gabriella were still on the sofa. Gabriella's hair was incredibly messy due to the fact that Troy kept wanting to straddle her.

Gabriella bit his ear, "Stop trying to roll me over" she pouted as he moaned in her ear at his girlfriend's sudden action.

"I'm sorry if I REALLY want to be on top of you, you're just so… sexy" Troy said in a low growl as Gabriella blushed. She'd been called many things in her lifetime. Pretty, cute, gorgeous even but sexy and from Troy Bolton? Never.

"No I'm not" Gabriella protested and Troy threw her a sexy grin making her feel a rush go through her veins. Troy cupped her face and kissed her lips ever so lightly.

Gabriella groaned and kissed back harder, her fingers going through the edge of his hair as his hand came to the back of her head pushing her gently towards him, his fingers running through her hair.

Gabriella sighed as his lips slowly kissed astray from her mouth downwards towards her neck. She caressed his head as his lips worked wonders on her neck, ever so slightly pushing her almost naked breasts closer to his face.

Gabriella yelped as she suddenly found herself on top of the couch with her very sexy hotshot of a boyfriend grinning very cockily at her.

"That's no fair!" she pouted at him crossing her arms across her chest.

Troy chuckled and uncrossed her arms, interlocking their hands above her head leaning his forehead towards hers, "It's totally fair Brie. Do you have any idea what you're making me feel right now?"

Gabriella gasped as she felt something hard against her thigh. She closed her eyes and then opened them to feel Troy's nose slowly going down hers. She felt her hand go down his arm to the place where a bulge has appeared.

She kept her eyes on him though as she stroked it gently. He closed his eyes and groaned at the feel of her tiny fingers against his most private area. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him feverously.

She had never felt anything so hard, so big. It seemed to grow bigger as she wrapped her leg around his waist and he groaned at the new position.

His mouth covered her neck. His kisses were fast and hard all over. He finally found sweet soft skin that made her moan like crazy as he sucked and bit on her skin.

"You just gave me a hickey, gasp, didn't you" Gabriella said as he suckled her skin one last time.

She opened her eyes to see a cheeky grin on his face, "You know I can't keep my mouth off of you"

"You know most guys aren't really proud to have a weakness" Gabriella teased.

Troy grinned and kissed her bottom lip, " Most guys don't have a girl like you in their life"

Gabriella giggled and kissed his upper lip. They laid on the sofa for a minute, just looking into each other's eyes, taking in all that had happened. He felt her arms go around his neck as she pulled him into a hug.

Troy breathed in the smell of strawberry shampoo and the tickle that her hair brought to his nose.

" I want to have sex with you" his eyes opened instantly. Has he heard right? He pulled away from her embrace to find the dark mocha eyes he loved so much filled with a new dark brown that was not very scary but not very happy either.

"W-w-what?" he asked, more like stammered.

Gabriella sighed in, "I said… I want to have sex... with you"

Troy looked at her for a second, her hair was a huge mess but she'd never looked more beautiful. Her shirt was off and he could see that her bra wasn't exactly keeping her breasts all the way in.

"Um… not that I don't want this because I… really really REALLY want this but… are you sure?" he asked, his stomach flipping as he saw her smile and wrap her arms around his neck.

"I really want this Troy. I want to have sex with you"

Troy gulped, "B-b-but Brie, you do know that once you go there there's no going back"

Gabriella smiled softly as he said this and traced a finger down his cheek before leaning her mouth towards his ear, "I really really REALLY want this"

"Are you mocking me?"

"Yes, but you know you love it" Gabriella said biting his ear.

Troy grinned and fused their lips together, cupping her face softly as she cupped the side of his face with her hand.

"Not.. that.. I…m not.. en…joying this, but shouldn't we… check on the kids?" Gabriella asked between kisses.

"Oh… Oh Yeah, hope they're okay" he said as he pulled his shirt on. He stood up to see Gabriella buttoning her shirt buttons.

"I bet, they're just fine" she says grabbing his hand and pulling him to the backyard, a grin on his face.

They quietly walked to the sliding door of the backyard to see Zac softly pushing Vanessa on the swings, a dreamy smile on his face.

Gabriella threw a knowing smile at Troy as she opened the sliding door, "Hey kids!"

"Hi ya Gabi!" Vanessa greeted jumping off the swings and running to Gabriella to hug her legs tightly.

"Whoa hold on kid I've only got so much balance" Gabriella said as her knees wobbled a little.

"He he sowwy" Vanessa said cheekily.

"That's okay, how about to make it up to me you come inside with me and Troy to eat some ice cream?" Gabriella asked knowingly.

"YEAH!!" they both exclaimed as they each grabbed one of Gabriella's hands and dragged her inside.

Troy laughed as it all happened but didn't move. Gabriella had settled Vanessa and Zac on the stools on the island and taken out the ice cream and cones, doting a dip of cookie Dough ice cream on Vanessa's nose. The little girl giggled and doted Gabriella's nose with Cookie Dough.

Gabriella simply laughed and began serving scoops on the cones.

Troy smiled, Gabriella would make a wonderful mother someday. He imagines her nursing her baby at two o clock in the morning, Still having a smile on her face because he baby needed her. His lips broke into a grin as he thought of himself coming home to her everyday.

He'd be tired and sweaty but he'd be greeted with her magical lips and he would be reenergized. He'd caress her swollen stomach, whispering how beautiful she looked and how much he wanted her then and there.

Zac then would run in and jump into his father's arms, telling him of what he learned in school or what trick he taught his turtle. He'd go off and play with him as she would smile looking at her two boys with a hand on her swollen belly. Troy would look up and smile at her and she'd smile back, promising to finish what they had started as she went to prepare his dinner.

Troy Bolton then knew, he loved Gabriella Montez with all his heart, and he didn't mind it at all.

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