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This is in Alice's POV. It might be a bit out of character but you know. It's just for fun.

We had just gotten back from our week hunting trip when I decided Bella needed a new wardrobe. It was officially a tradition for all us –not including Bella, which upset Edward- to take a weeklong hunting trip every two months. Edward hated it at first, but he grew to like it when Bella used the time with Charlie or her human friends. I dragged Bella into a lingerie store while the Edward went into the sporting store at the mall.

"Please, please, please Alice! Anything but this!" She whined, pulling back on my hand.

"Bella, stop complaining. Any other girl would love to have people purchase her anything and everything..." I mumbled, but loud enough for her to hear. Her stubbornness could get so frustrating sometimes.

"I'm not any other girl!" She continued. I sighed.

I looked as her, hoping to dazzle her but she had turned her head down, a blush creeping up on her pale cheeks. I gazed down at her old, worn shirt and noticed it was rising up a bit. Just enough for me to notice the light, purple butterfly tattoo above her hip. My mouth flew open in surprise.

"Isabella Marie Swan!" Her head shot up at the use of her full name. She saw me looking at her stomach and her blush deepened to a rude scarlet.

I pulled down her shirt and patted the place where her tattoo rested on her stomach. How had I not seen her getting a tattoo? When had she done it? "How long?" I poked her stomach, making her wince. She was quiet before she answered.

"About two months…." She looked a bit ashamed and she would not meet my eyes. I sighed again and lightened my tone as I pulled her to an empty bench.

I continued my questioning. "When?"

"About two months ago, when you guys were all on your hunting trip. I'm so sorry, Alice."

"How did it happen?" At this she looked up like I was insane.

"What do you mean how did it happen?"

I didn't answer, but I kept my expression firm.

She sighed, "Jacob thought it would be fun and I guess I was pressured. It hurt, Alice. But I can't say I regret it and it's cute…"

I almost laughed at this when I noticed another presence. Edward was standing a few feet away, staring at us. "Hey Edward…." Bella noticed him too, but he stomped off. His face was full of pain.

"Edward!" Bella started to go after him. "Edward…"

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. I replayed the conversation back in my head and what he could have possibly heard. Then in dawned on me, we had never actually said the word tattoo in our conversation. Edward probably thought Bella was pregnant! Everything we said could have presented that to him and when she mention Jacob…

At that, I burst out laughing.

"What is it?" Bella's pain matched the pain we had just witnessed on Edward's face.

I snorted. "Bella, Edward thinks you're pregnant… with Jacob's baby!" Her face was priceless as she took in the news. It was the most horrified look I had seen since the James incident.

She lifted her shirt up a bit to examine her stomach. "Do I look pregnant?"

"Well, you are getting a tad chubby there. I mean, Esme's cooking can do that to a human…" I teased. Her eyes grew wide, offended. She stood up and stormed off, heading out of the mall.

"I'm sorry but I was just kidding, Bella…. Lighten up! And you have to admit it is funny…" I followed after her keeping up easily, and I saw a faint smile on her lips. She looked into my dazzling eyes as I now walked next to her across the parking lot.

"You're forgiven, I guess." I grinned at how easily she had given in to me.

We had made our way to my car, Edward's Volvo still parked right next to it, his windows rolled down. He was listening to music, staring straight ahead at the car parked ahead of him. His eyes were dark and he honestly looked heart-broken. My smile didn't falter, but Bella's did. She looked a bit sick.

All of the sudden his gaze shifted to mine and he visibly lightened up, reading my mind. Then they went dark again as he registered the word tattoo.

I know, I know. You thought she was pregnant but don't worry; it's just one tattoo…

He growled softly, only for my ears as Bella looked between Edward and I. Edward was about to open his car door for Bella, but I wanted her to ride with me. I yanked open my door, almost breaking the door handle and motioned for her to sit. Edward couldn't open his door without crashing his door into mine and he wouldn't do anything to wreck his Volvo if he could prevent it. She hesitantly got into my car as Edward growled again.

"Alice… Let Bella ride with me. There is something I wish to talk about." I just smiled sweetly as Bella buckled up, still staring at Edward.

"Sorry Edward, but I'll see you soon, okay? I mean, you guys do drive like maniacs…" Edward chuckled and both of us heard Bella's heart speed up.

"Okay, but when we get to my house, were talking about that butterfly. I love you." Her blush deepened and she looked down, embarrassed. He chuckled before turning his music up and speeding off.

As I strapped my seatbelt on, though I didn't need it, and started to drive out of the parking lot, hitting 50 mph before getting on the main road, I laughed again. Bella looked at my questionably, still unsure of everything.

"Now that I think of it, you're right. It is cute. I think I might get myself a star on my ankle…"

At that, we laughed hysterically the whole way home.

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