It seemed like a pretty unusual day for it to be pouring raindrops in the desert area in which cowboys lived, and motorcycle stunt shows were held. Among the desert were dirt-road paths that seemed endlessly and yet so empty. The darkened clouds hovered over the desert, as additional rain fell from the heavens above. To some it seemed that angels didn't exist, or if they did, they hadn't come down to defeat the living demons from hell. Some of the demons were faced inside that of human individuals whom had been served for Satan himself, to roam the Earth as his bounty hunters.

On the lonely path of the watered desert was a stuntman, whose leather jacket was soaked with water dripping upon his motorcycle, in which he was sitting upon. His eyes wandered into the bleak skies that were covered completely by dark clouds. He tried to relax before the demon from within would start in rage. The tall and rather broad shouldered man was known to all as the famous motorcycle stuntman, Johnny Blaze. Though he was mysterious, it was basically because of the rage from inside, it was the Ghost Rider. He would hold in Ghost Rider's form for whenever demons weren't lurking about the Earth, spreading hell as they went along.

He inhaled his breath deeply, as he breathed in the moisture-filled air. Though at least it seemed like an ordinary day for rain, it too seemed like a day for demons to seek around, and causing deaths of murder. The motorcycle itself remained still, as the Ghost Rider from within tried to scent out nearby demons.

All of the sudden, a smell from distances away caught his scent, the scent of lurking demons, hunting down the blood of the innocent. Crying out in a forceful roar, he broke from his literal human flesh, and was revealed only as a skeleton in his usual leather uniform, his skull covered completely inflamed. His motorcycle then transformed into its demonic form, and quickly, the Rider mounted his bike, as it drove off, leaving behind from it a trial of fire among the road. His hands gripped tightly, fingers encircling around the handles, as he then in speed, vanished like a bolt of lighting.