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A/N: Here's the second part of the Four Seasons of Hinata's Love Series...yup!!! I begin this with the second season – Summer. And its called 'Summer Love'. Read on to find out who is our dear Hinata is being paired with.

Warning: Slight AU with some spoilers, perhaps bad grammar and bad language along the lines



Which one is it?? Where is the room?? Why is it all white?? He screamed to himself. A tall male in a cloak and mask was running into a building with neverending corridors leading him to god knows where.

He ran all the way after his mission with his partner right close behind him when the Hokage broke the news to him after they arrived back from a covert operation which covered a number of ANBUs.

He knew something was wrong when he made his way back. That sinking feeling in his stomach sunk so low into his gut that wretch and twisted his insides like some fruits in a blender.

Damn! I should have known! It was so soon! His thoughts were playing in his mind. Regret was pilling in his gut and he knew he was going to be in trouble for being late.

Finally turning to his left, he saw several familiar faces stared at him. There was some mix emotions running through their faces.

Thank God. He prayed silently.

His thoughts now moved towards the door that stood before him. It was big and white. But he narrowed his dark eyes and went on ahead until somebody pulled at his arms.

"When did it happened?" he asked. Running his hand through his hair. He felt like such a failure. Unable to be there and protect her.

"Just this morning," a very icy reply responded.

He did not need to turn around and see who spoke such icy words. The image was already burning in his mind. The only one stumbling block in his life. Neji.

Great! I forgot about that one. He cursed silently to himself.

"Boy, if anything happens to my daughter, I'll have you as my target practice," the older Hyuuga said. His arms crossed, looking at the young man with much contempt.

Great…just great. He's as bad as his nephew. What is wrong with all these Hyuuga men!! He glared at the two male Hyuugas and nodded his head.

"It might not be a good idea just barging in," a woman with dark wavy hair and piercing red eyes said to him.

"I have to," was the only thing he could say. His heart was beating so hard that he feels everyone in the corridor could hear it.

"TEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a loud scream screeched from inside the room. All of them could feel a very very frightening aura from behind those doors. The aura that could kill.

He gulped – nervously.

Finally found his courage, he pulled away his arms from Kurenai and walked through the doors.

Don't worry. It won't be that bad. Its just nothing. Saying to himself. Trying to convince himself that it was nothing bad.

Then, he saw her lying with blood and sweat. His heart just plunge down from it's ribcage.

Sakura and Tsunade were there. Tsunade was practically covered in blood while Sakura held a basin of water which was filled with the crimson colour of her blood. Her blood!

He paled instantly as his heart had taken a deep plunge down into the swirling pool of his guts when he saw her in total pain and agony that he can't even begin to describe it.

He went by her side and put his hands into hers. Her pale lilac eyes looked into his dark onyx ones. Her eyes filled with so much pain and anger. His was filled with sorrow and regret.

Before he knows it, he felt her grabbed at his shirt collar and was wringing his neck, screaming in agony, "SASUKE-TEME!! YOU DID THIS TO ME! YOU DID THIS TO ME! You heartless bastard!"

Sasuke was stunned. He never knew her to use such words against him. She was the one never to use such vulgar profanity. He suddenly felt small and insignificant.

Tsunade chuckled at the exchange and said, "Help her through this Sasuke, she was in labour since early this morning and she needs you by her side." Sasuke nodded his head.

"And don't worry about the language. Its perfectly normal. You ought to listen what Tenten was screaming when she had hers," Sakura gave him a smile.

Sasuke looked at the Hokage helping Hinata to deliver. His hands were shaking uncontrollably as he reached his wife. Hinata was tossing and turning. Obviously in pain. How long she had been in this condition, he was clueless. He had no idea women were in this much pain when delivering babies.

I must get her a present when all of this is over and also flowers every day. He mentally reminded and promised himself to appreciate the woman who carried his child for the whole nine months and suffer the brunt and pain of delivering it.

"Alright Hinata," Tsunade said. "The baby has finally turned correctly. And on my count to three, I want you to start to push."

Hinata held onto him again. Her face was contorted in various stage of pain. Sasuke paled instantaneously everytime Hinata gripped his hands. It was like as if she's cutting the blood supply to that part of his anatomy. The smell of blood was so strong that Sasuke felt it nearly gagged him. The situation, the atmosphere, the air, the blood and the scream all filled in his head that he had gotten a little dizzy after a while.

"Alright Hinata," Tsunade said. "One-two-three PUSH!"

Hinata pushed with all her might that her back arched a little while giving her husband a death grip on his poor hands. Sasuke's lips thinned as to hold on the pain that Hinata is putting him through. Her breathing turned into lapses of sharp intakes of breath as she stopped pushing. Her face was laden in sweat and she looked completely exhausted.

"Okay Hinata, I need you to push again, and harder," Tsunade said from where Hinata was already spreadeagled on the birthing bed.

Sasuke gulped and kissed his wife's hand and said, "Don't worry, Hinata. I'm here."

Hinata turned to look at her husband and muttered tiredly, "Du..Ducky….when…this is…is…. over….I'm going to….give you….your…your…..beating."

Sasuke managed a smirk when she affectionately called him by his nickname as he moved the wet strands from her forehead.

"Tomato-hime, I don't care how bad you're gonna give me that Hyuuga beating," he said lovingly, stroking her cheeks and added, "As long as you're with me, I'd lay down my life for you."

Hinata managed weak smile and began another series of pushes. Sasuke strained to look at the birthing process. In fact, he was curious. Bloody curious.

"I wouldn't recommend it, Sasuke-kun. Lee-kun did not take it very well, though,," Sakura said, wiping the sweat off Tsunade's forehead.

Sasuke didn't care for other's opinion and looked at the birth of his firstborn. The sight, the smell and the atmosphere did it. Sasuke was already pale when he barged in. But the situation which Tsunade was handling was waaaaaaay too much. Even for him.

He did the inevitable.

He fainted.

Sakura sighed and Tsunade chuckled.


As Sasuke fainted. He dreamt. Remembering the summer of how it all began. Their first love. Their summer love.


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