Chibi Akatsuki

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Note: this story just came to me one day so I just thought how cute it be to have the Akatsuki turn into children/chibis.

Chapter 1: Turn chibi

Alatsuki Base:

The members of Akatsuki (Sasori, Deidara, Itachi, Kisame, Hidan, Kakuzu, Tobi, and Zetsu.) were all in Akatsuki's main base waiting for something to happen even if it was a boring order from the leader to go blow up a village anyone of them would go do it.

"This is boring." Deidara complained agitating almost everyone else but Tobi who was at the moment asleep.

"So what do you want to do? Huh?" Itachi asked pulling out a kunai to throw at Deidara to shut him up but sadly miss.

"Hey that could have killed me Itachi!" Deidara yelled pointing at Itachi with a death glare.

Just as the argument was starting the members of Akatsuki was about to really turn up the heat their stupid argument woke up a Fairy who was sleeping in a nearby tree who name was Filly. She was small fairy like with wings main color of her outfit and hair was red. She's sadly easily agitated and she has powerful magic which makes her very dangerous to make angry. So when Filly got up she was really agitated and close to blowing something to bits. (Love to see a fairy do something like that.)

"Hey who the heck woke me up during my beauty sleep?!" Filly yelled as she burst into room shocking the members and making them stare at her like the idiot she is.

"Well?" Filly impatiently said as she taped her fingers waiting for an answer.

"It was him ma'am" Itachi said pointing at Deidara who was a little afraid of her.

"What?! That unfair it was also your fault Itachi!" Deidara yelled pointing the finger right back

Soon everyone was back to arguing with each other and forgetting about Filly who easily figured that out and was really angry now.

"Well since none of you have any manners I'll guess you all have to go through being kids again." Filly said with a gleeful smile that looked semi-evil.

"Huh? What the heck are you talking about you bug?" Zetsu said with a little anger in it towards her for interrupting the fight to begin with.

"I'm sorry did you just call me a bug I didn't hear you can you say that again." Filly stated in her 'I will blow you to bits' tone.

"He called you a bug and not one of those butterflies more like a mosquito." Kisame said with his slight grin.

"That's it! I had it up to here with all of you so take this!" Filly yelled as she glowed very bright blinding the Akatsuki members and everything turned blank.

"Wait if I do this to you that wouldn't be nice now would it, so I'll drop you somewhere nice where you can all have nice lives and know what it means to be human." Filly said as everything turned black

Konoha Village Entrance:

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi were walking towards the entrance when Sasuke notice several things on the ground.

"What that over there?" Sasuke stated running over to the things on the ground soon followed by the others.

"No way!" Sasuke said to what he saw with shock in his eyes and shock in the eyes of his sensei and teammates.

There on the ground were eight kids around the age of 5 in Akatsuki robes that were way to big for them sleeping. Each one of the kids looked like a member of Akatsuki (nah duh).

"Itachi?" Sasuke said with a shock seeing his brother now younger then him.

Sakura ran up to each one and did a check for each one of them, while Kakashi scanned the area, Naruto narrowing his eyes looking at the kids, and Sasuke was crouched down looking down at Itachi. As Sasuke was looking at Itachi he didn't notice that Itachi woke up for a slight moment.

"Big Brother Sasa?" Itachi asked before falling back asleep.

"Itachi?!" Sasuke asked in shock of what he was called.

"Their all ok just unconscious right now let's get them to the hospital." Sakura stated as she picked Deidara up.

Her teammates nodded in agreement as Naruto picked up Tobi, Kakashi summoned his dogs as he picked up Zetsu and Hidan, and his dogs took Kisame, Sasori, and Kakuzu, leaving Sasuke to pick up Itachi all heading for the hospital.


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