"Alright it's time yet again."

"Time for what?" Ask chibi Itachi with the whole child stare (so Kawaii)

"The next chapter of course."

Chapter 7: Vs.

It was about time for the finale of the festival and people were still doing their last minute shopping and eating before the fireworks started. The gang already found the perfect place on some random roof away from most of the light.

"This is perfect a nice blanket so we don't have to sit on the stone roof, food and refreshments, and hardly any lights to hinder our sight of the fireworks." Sakura said as she sat on the large mat with Kisame walking over to her and sitting in her lap.

"Hmm." Kakashi said in question.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked knowing foal well something was happening.

"Nothing, don't worry about it." Kakashi answered to get Sasuke off him.

Meanwhile in several different areas of the village

"Its time unleash the signal." Pain said to Konan having her unleash a small origami crane that flew into the air and burnt a bright green light.

"Now its Hawke's turn." Suigetsu said to Selma as they were fully dress in their akatsuki uniforms and headed off inward toward the village square.

"Soon nothing but death shall rot the village hidden in the leaves!" Eliza shrieked as she and Suigtesu rallied off towards the same location of Eliza and Jugo.

"Its time to begin at last." Hawke said as he took a magician top hat bit the tip of his finger and place a summoning seal calling hundreds of black rabbits with axes and ravens with claws.

"Hey what are you doing?" Said one of two leaf shinboi asked as he and his partner appeared ready to deal with the intruder. However before they could even attack a hand went through each of them piercing their hearts and on contact killing them.

"My, that's a quick trick." Hawke said as Karin came out of the shadows with her hands filled with tons of blood.

"It doesn't matter the summoning was a success lets head to the randevu point." Karin said as she and Hawke left to join the others.

"Now where my partner I guess I'll just leave without her." Kabuto said as he leapt out of a tree and head to the square.

"So at the end of the night I can never go back to who I was." Hinata said to herself as she placed her mask on her face then the hat over it.

As Hinata leapt through tree to tree. 'I've met so many friends and had so many adventures.' Hinata thought as she kept leaping. 'I never wanted to do this, but because he was the one who saved me that day I owe them my life.' Hinata thought going back to her memory of the chuinn exam round three and she had just collapsed and was starting to see the light but before that happen a BO saved her (really happened) she later found out that it was Kabuto sound's second in command and even though he saved her and left she was taught that a debt had to be repaid no matter who they are or what they did.

'So I'll probably never be able to say this again but,' "Goodbye." Hinata let out very faintly as a small tear fell from her face and landed on the grass ground as she was just about to the randevu point.

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