Even though she'd seen her father alive she couldn't wrap her head around the fact her mother was also alive, "Did anyone die

Even though she'd seen her father alive she couldn't wrap her head around the fact her mother was also alive, "Did anyone die in that fire?" she breathed out as her blue eyes danced from one parent to the other.

Paula chuckled while running a hand through her hair, "Of course dear. Your brothers and if you didn't sneak out like a common thug..." her voice rising and becoming angered, "you would have been dead too and none of this would be happening right now!"

Spencer slumped her shoulders; everything her mother said was true, if she hadn't snuck out and been the good girl she was raised to be she would have died that night along with her brothers, she wouldn't have brought Randi, Aiden or even Ashley into this world of pain and sick torture.

Everyone was up now, on the roof of this building with a helicopter and below a war zone raging, "Get on!" Paula called to the teenagers.

Arthur shoved the barrel of his gun to the back of Randi's neck, "Move it!" he shouted as the blades above the helicopter began to spin rapidly sending wind across the roof top.

The teen began to be shoved toward the flying bird, "Hold it right there!" a voice screamed above the increasing sounds.

Everyone turned around to see Christine holding a gun out toward them behind her several old and young men and women in black suits also holding guns toward the group.

"Mom?" Ashley asked with wide eyes.

"Ashley come here," her mother beckoned her forward.

Taking one step forward earned her three steps back as Paula grabbed her by the arm forcing her backward, the gun with its cool metal waiting to be heated by the passing of a bullet placed none to gently on her forehead, "How'd you get here?" she growled.

"You think I'd work for you just to save my daughter," Christine laughed, "I work for the FBI as an undercover agent,"

Ashley's eyes widen to saucers, was that the reason her mother was hardly home? Was that the reason she always brought strange men home and always made sure her daughter was in her room all night claiming she didn't want her new sugar daddy to know she had a teenage daughter?

"FBI? Arthur I told you she was a crosser," Paula slapped her husband upside the head for allowing this woman to infiltrate there operation. He shot her a pointed looked before grabbing his daughters arm, pulling her tight, so now both Ashley and Spencer were locked against an assailant.

While this was going on two of Christine's men had pulled Randi and Aiden away from the scene so now only Ashley and Spencer were held hostage, "Let them go,"

"You know we can't do that," Arthur seethed, his brown eyes blackening over in his anger, "I suggest you drop the guns," he shoved the gun harder into his daughter's temple making a whimper escape her dry lips.

"Don't!" Ashley yelled out seeing the pain cross her lover's features but her outburst was shot lived as Paula gripped her harder and tapped the gun against her temper reminding her that Spencer wasn't the only one being held at gun point.

"We will kill them if you don't drop them," Paula spoke up.

Arthur and Paula both took steps back toward the chopper. This move caused the girls to take steps back so the small group walked back wards.

"Okay...okay just stop walking," Christine nodded to the men and women around them to drop their weapons. Unsure at first as they didn't want to be defenseless but soon guns dropped to the ground and hands raised to show that they had no more weapons and were no longer a threat.

"You too," Arthur nodded to the gun still cradled in Christine's hand.

"Mom," Ashley called out not wanting her mother to be in any more danger than she was right now.

Christine smiled warmly at her daughter, "It's alright Ashie,"

The use of the childhood nickname brought a tear to the brunette's eyes; her mother hadn't called her that in a long time. Christine turned her attention back on the grown ups, licking her lips before taking the bottom one in her teeth she started lowering the gun to the ground as slow as possible. The minutes ticking by that a drop of sweat dropped from Arthur's forehead and in slow motion made a way to the pavement and yet the gun was still not placed on the ground.

Brown on brown locked in a silent communication that stemmed from a long bond created through out the years, a bond that allowed a passing of a message that could make or break the situation, than the older brown met the harder brown and as Christine dropped to her knees the intention of what she was about to do was clear, the two guns pointing at the girls began to move away and toward the older brunette. Three gun shots were heard.

All was silent except for the sound of the chopper blades.

No one moved.

No one spoke a word.

Eyes roamed the scene as if inspecting.

Ashley watched her mother.

Christine glanced down and saw the blood dripping down her shoulder dowsing the blazer she wore.

Spencer felt the weight behind her drop away.

Turning she saw her father lying lifeless upon the pavement, eyes glazed over staring right at her, the brown turning gray as the color no longer filled his body.

Paula screamed and held Ashley tighter, her gun quickly replaced upon the young teen's temple, "You killed him!"

Christine held the gun shot wound in her arm, the other agents picked up their guns, "Let her go!" she demanded.

"NO! Spencer get the gun," Paula nodded to her daughter to pick up the weapon that had fallen from Arthur's loose grasp as he died, "SPENCER!"

Spencer heard her name and glanced up and away from the man she used to know as a loving father, her baby blues rested upon icy blues that used to be so warm, these were not the same eyes that read her a bed time story but yet they were at the same time.

"Get the gun,"

Slowly Spencer bent down and picked up the black metal, feeling how heavy it was in her small innocent hand, licking her lips she glanced from it back to her mother who nodded toward the FBI agents, furrowing her brows she held it up and pointed it toward Christine.

"Shoot her," Paula demanded.

Brown eyes glanced from the woman behind her to the love of her life to her mother and back again. Would Spencer really shoot her mother?

"What?" Spencer's voice trembled in confusion, did her mother really want her to kill someone.

"Kill her Spencer, you'll be reborn, all of this will be forgotten," Paula beamed at the young girl, a warm smile that used to brighten Spencer's day after school. The two would sit in the kitchen eating a cookie and talking about the days events, oh how she missed those days.

"All of it?" she asked breaking the silence that enveloped them.

"What? Spencer, no!" Ashley couldn't believe her girlfriend was even thinking about shooting her mother. Paula gripped her harder as she struggled.

"Yes dear. You will be my sweet little angel again, right? Shoot the bad lady for mommy," she cooed knowing how sensitive her daughters mind was at the moment.

Spencer licked her lips and took a step toward Christine as she rose the gun, it shook slightly in her hand as she wasn't used the weight.

"That's it baby. Get closer, your haven't fired a gun in such a long time...that's right Spence get closer so the gun is near her head," the mother encouraged.

Spencer listened to the soothing voice of her mother, a voice she wished to hear again when she found out her family had died, the voice that rocked her to sleep singing a gentle lullaby, the voice that scolded her when she was bad but than held her and whispered sweet words of 'sorrys' and 'its for your own good'.

"Spencer don't listen to her," Randi screamed out, wanting to rush forward only Aiden was holding her back.

"Okay sweetie put the barrel to her head, your doing such a great job," Paula smiled while whipping her head back to get the blonde hair from in front of her face.

Ashley's breathing hitched, she felt her chest restrict, her girlfriend was about to kill her mother if she didn't do something soon, "Spence..." she called out.

Blue eyes met her brown ones, confusion could be seen clearly through the blue gates of Spencer's soul, and Ashley could see the love the girl wanted from her mother, she could see that her girlfriend would kill for her parents if it meant they would love her again.

"She's lying to you,"


Ashley knew she got her lover's attention, "Remember what they did to you...why would she tell the truth huh?"

"Shut up," Paula turned her around quickly, her hand coming in contact with Ashley's gut before spinning her around yet again to watch her mother be shot by Spencer.

"Mom?" Spencer cried out at the pain she saw cross Ashley's face.

Paula growled lowly but forced a soft smile on her face, "She's alright dear...now do what I told you we don't have much time."

"You hurt her,"

Licking her lips she stared at her daughter, "She's fine Spencer see..." she shoved Ashley forward a bit but made sure to keep her in a tight grip, "Now kill her damn it!"

Spencer closed her eyes, flashes of memories of her parents and brothers, of her time in this place, of Ashley and Christine and everything else stored with in her mind. She opened her eyes which turned stone cold.

She raised the gun.

Flexed her finger upon the trigger.

Eyed her prey.


Again the roof top was silent.


Ashley stood motionless as she stared down at the woman.

"Are you okay?" strong arms wrapped around her.

"I'm fine mom," she whispered upon chapped lips. Christine held her daughter firmly in her arms afraid to let go.

Spencer stood with the gun still pointed at her mother's lifeless body; the bullet had hit her right in the middle of the forehead, barely missing Ashley's head by centimeters. She walked over and glanced down, seeing Arthur and Paula both dead, their arms seeming to reach for the other even in their dead state, eyes glazed over staring right at her as if condemning her to hell for her actions.

"Spencer?" Christine asked releasing her daughter and taking a step toward the teenager. Reaching out she placed her hand on the girl's shoulder earning her a slight jump and for Spencer to turn around with the gun raised ready to firer. Christine pulled back in alarm holding her hands up as if showing she was okay, "Why don't you put the gun down?" she coaxed.

Spencer glanced back at her lifeless parents. What did she have to live for? Her parents were dead, her brothers, no known relatives that did not belong to this occult so most likely they were going to be locked up if caught and if they weren't caught she highly doubted she'd want to be in there charge.

Ashley saw the pain etched all over her lovers face and stepped forward, "Spencer?"

"Ashley," Christine restricted her from getting any closer. Ashley pleaded silently with mom who finally nodded and released her hold on her daughter's arm.

Ashley stepped closer, "Spencer please drop the gun," she pleaded.


The question threw her off, "Because it's over baby..."


"Why is it over?" Spencer's blue eyes holding unshed tears finally made contact with concerned brown eyes as she nodded.

"We're safe, they're gone,"


"Why what sweetie?" Ashley asked taking a step closer.

Tears spilled down her cheeks as she looked at once was her parents, "Why'd they leave...and not take me?" she asked through a sob.

Her body fell, the gun slipping through her fingers and hitting the ground. Ashley rushed forward and pushed the gun away before wrapping her arms around the young girl crying. Finally allowing the tears to flow for her lost innocence, her brothers, the pain she was put through, and the parents she used to know.

Christine watched and knew that both girls, including Randi and Aiden, would need counseling after this and even though she'd only taken Spencer in on assignment she had grown used to the girl, through the secret cameras around the house, and the information she'd received from her boss.

"Come on girls..." Christine walked over to them, helping Ashley raise Spencer to her feet, reaching past Spencer's face she brushed loose brown hair from her daughter's face, who smiled and nuzzled into the warmth, "Let's go home."

Randi and Aiden ran up to them engulfing the three into a tight hug expressing how grateful they were no one got hurt. Christine told her agents to wrap this up as she led them down back into the place that held so many hurtful times but each of the knowing that to pass through the fire would allow them to emerge into the sunlight unharmed. The group got in an SUV and drove off.

In the shadows brown eyes glared after the moving vehicle, the body belonging to a man with his arm wrapped around a young woman, "What now?"

He turned his attention to her, glancing down at her protruding belly, he smiled back at her, "We rebuild...just like my father would want."

"How Clay?"

Clay Carlin smirked as he placed a kiss upon his wife's lips, "Leave that up to me Chelsea..." he glanced back after the moving vehicle, "Leave it up to me."


I know you all probably hate me for this ending but it's what I pictured, so sorry...leave comments to let me know how you feel, good or bad...hopefully good.