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He looked very much distraught when he came into the room. His face paled, with his tie long gone and several buttons loosened at the neck. He ran his hand through his raven black hair which was loose from his long ponytail, walking towards the small fragile long indigo haired young girl who was still unconscious from the accident.

Wires sticking out from her body like some kind of live machine, looking completely fragile with her pale milky flawless complexion and surprisingly, her skin felt so soft under his feathering touch.

I wonder what is the colour of her eyes. He wondered to himself, sitting down beside her bed, holding her left hand in his.

"Uchiha Itachi?" a feminine voice called to him. Itachi looked at the dark haired doctor.

"I'm Doctor Shizune and I've come to ask some questions," Dr. Shizune said as Itachi followed her out.

"Uchiha-sama," Dr. Shizune said, the moment the two of them are out of the room. "Our Jane Doe here is suffering from severe concussion with the exception of several cracked ribs and a broken leg."

"Is the concussion bad, Doctor?" Itachi asked seriously. His obsidian black eyes looked at the doctor.

Dr. Shizune just sighed and said, "We've detected some blood clots in right hemisphere of her brain and also some swellings on her medula oblongata which is dangerously close to her optic nervous system. We're certain that it won't be that bad as the swelling has begun to subside."

"Any side effects?" Itachi asked.

"The clotting would require a surgery to be performed, and we're not certain if it will affect her eyesight but I can assure you this, the chances would be good if the swelling have subsided before we can do the surgery and if it doesn't, chances for it to affect her optic nerves would be high."

"Is the operation necessary?" he asked.

"Absolutely, we need to decrease the pressure and with swelling slowly subsiding, I think we may have a chance to do it."

"Then do it," Itachi ordered.

Dr. Shizune smiled.

"I'll take care of the cost, don't worry your pretty little head about it, Doctor," Itachi said. "Since it was my fault that this happened."

"Alright then, Uchiha-sama," Dr. Shizune said.

"Oh yes, did anybody have started looking for her?" Itachi asked.

"No Uchiha-sama, but we've found out something from the remains of her belongings," Dr. Shizune said.

"What is it?"

"From what we have gathered, her name is Hinata, but there weren't any traces of her surname. The clothes she wore had the word 'Hinata' embroidered on it, so we assume her name would be Hinata."


Itachi nodded his head.

Thank Kami, at least we know what to call her now.

"Thank you Doctor, that will be all," Itachi paused as if he remembered something, "Doctor Shizune," he called out to her.

"Yes, Uchiha-sama?"

"I'd like you to keep Hinata's case personal away from my family's attention. I do not want them to find out about it. They know that I was involved in an accident, but just tell them that the situation has been cleared and there's nothing to worry about. If that is not too much to ask."

"Very well, Uchiha-sama, I understand your need for privacy and I'll arrange it. I'm also concerned with my patient's well-being," Dr. Shizune said.

"Don't worry about her, I'll take full responsibility on her well-being," Itachi said as Shizune smiled and left.

All of a sudden, Itachi felt a vibration in his pants pocket. He took out his mobile and it flashed 'Loud Blonde' and knew instinctively that it was his secretary, Ino.

"Yes?" Itachi answered his call.

"Uchiha-sama, you have two appointments today and a meeting with your father…," before Ino could finish, Itachi cut her off in mid sentence.

"Cancel all my appointments and engagements as of today and until next week, I have something important coming up."

"How…how about the…the…Chairman?" Ino asked nervously.

"Oh, you mean my father?" Itachi asked. "Tell him I'll give him a call tonight to explain everything."

"Very well, Uchiha-sama," Ino said.

"Ino, you don't have to be so formal with me. We've been friends for a long time now and besides, that's my father's title you're calling me with," Itachi said in pained expression. Hating the fact that he was always associated with his father.

Itachi knew how much his family depended on him and how he is the family 'favourite' which caused a sibling rivalry between him and his younger brother.

He could hear Ino laughed on the other end. "But this is still an office, Uchiha-sama. Besides, I'm not going to pick up gossips that slander my reputation. Think how it would affect my fiancé?"

Itachi grinned. "Alright Ino, you win this time. I don't think I want Sasori breathing down my neck for anything."

Itachi knew how jealous Sasori is where Ino is concerned and it was he who introduced the newly-engaged couple last year in a formal function.

Sasori was one of Itachi's closest friend and also his close business partner. It was surprising how Ino and Sasori hooked up. After Ino's dramatic break-up with Shikamaru, it was Sasori who offered his shoulder to Ino to cry on. It surprised not only Itachi, but also his whole circle known only as the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki was established since his years in school and into university. Only the elite of the elites will be accepted into the Akatsuki group.

Sasori was not a person to be emotionally attached.

Deidara yes.

Hidan yes.

Kakuzu yes.

Kisame yes.

Yes, even Kisame knows how to be emotionally attach.

And secretly, he was glad that one of his bestfriends and one of his close female friends found each other.

"Well, if there's anything I can do to be of help, you know where to reach me," Ino said on the other side.

"Don't worry, I think that day might come soon," Itachi said as they both hung up.

Itachi finally sigh in relief. He then turned back into the room and looked at the injured young girl lying on the bed. Strands of his long jet-black hair fell to the front of his handsome face. His obsidian black eyes just looked at her as he held her hand in his.

Her hands were a little cold. He didn't know why he did it, he kissed the back of her hands and put it against his cheeks.

He felt her stirring and looked into a pair of pale lavender tinted orbs.

"Wh…who….are…you?" was the only words she said before she fell into another whirlpool of deep unconsciousness.




"What happened, Doctor?" Itachi demanded, looking at Shizune with his dark eyes blazing. One could almost be certain that it almost turned red!

"It appears that she came out from her concussion, but had a relapse," Dr. Shizune said as she was checking Hinata's condition from top to bottom.

"Oh no," Shizune said.

"What is it!" Itachi was growling. He didn't know for sure, but he felt a need to protect the fragile looking young woman. When he looked into her pale eyes, he felt lost and uncertain. And that worried him. Throughout all his life, he never knew that kind of feeling. It disturbed him.

No. Itachi does not like it at all.

"She's gone into coma!" Shizune exclaimed as she prepared the nurse to bring Hinata into surgery. "We've got to stop the clotting. It appears that the clotting is causing her to relapse and we're going to go into surgery."

Itachi nodded his head, feeling something dreadful falling into the pit of his gut, he placed his head between his hands. Feeling frustrated was a gross understatement for him the time being and he just didn't know why it affected him so much.

Why am I feeling like this? What am I doing? He said to himself. He just hated this kind of feeling. The feeling of utter helplessness that he could not comprehend.

No. Uchiha Itachi cannot be feeling helpless. It's preposterous!

Then, he remembered her eyes.

It was pale. Pale orbs with lavender tints in it. It was very unusual. Those eyes were like glass mirror. It was like looking into himself and he felt so drawn to it like it was some kind of magnet. He can't even begin to explain the feelings he has for her.

Why am I so drawn to her? Itachi didn't know the answer. He looked at Hinata being pushed through the doors of the surgery room and wait.

Finally……He made up his mind.

If anything happens to Hinata. He will look after her. It was only fair. He drove into her without looking and it was all his fault that she's in the hospital in the first place. But, who in the world would be crazy enough to stand in the middle of the road up in the mountains? What on earth was she doing there?



Itachi was tired. Dead tired. He just got out from the plane when Deidara picked him up from the airport to his apartment in Konoha Metropolitan. Itachi has a family meeting to attend at his family's ancestral home on the Uchiha Mountains. He knew that it was going to be one of 'those' meetings that he dreads.

It was not only boring. It was dead boring. Listening to all the elders and the rest of the 'family'.

Deidara left him at the apartment to head out for the meeting first since he told Deidara that he'll be driving himself over. Deidara was the only Akatsuki which was ever a member of the 'family' that Itachi detests so much.

Driving his black metalic sleek BMW 5-series, Itachi began his long journey home. Home. It sounds weird to him because he has home in several parts of the world. But this home, was where he was born. He smiles a little. Knowing how much his mother is going to mother him, and all the more. Knowing the fact how much his younger brother absolutely hates it when their parents pays more attention to him.

That's just Itachi. Love to bully his younger brother. It was like a hobby for him. He also knew how much his brother hates him very much. Well, not really 'hate', only that his brother was more or less 'highly envious' at Itachi.

Well, who doesn't? Itachi was the only Uchiha that completed his masters degree. Double masters degree that is. Not to mention that he represented the Fire Country in the martial arts competition and known throughout the four corners of the universe as 'the Uchiha Legend'. It was a feat that Sasuke had a problem achieving and Itachi knows that.

Despite the legions of fangirls his younger brother has, Itachi has more refined taste in women compared to his younger sibling.

As he was driving upwards, he turned around the sharp cornering on the left and brake instantaneously when he saw a girl in white outfit with long indigo coloured hair.

But it was way too late.

He had hit her.

"SHIT!!" Itachi cursed to himself. Putting on the brakes and got out of the car and looked at the injured girl. Her long hair framed the ground and blood was everywhere. She was dressed in a white sleeveless dress-shirt with grey coloured linen drawstring pants. Her backpack was thrown far away and he could see that most of its contents were thrown off the cliff.

What on earth is a girl doing out here in the middle of the road out of nowhere? Itachi was already muttering curses. He took out his mobile from his pocket and dialled.


Great! No coverage! Itachi looked at the bleeding girl and without thinking further, he carried her in his arms and was surprised when he heard her murmured.

"No…don't lea…leave…me," it was very light. Her voice was soft and it was like…calling to him. Itachi's heart felt a slight twinge.

"Hush now," Itachi said. "I won't leave you. Never." Itachi felt something magical when he held her. He didn't know how to explain it, but he couldn't help but smile.

She's surprisingly light. Itachi was thinking as he carried her into his car. Putting her at the back and trying not to move her leg as he noticed there was a large blue-blackish looking bruise on her left leg.

He quickly got into his car and reverse his car to swing it back where he came from.

To hell with those meetings. This is more important. Itachi said to himself. He knows he's going to get the grill from his father, but that doesn't matter. What matters more is the injured girl lying behind his car, covered in her blood.

Itachi felt remorse. More than guilt. Then, he prayed.

Oh Kami. Whatever the fuck did I do to deserve this?

Before he knows it, thunder roared across the darkened sky.

"Great. Now He's saying that I deserve this." Itachi muttered sarcastically to himself. Driving like a speed demon to reach the nearest hospital, Itachi was praying. Praying hard for her to be safe.

End Flashback



Kisame: Why am I always being stereotyped and ridiculed?? (twirling the sand with a twig)

Deidara: Its because you're weird…yeah!

Kisame: What did you say??

Itachi: Stop you love birds….I'm having a headache here

Hinata: A…Ano Itachi-niisan, do you want medicine?

Itachi: (glared at Hinata)

Hinata flinches away from him.

Deidara: Hinata-chan!! (hugging Hinata)

Itachi: Stay away from her Deidara…..I warn you

Deidara stuck out his tongue at him.

Deidara: You've been a meanie yeah….bully poor Hinata-chan….yeah

Neji: Who dares bully Hinata-sama!!

Kisame: Great….here comes that psychotic-over possessive-gender confused-long haired Hyuuga kid

Neji: Stupid shark

Hinata: (sigh) Neji nii-san, lets go back before you embarrass us any further….

Sasori: Please read & review….or else, Kisame wouldn't do the strip show

Kisame: SASORI!!


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