AUTHOR'S NOTE - JULY 3, 2007:By now, many of you have seen "At World's End". I have, and I absolutely love it. As this fic was written before the movie, I have decided to edit it to better coincide with the motion picture, and to link it up as a sequel to my other fiction, "Calypso's Hand".

For those of you who have already read this story, my apologies... please indulge my selfishness... it might make it easier for me to perhaps write a third one to tie in and make a trilogy! I hope that I don't confuse anyone. It's the same story, just tweaked here and there. Pirate Cat

Disclaimer: If I owned them, I would keep my sweet Jack Sparrow for myself and would not have to work two jobs.

Author's Note: This is my first fan fiction. The ideas have been in my poor head since "Curse of The Black Pearl" came out years ago. If I borrowed anything from any other fics, I apoligize, as I have read hundreds of them. I hope that I have put an original twist on the idea. Some of the characters might be a bit "out of character", they might be sweeter or nicer than some like, but this is how it is my own "Pirates" world. Either Jerry Bruckheimer or Gore Verbinski said that the Pirates movie trilogy is about" what makes a good man". Here is my version. Thanks for checking in on my story!


The Black Pearl glided effortlessly through the waves, leaving Singapore and the Far East with a heading guiding the ship and her crew back to the blue waters of the Caribbean. The sleek dark ship was restored to her former beauty after her battles with Davy Jones' leviathan, the Kraken, and from her skirmish with the East India Trading Company in the battle of the crew's very lives. They had won this battle to preserve the pirate way of life, but the crew all knew that the golden age of their profession was past. They swore to each other that they would go out fighting; they would remain pirates until their dying days - they would just have to be cleverer and quicker than they had ever been, and the Black Pearl was the fastest and stealthiest pirate ship left in the world. Indeed, she had been lost to the world at the sea's surface twice, and twice she had been resurrected by the efforts of Captain Jack Sparrow.

The man, himself, stood at the helm of his beloved ship, guiding her through the waves that he was born upon and lived upon nearly all of his life. He was quite the picture at the wheel - very slightly built, not nearly as tall and muscular as his legend would lead to believe, but larger than life in spite of his slender body. He was deeply tanned of skin, his long dark hair flying loosely about his handsome, angular face. Some of his incredibly thick hair was curiously wound in long waist-length dreadlocks and random braids, ornamented with various beads and trinkets, looser hair was tied into place with a long red bandana, with a worn leather tricorn hat perched proudly on his head. His long coat blew with the wind like the black sails above his head, and his face bore a lopsided smile accented with several gold teeth. He had a dark mustache, and his bearded chin was adorned with two tiny braids ornamented with beads - he was a striking sight, indeed.

His visage bore two scars, one through his right eyebrow (from a knife fight, or so he had claimed), the other a large imperfection on his right jaw from a case of scurvy that he could never quite shake. Even though his eating habits were not good - his thin frame evidenced his love of rum and general lack of interest in regular meals which were sometimes a luxury at sea - he had come away from The Other Side with a peculiar craving for limes, which seemed to help to keep the scurvy at bay. Otherwise, his dark face was incredibly unscathed for having lived the windy life that he had.

The most striking feature of Jack Sparrow's face were his expressive deep, warm brown eyes, which were outlined in black kohl to tame the harshness of the sun's glare off of the water. The kohl gave the captain's large eyes a very intense look - sparkling and warm chocolate brown most times, and almost inky black and extremely intimidating to most who would cross his path with malicious intent. These dark eyes held many secrets behind them; indeed, it was general knowledge that the mind behind those expressive eyes was not quite sound.

Many thought that Jack's borderline madness was brought on by a severe case of heatstroke and several blows to the head, many others thought he was simply born a bit addled. His eccentric schemes and plans had a strange way of working out, and the man had more patience to make his plans work than anyone would have ever expected from a person who could not seem to walk a straight line, and whose slender hands always seemed to have a firm grip on a bottle of rum, when they weren't fluttering about, punctuating the words of his sometimes stilted manner of speaking English.

His strange, rolling, almost drunken gait while walking had become worse since being rescued from The Other Side - he was fine upon his ship, almost graceful, but on land he tended to stumble more these days, and his thought patterns were more odd and more random than ever - he tended to drift off into hallucinations at times, and had a great deal of trouble telling what was real and what was not... but he was a good captain, and took good care of his crew; his crew was willing to overlook his quirks just to have him back among them. As his first mate Joshamee Gibbs had observed, the world was brightened by his presence… he joked, he smiled, he loved his ship and he loved the freedom that she gave him.

He was not bloodthirsty, for being a legendary pirate. He could even be a gentleman at times. He hated that he was a good man, with a sense of decency, but he was very odd man…he wanted, more than anything, to be the legendary pirate over the good man, but it was debatable to most that knew him. It wasn't until the recent events that had taken place at World's End that William and Elizabeth Turner found that this man, a pirate, was, beyond a doubt, the best man that the two of them had ever met…

William Turner the Second observed the captain below from his place in the rigging. They had first met in Port Royal, Jamaica, where Will lived and was trying to make a living as a blacksmith. Through a very strange turn of events he and Jack Sparrow had fought to regain Jack's ship and to save the life of Elizabeth Swann, the young Governor's daughter that Will had known since they were both 12 years old, and whom Will loved with all of his heart from afar. Jack had lost his beloved Black Pearl to mutiny 10 years prior to meeting Will and had already saved Elizabeth from drowning before he was arrested for piracy… only one of the many times that Jack had done the right thing, only to be condemned for it.

It was with Jack's help that Will was able to save Elizabeth and they were finally able to profess their love for each other. Will aided Jack in regaining his beloved Pearl after saving the captain from the gallows, and they had become friends through their mutual efforts, though they seemed as different as they could be - Jack was gregarious and brash, Will was quiet and introverted. There had been many other times that Jack might have done the right thing and been misunderstood for it, Will was certain, but Jack rarely volunteered anything of his past to anyone, even to his best friend, Will. Jack was endearingly strange, that was a fact, but underneath his swaggering surface, a better friend could not be found. Will just wished that he knew more about him... Jack's mental wanderings since being rescued from the Locker made Will and Elizabeth feel that he should be quietly protected, and it would be so much easier if they knew how to help him fight back the elusive demons that lurked in the depths of the captain's mind, sometimes.

As the younger man watched the captain guide the ship through the water, he thought back to the most recent events that nearly tore their friendship apart, and had nearly caused Will to lose the love of his life, Elizabeth, forever, all over misunderstandings, and a great deal of mistrust that was unfounded. They had fought against each other, lost like goals, and because of decisions made with his heart many years before, Jack paid his debt to Davy Jones with his very life. He was dragged to the depths of The Locker by the monstrous Kraken, and had found death, but had been brought back from his sand-filled hell by his friends and his crew. Even when they found him on The Other Side, they conquered many obstacles to regain each other's friendship, and had found a new and deep trust, something that was rare for Jack Sparrow. Jack had saved Will's life with a selfless act of compassion for his friend by helping a wounded Will stab the heart of Davy Jones in order to save his ebbing life. Because of this, Will was granted immortality - through Jack's action, he was saved from death. Jack had seen death from both sides, and he refused to let Will go through what he had been through.

Will turned his face to the horizon that they were sailing toward and smiled. In stabbing the heart, Will was, at first, to become the captain of Jones' ship, the legendary Flying Dutchman. The curse of Davy Jones, however, did not need to be Will's curse; he was destined to free the sea of its darkest angel of death, but was not destined to become the undead master of the sea, himself, left to wander the world in search of the lost souls of dead mariners.

He was released from the Dutchman by his own relentless honor... his own hard work to rectify the wrongdoing of his predessecor, and in doing so he won the approval of the sea goddess, Calypso, the guardian of the souls lost at sea and of the ghost ship itself. Will proved to Calypso that there were still good men who took pride in their duties, no matter how hard they were, how heartbreaking they were, or how a man might be charged with those duties. Through the efforts of his friend, Jack Sparrow, who had petitioned Calypso for Will's freedom in the same manner that he had petitioned Davy Jones to raise his beloved ship, and through his and Elizabeth's undying and true love; Will was able to pass the mantle of captaincy and immortality to Admiral James Norrington, who was once engaged to Elizabeth for a short time. Elizabeth was not proud of breaking James' heart when she proclaimed her true love for Will, but she had to make a choice. James, although sad and broken because of his bad choices in life, was proud to helm the ship, returned to her former glory by the end of Jones' curse; James was determined to take the ship back to her original intent and do good, by helping those souls in need of guidance to their final destination. That they were all together or in the places that they were, now, were all directly related to the actions of Captain Jack Sparrow upon their behalf... even James Norrington had to admit that. A fine thing for a man who at one time would have been thought of as completely self-serving and selfish... granted, Jack was a pirate, but he had not always been such, and once in while his heroic heart shone through.

Will was able to renew his relationship with his immortal father, William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner, one of Jack Sparrow's few good friends. Will and Jack had stabbed the heart of Davy Jones and had freed Bill from his afterlife of servitude. But Bill chose to stay on the ghostly Dutchman, even though he was no longer bound by oath. Norrington welcomed Bill's lifetime of sailing experience, in spite of the fact that Bill's son married the woman that he, Norrington, had loved. Bill felt that James Norrington would make an exemplary captain, and wanted to stay on as first mate. Bill made sure to make the young Turners understand that he would be there for them, no matter what… all they needed to do was think of him when they needed him, and he would come their way.

Will was greatly comforted by this promise from his father, and glad to be among the living, even though his view of life was changed forever. Will recovered his living heart from the Dutchman, and returned to mortal life at Elizabeth's side, although he would always bear the prominent scar upon his chest. Elizabeth called it a badge of true love and courage. The only condition that was attached to Will's return to his mortal loved ones was that he would be required to return to the Flying Dutchman whenever he was needed by James... he was appointed as a guardian of the good. He would be fully free if he fulfilled this condition faithfully in order to maintain the original purpose of the ship, and help James Norrington in his own assigned duty. The articles of the ship had been changed... a living heart would no longer be required, and James would be an exemplary captain even in death. Will's lesson from the Flying Dutchman and losing his friend, Jack, was to live every day to the fullest, and never, ever take living and loving for granted. He was a changed man; Elizabeth loved the man that Will had become more deeply than ever.

Will was proud of himself, and Elizabeth, too. They had weathered many storms together, and their love had survived great losses - they had almost lost each other's love, Elizabeth's father had been murdered, and they did lose Jack, whom they came to know as their best friend. They went through hell to bring Jack back among them, with the help of the voodoo priestess, Tia Dalma, who turned out to be Calypso entrapped in human form. Will and Elizabeth had finally been married on the deck of the Pearl during the Battle of the Maelstrom... married by Captain Hector Barbossa, while Jack was fighting with them for the same cause. When Jack temporarily lost the Black Pearl to Captain Hector Barbossa again, Will and Jack had requested parlay, and Will resurrected another ship from the deep, the Calypso's Hand, which they offered to Hector as his own. It was a beautiful, grand vessel, and Hector agreed to an accord and surrendered that which Jack loved more than anything - the Pearl. Jack was incredibly grateful to Will for helping him; the Turners considered the Pearl their home as well, for now. Since they all had met in Port Royal in what seemed like a lifetime ago, terrible things had befallen them all, but Jack and Will were the ones to pay the heaviest price, both by dying or nearly dying and being saved by love, and they had all survived.

Will and Elizabeth both knew that they could never return to their old lives in Jamaica. They both had prices on their heads for piracy, now, but they did not care. Elizabeth's father had died at the hands of the East India Trading Company; Governor Swann could not be saved - and she no longer had a home in Port Royal. Will and Elizabeth had each other and that was all that they cared about. Jack and his loyal crew knew of several places in the Caribbean where Will and Elizabeth could start over, but the young couple were both reluctant to leave Jack and the others… it was a very long voyage back to the Caribbean, which would give the young couple time to think and decide what they wanted to do with their lives.