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Chapter 1

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good." Dark ink spun intricate patterns across the crusty, yellowed parchment, showing the whereabouts of every soul on Hogwarts grounds. Though the map was filled with moving dots and miniscule writing, blue eyes cut across the map, immediately locking on one solitary dot labeled Hermione Granger. She was in her dormitory. 'Probably curled up in bed with her nose buried in an impossibly thick tome' were his thoughts as a ghost of a smirk spread across his features.

He let his gaze slide over the map until it landed on yet another dot. This dot was labeled Ronald Weasley. Apparently, he was in the Great Hall next to his best friend, Harry Potter. 'Probably attempting to shove ungodly amounts of food into his mouth'.

Now, Fred Weasley loved his brother dearly, and would always be there for him if need be. But that didn't mean he couldn't have his fun. Ron is, and had always been, a prime target for teasing and mischief because he had the infamous Weasley temper but, unfortunately (or maybe not so unfortunately), lacked the cunning that most of his siblings possessed. He was also sorely lacking in tact.

Fred raised an eyebrow as he suddenly remembered a conversation he overheard while Harry was staying at the Burrow over summer. Hmm… this could prove rather interesting… Fred began formulating a plan in his mind as he thought back to what he heard that one night.


Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley had been restless all week, anxious for the beginning of their sixth year. Unable to sleep, they decided to nip down to the kitchen to have a midnight snack and perhaps a good chat. What they didn't realize was that their voices carried, so much so that Fred Weasley, forever the light sleeper (sharing a room with a devious, trouble-making brother would do that to anyone), was roused from his slumber. Fred's curiosity was piqued and, half asleep, he trudged over to the hallway. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and, as he succumbed to a fierce yawn, stretched one long arm above his head and lightly scratched his stomach as his shirt was pulled upward.

As he turned the corner on the bottom stair, he was vaguely aware of someone bumping into him. Instinctively, he reached out, steadying her shoulders. Shaking his head a few times to clear the cobwebs in his mind, and blinking as he looked down into the face of one of his little brother's best friends. He scrunched his eyebrows together as he numbly realized that her cheeks were red and splotchy and that her big brown eyes were swimming in tears.

She shrugged him off, looking downward as she pushed past him and mumbled a soft, "Sorry."

"Um… no problem?" Fred replied, his voice still husky with sleep, as he ran a hand through his thick red hair and continued making his way toward the kitchen. What he heard through the door made him stop in his tracks.

"So… I gather you're not gonna ask her out?"

"Um. NO. I mean, she's a great girl and all, and I must admit I had feelings for her before but come on mate… surely I can do better!"

"She's not bad looking you know. And she's smart. Not to mention kind, giving…" Harry was cut off as Ron tried to defend himself.

"I know Harry, I know. Like, she's great. I know that. She not necessarily bad looking, but she's… plain? And come on, she's no Lavender… or Pavarti… or Hannah… or…"

"Ok yeah I get it. I know what you mean but just… just don't go and do something stupid yeah?"

"Yeah yeah sure. I'll be a good boy I promise" Ron rolled his eyes as he gave Harry an exaggerated annoyed look. "But hey… honestly… think I have a shot at Lavender? I mean… SHE is HOT."

--------------------------End Flashback------------------------

Fred walked to the Gryffindor tower, excited to set his latest plot in motion.

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