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Kenny walked into South Park High School to see Kyle standing in front of his locker. He looked like he hadn't moved in a while and he was staring at the inside of the metal door.

"Hey, Kyle," Kenny called, walking up to him. He turned around, slamming the door shut, but not before Kenny could see the picture taped to it. Stan and Kyle were standing in front of Stark's Pond, cracking up at something and leaning into each other's shoulders.

"Oh, hi, Kenny," Kyle said.

Suddenly Kenny felt something soft bounce off the side of his head. He bent down and picked up a cellophane wrapped muffin, then grinned and turned to see Mole coming up behind him.

"Bonjour, Kyle," Mole said politely. "'Ere, Kenny, I got you some breakfast." He leaned in and gave Kenny a quick kiss, which turned into a longer kiss, which was as French as Mole's accent. He pulled back, licking his lips. Kenny was grinning like a cat.

"I 'ave to go make up a test I missed for Monsieur Jackson. I'll see you later, Kenny."

Mole turned and walked away in the direction of the Mr. Jackson's classroom.

"He kissed you," Kyle said, sounding shell-shocked.

"Yeah," Kenny shrugged.

Kyle flushed slightly, "Are you... together?

"Not right now," Kenny said, unwrapping the muffin Mole had thrown at his head. "Mmm, chocolate. Right now he's in the English classroom."

"I meant-"

Kenny sighed, but he was still smiling. "I know what you meant. I also know that if I say yes, you're going to ask me for advice on what you should do about Stan."

Kyle blushed.

"The thing is, you and Stan deal with things differently than I do. You like to pin things down and slap sticky little labels on them." When Kyle started to protest, Kenny held up a hand. "That isn't necessarily bad. You just need to understand things in order to deal with them. I'm not like that. I'm fine with not understanding something as long as I like it. I don't need to talk things to death to enjoy them. And I enjoy making out with Mole."

He had to smile at Kenny's trademark perverted grin.

"Mole kisses me," Kenny shrugged. "A lot. And he brings me chocolate muffins and chucks them at my head. I don't know if that's love, or if it's friendship. Probably a bit of both, but either way I don't really care, because I get the chocolate."

Kyle grinned again as Kenny stuffed a chunk of muffin in his mouth.

"You and Stan, on the other hand, need to talk things to death. So get over yourself and go do that."

La Fin