Christine Davies sat across from her lawyer, Josh Travers, who shuffled thru papers to find what he needed. Christine was growing impatient, she had to be in Hawaii by tomorrow and her plane leaves in two hours and she had yet to get fully packed.

"Why did you call me here?" she asked for the millionth time since entering his office.

Josh glanced up at her, held a finger up and continued for the paper, "Here it is..." he held up an off white piece of paper.

"Yes there it is, now what is it?" she cocked her eye brow in annoyance.

"Custody papers," Josh explained. Christine's face became unreadable as she stared the old man down.

"I only have one daughter and I'm pretty sure she is in my custody so what is with that?" She pointed to his hand.

"Right, no not your kid," Josh seemed to understand what she was getting at.

"Than I don't need to sign anything, ciao..." She stood up and walked to the door, Josh was faster. He grabbed her wrist halting her movements, "Unhand me!"

"Arthur Carlin."

"Excuse me?" Christine's face paled at the mention of her long time college friend, her stomach churned in anger yet a rise of passion clouded her mind.

"Arthur Carlin, do you know him?"

"Yes," Josh led the woman back over to the chair in front of his desk and sat her down.

"He recently passed away along with his wife and two sons; his daughter is to be put in your custody as soon as the paper is signed." Josh slid the paper across the desk and sat a pen on top of it.


"It was in his Will, she has a trust fund and you will be paid for taking her...the minute you sign the papers we will enroll her in school and have her things sent over." Josh sighed hoping the woman would take the girl off his hands, he felt slightly guilty about not telling her everything but she would soon find out.

Rubbing the bridge of her nose she sighed, her hands were full with one teenager in the house but to add another, "How old is she?"

"Sixteen," Josh responded happy the woman was taking some initiative to get to know the girl.

"Fine..." Christine leaned over and signed the paper, "When will she arrive?"

"She's outside if you'd like to meet her?" Josh smiled, noticing the older woman glare at him he toned down the smile. She nodded her head in agreement.

The two exited his office and walked down a narrow hall way to the main lobby, Christine searched the area for any sign of this girl. Then she saw her, in the corner listening to an ipod. Her blond hair was sprawled over her shoulders with a baseball cap keeping it out of her eyes, a sweat shirt two sizes to big and loose fitting jeans with blue/white sneakers. The girl's leg was bouncing to the tune of the music, her eyes were closed and she rested her head on the wall behind her.

"Spencer?" Josh spoke up once they approached the teen, "Spencer?" He held a finger up once more and leaned down yanking the ear buds out of the girl's ear.

"Shit what'd you do that for?" She asked, her voice dripping with venom. Christine caught a glimpse of the teen's eyes. Pure deep blue like her father, the older woman swallowed trying to keep her mind from traveling back to the past which she had successfully buried until now.

"Christine Davies meet your new resident Spencer Carlin," Josh grinned.

Spencer rolled her eyes while looking the older girl up and down, "You loaded?"

"I'm sure that's none of your business," Christine growled all ready regretting her decision to take the girl in.

"I'm sure, so we getting out of here?" Spencer put her hands on her hips and glared, Christine couldn't help notice this girl seemed to not care that her family had just died and now she was being uprooted to live with some one she didn't know.

"Good bye Josh," Christine nodded before turning on her heel, not even waiting to see if Spencer followed. In the parking lot the two hopped into the older woman's car and drove off to the Davies' mansion.

"You live here?" Spencer choked out; she hadn't seen something this big since...ever. The last place she lived wasn't really big on making you comfortable, but this place screamed rich and comfortable.

"Yes well you'll get used to it," Christine ignored the younger girl as they made their way into the foyer.

"So where do I drop my stuff off?" Spencer scoffed as she readjusted the strap of her back pack.

"This way," Christine led the way up the stairs past one door and stopped at the second, "My daughter Ashley stays in this one, you'll meet her later...and this is your room." The brunette pushed open the door right across from Ashley's.

Spencer made her way into the room, a large king size bed was pushed against the wall with bedside table on both sides. A walk in closet to the left and a dresser with a TV on top across from the bed, cool I can lay and watch my shows.

"Make your self comfortable, you start school tomorrow the office should have your schedule...see ya."

"Wait, your not staying?" Christine turned around and for a minute saw a flicker of insecurity behind the baby blues but was quickly replaced by nothingness.

"I'm leaving for Hawaii, ask Ashley if you need anything..." she walked out of the room.

Sighing the blond flopped on the bed and stared at the ceiling, the only thing that brought her comfort was being alone on a soft bed and a ceiling to stare out. For hours the blond could lay and just stare up, letting memories or emotions run through her head or block out the yelling her parents were doing.

"Oh I forgot here," Christine flew back into the room five minutes later, "Some money...there's five thousand on that card. The pin is 5543, later!" and the woman left again.

Spencer placed her hands under her head, I can't believe she's going to make me introduce my self to her daughter...what ever she's probably some stuck up rich bitch, I so don't want to deal with that now...

As if the world was against her the door downstairs opened and slammed shut, Spencer stood up and walked over to stand in her door way. A second later an auburn hair girl, slightly shorter than Spencer came bounding up. Her eyes were dark chocolate brown, her face perfectly shaped, Oh my god she's breath taking...wait what, Spencer get it together!

"Who the hell are you?" The brunette, Spencer assumed it's Ashley, asked stalling at the top of the stairs.

"Your new cell mate," Spencer smirked gliding across the floor to stand in front of the other girl, "I'll be staying with you for the duration. You stay out of my way; I'll stay out of yours."

Ashley couldn't believe this girl, first she is in her house and now she's threatening her, "Who do you think you are?" One hot chic, shut it Davies the girl just insulted you.

"Nobody," Spencer replied before walking in to her new room and slamming the door shut.

"Huh?" Ashley asked her self, the blond dissed her self and left the older girl standing in the hall way. Scratching her head she went to her room and called her mom to find out what the hell is going on.