A/N: These first few chapters are based very heavily on That Story With the Stupid Plot. It's an incredibly story, and I started writing this fanfiction for the fun of it, but Seaouryou graciously said I could post it. So just to reiterate, the first three chapters are going almost exactly the same as the Kenny and Mole centric segments of That Story With the Stupid Plot, and then the story will branch off. A big thank you to Seaouryou for letting me use your story, and I'm sorry if I butcher it beyond phsycial belief.

There will be slash in later chapters. Kenny/Mole and some Stan/Kyle.

Standard disclaimers apply.

"Who has a quote representing Estella Havisham's character archetype in their notes?" Kenny's English teacher, Mr. Jackson, looked at the class expectantly. When no one moved, he sighed and said, "You can refer to your books if you need to."

Kyle, Wendy and a few other started flipping through their school issued paperbacks, but Kenny was getting a headache and Kyle's voice would only make it worse.

"I have a heart to be stabbed in or shot in, I have no doubt," he said, in a monotone. "And of course, if it ceased to beat, I should cease to be. But you know what I mean. I have no softness there. No sympathy, sentiment, nonsense."

Mr. Jackson looked surprised. "Very good, Kenny. Now, who can tell me what archetype that quote represents?"

"You don't 'ave notes or a book out. 'Ow did you know that?" A voice muttered in Kenny's ear, as Kyle answered the teachers question and Kenny winced. He didn't have to turn to know who was talking to him. Christophe, more commonly known as the Mole sat directly behind him, and besides, Mole was the only person Kenny knew with such a thick French accent. Or any French accent at all. Kenny was a little surprised though, because Mole had never spoken to him before. Mole never really spoke to anyone. When he'd first shown up at South Park High School, he'd greeted Stan and Kyle politely and then turned and punched Cartman hard in the face. Kenny had decided it would be wiser not to ask any awkward questions, and after that the Mole pretty much kept to himself.

Kenny tilted his head slightly so Mole could hear him, "I have a photographic memory. Which actually kind of sucks, considering the things I've seen."

Mole was silent for a moment. "'Ave you ever done reconnaissance work?"

"Yeah, actually. When old people took over the town."

"I will pretend that makes sense. Would you be interested in helping me on an assignment tonight? I 'ave to infiltrate a compound, and draw a map of eet. Your skills would simplify matters."

Kenny paused to consider it. Mercenary work sounded much more interesting than reading another chapter of Great Expectations, but it also sounded painful and even though Kenny was used to dying, it fucking hurt .

"What's in it for me?" he asked.

"What do you want?"

Again, Kenny paused. "A piece of chocolate cake from Tweek Bros. Coffee."

"That's eet?" Mole sounded surprised. "You realize that this mission will be incredibly dangerous. You might die."

"That's okay." Kenny shrugged.

"You're willing to risk your life for cake?"

"Yeah." Kenny didn't get what was so weird about that. "Deal?"

"Meet me at ze corner of Costello Avenue at 10:00 p.m."

Kenny smiled. His mother had been nagging him to be more social.