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Shadow: Noooooo, I'm still dead—of course I'm alive! Now get off of me!

S. Kat: Oh, and just a FYI for you people, I decided to make this story rated 'T' because of an increase of violence (it's kinda based after Shadow the Hedgehog game) and because Shadow has a potty mouth.

Shadow: What…?! (glares)

S. Kat: I'll repeat myself: It's kind of based after the Shadow the Hedgehog game

Shadow: Hmph…yes… that is true.

S. Kat: So anyways, sit back, relax, and enjoy the story! The disclaimer will be presented by our dynamic duo, Ruby and Leo!! (applause, applause)

Ruby & Leo/Disclaimer:

Shadowed Past: Ch. 1- Sunset to a New Disaster

"Oh, woooooow!" I exclaimed. "Look at that sunset, Leo! Doesn't it look nice?" I gazed at the beautiful orange sky, slowly disappearing behind the tall buildings of Station Square City.

"Yeah… it does." Leo replied. "It's not everyday that you see a perfect sunset."

"Nope. It kind of makes you appreciate nature's beauty and the rare things, doesn't it?" I asked rather poetically. Leo sort of chuckled at that.

"Ha ha! Nice statement, 'Shakesspeare'." He teased. I crossed my arms.

"It wasn't Shakespeare." I corrected him. "It was merely a statement."

Leo just rolled his eyes and smirked. We had just gotten back from the beach and hanging out with our friends. Oh, and playing volleyball, too! I'm not exactly the best player, but I like playing it anyway. Of course, if I could've used my Chaos Control, my team would've won easily.

Yes, it turns out I can use Chaos Control. How I was able to, I still don't know. But, so my "powers" wouldn't get out of control, I went to a top secret training area with my Aunt Topaz and a few other agents to have a "practice session." Basically, I just use my Chaos Control as many times I can and as accurately as I can. Of course… I'm still not that perfect at it… considering the fact that the other day, I blew up a car… that was the Commander's. 'Oh man, I have a feeling that he's still mad at me for that…' I thought miserably. But, the good thing was that no one else knows about my… new ability except, Aunt Topaz, Leo, Rouge, my little brother, Ricky (who is new 8) and my parents. And another good thing is that my powers only work with a Chaos Emerald, which I'm sure you all know about that stuff. And sometimes, Leo would come with me to the practice area too. I think he liked looking at the guns and the machinery they had and stuff. He's been getting into a lot of that stuff lately.

"Hey, Ruby." Leo spoke up.

"Uh, yes?"

"Err, it's really none of my business, but is the Commander still made at you for… blowing up his car?" He asked, trying to be polite.

"Heh… gee, I really hope not—hey…" I stopped in my tracks. "Wait a minute… I never told you that… how did you find out?"

"Erk." Leo froze dead on the spot.


"…uuuummmmm… a little birdie told me…?" He said wearily.

I looked at him sarcastically. "Mm-hm, which birdie was it this time?"

"Uh, um, oh… ah! Look there's our ride!!" I ran towards a car that was across the street.

"Leo, you could of just said that you were watching from afar. I wouldn't have gotten mad at you."

"Oh." He said stupidly and sweat-dropped.

"Hey! Ruby, Leo!" The window of the car was down with a hand waving at us. It was Aunt Topaz. We walked up toward the window. "Hey Ruby." She smiled sweetly.

"Hi Aunt Topaz!" I leaned into the window and gave her a hug.

"Hey Leo, what's up?" She and Leo knuckled.

"Heya, Topaz! Nah, nothing much."

"How was the beach?" She asked as I climbed into the front seat and Leo into the back.

"Great! I had a lot of fun!" I replied happily.

"Yeah, but the water was cold." Leo complained. "And the sand was too hot." I gave out a sigh.

"You're just not as fond of the beach like I am, Leo." I smirked.

"Hey…! I don't hate the beach like Sonic does or anything…" He defended. Aunt Topaz started the car and started to drive us home. "Hey, don't you remember that one time when Sonic fell into a pond and he was splashing around and was all like, 'Heeeeelllllllp!!! I'm going to drown!!!'? That was priceless, the water wasn't even two feet deep!!" Leo started to crack up and I giggled.

"Yeah, and I even took a picture of that!" I finally broke out laughing at the memory. "Sonic got so frantic and took the camera from me, and then Amy got made at him and shouted, 'Sonic the Hedgehog!! Give Ruby's camera back right now!'! They sounded like an old couple! Hee hee!" Aunt Topaz started to laugh. There was a brief silence in the car until I broke it. "Um, Aunt Topaz, have you hear anything from Rouge? Did she come back home at all?"

She let out an aggravated sigh. "Oh, I don't know. I haven't seen her in two and a half months! Stupid treasure…"

"Eeeeh?!" I was kind of surprised. " 'Treasure'? But she told me it was important business." Aunt Topaz looked back at me with a 'are-you-kidding-me?' expression.

"Ruby, you should probably know by now that treasure hunting is the only thing that's important to her!" She said in a matter of fact manner.

My face drooped and I sighed. "Yeah… I guess you're right…" I sighed for a second time, for some reason. Why did I feel so unhappy for a second there? Was it because I was disappointed in Rouge and her obsession over treasure and gems? Well, err, no. Of course not. Rouge is own person, or bat. You couldn't get her to stop hunting for treasure for the world. Especially if they were Chaos Emeralds. Or Knuckles' Master Emerald, for that matter.

Then, another memory went zooming through my mind. The Master Emerald helped saved the Earth once because it restored the power of the Chaos Emeralds. And the ones who used the Chaos Emeralds were Sonic and…


I leaned the side of my head against the window. 'That's right, it's been a whole year from last month since I met him.' I took a moment to fast forward through the whole 'incident' that I went through with the Space Colony ARK. 'I wonder… If he were still here, would he recognize me? Or maybe even Leo for that matter.' I chuckled to myself. It was true. Leo and I have grown a bit. We were both a little taller, and slightly more mature. Especially me, because I was getting to that… oh, what did Mom call it? 'The first step to women hood' or something like that. Anyway, I out grew my hair, Leo did, too, actually. Though, it wasn't nearly as long as mine. He said something about looking like one of those skater dudes with the messy, semi-long hair. He and his mom argued about it for weeks. That was a very interesting argument, I might add.

'But, still, if Shadow really were here, I could have become at least a friendly acquaintance at least…' Screw that. I would've become friends with him whether he liked it or not. 'I… just wish that… maybe, just MAYBE, we could've been…'

It was then that I noticed the sky was slightly a different color. And there were dark clouds hovering above us. "Huh?" I quickly opened a window and stuck my head out. Was it just me, or was the sky actually red? And the clouds seemed to be almost pitch black. "Um… guys?"

"Yeah?" The both replied.

"…You should take a look at the sky right about now." I informed them. Leo leaned towards the window and replied, "Oh snap… Ruby, you weren't kiddin'. Hey, Topaz, take a look."

Aunt Topaz looked at Leo and I curiously and slowly opened the window. "What the…?" She stepped out of the car and starred up at the sky. Leo and I looked at each other, and did the same. There also appeared to be lightening! It was so weird… it looked like one of those freaky storms in a natural disaster movie! Except, this one was more frightening.

I… also… felt something coming. Something big and supernatural. It was like… a sixth sense. 'What…is this… feeling…? It's like some kind of…'

Suddenly, that little feeling down my spine turned into a huge siren! I blurted out, "EVERYBODY!!! RUN!!!!!!!!" The people who were already looked at the sky looked at me like I was crazy. Aunt Topaz an Leo whipped their heads towards my direction.

"Ruby?!" Aunt Topaz questioned.

"Oh no, is something going to happen--?!"


'Something' just already happened.

A huge beam of light had crashed down on a building and incinerated it! This is when everyone started panicking. To make matters worse, these huge, monstrous, black things were starting to fall out of the sky!

"Ruby! Leo! Move it!!" Aunt Topaz shouted and grabbed us by the arms and dashed forward. About half a second later, one of the monsters landed right on top of the car! I was full of many emotions. Most of them were not good at all. 'W-wh-what's happening?! Where did these… things come from?!?'

"Ruby!!" I heard my Aunt's words reaching out to me, I turned toward her direction to reply, a monster landed right in front of me. I panicked, and started to stumble backwards. "Oh my God, Ruuuuubyyyyy!!!" Leo shouted and tried to run forward, but the monster also had some sort of gun and pointed directly at Leo and Aunt Topaz!

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I shouted. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH THEM!!!" I then felt a huge surge of energy run up my arm and into my hand. I don't know what made me do it… I just did it, for the second time. "CHAOS…" I raised my right hand as if it were a gun and gripped my wrist with my left hand to keep it steady. This was only my second time using this… 'technique' that I just picked up the other day. "GUNSHOT!!!!"

After that, a loud 'BAM!' rang out and I closed my eyes. But, seeing as I wasn't used to this kind of power, I fell backwards, like, three feet and landed right on my behind! "Oofah!" I landed with a 'thud'. "Oww…" I opened my eyes to find that… I destroyed the monster, along with a few others, too. 'Oh… my… did I just… do…?'

"Ruby!" I blinked rapidly to see Leo and Aunt Topaz running towards me. "Are you all right?" Leo asked concerned. I nodded. "Yeah, I'm all right, but what about--?" Leo waved his hand. "Hey, I'm fine. But more importantly… was that the new technique that you used to blow up the Commander's car?! That was totally wicked!" Leo exclaimed.

I reminisced. "Uh, yeah, that was the one…" I think I must've looked slightly embarrassed, because Leo chuckled a bit. Then his face seemed to be alarmed. "Oh crap…! Ruby, let's go, people are starting to panic, we've gotta get outta here!" I helped me up and I nodded, and we caught up with Aunt Topaz, who sorta gave up scornful looks I might add…

But suddenly a huge crowd of people started to stampede towards up and pushed and shoved passed us. "Ouch! Stop pushing…!"


That one was really close, the people started to rampage down the street. "Aaaaah!! Leo! Aunt Topaz!" I called, no response. 'Oh God… I lost them!' "Leo, Aunt Topaz! Somebody, help!!"


'Eh?! What was that?!'

Suddenly, I found that I had been picked up and was being carried by someone. It sure as heck didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who.

"Sonic!" I cried happily. "It's you!"

"Hey, hey, Ruby!" He smiled. "Long time, no see!"

"Th-thank goodness it's you!" I stuttered out, getting to the point. "I-I've lost Leo and Aunt Topaz!"

"Don't worry about it, they're probably safe about now." He said reassuringly. "The citizens are being evacuated as we speak, I'll take you to where they are!"

Just as I was about to thank him, I saw more monsters drop from the sky. "Sonic, in coming black monster things!" Sonic looked up.

"Uh-oh! Hang on tight, Ruby!" Then he started to run faster! My eyes bulged at how fast he was going!

"Waaaaaaaaah!!" I screamed as if I were on a roller coaster. The wind wiped through my hair. It was so… exhilarating! I couldn't believe how fast Sonic was going! I've always known he was the fastest thing alive, but I was actually experiencing his speed for the first time, and I was having a little fun…

…except for the part were the monsters were falling out of the sky along with lasers. Sonic was a very, very, very, very fast runner, but he was so reckless! I couldn't even count how many times we were almost hit by one of the lasers! "W-w-w-watch out!!" I screamed. Sonic made yet another close call. "Sonic, s-s-slow down, please!!" Now the 'joy ride' was turning into some kind of out of control car robbery ride. "Sonic--!"

A laser beam blew up the road that was right in front of us! Sonic lost his grip on me and I was sent flying! "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" I shut my eyes, waiting for the impact… but instead, I felt someone grabbing my by the back of my t-shirt. "Wha--?"

"Hey, Hedgehog. Is this yours?" Someone said with a hint of annoyance.

'That… that voice!'

I turned around slowly, not believing my ears.

'It can't be!'

There, right in front of me was a black hedgehog with red stripes.


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