Title: Chasing After Rainbows
Theme: sm-monthly LJ community: July (Minor Character) 25th - Rainbow
Genre: General/Angst
Version: Manga

Aino Minako's father is only an average salary man, not even worthy of mention on a single manga page. His wife calls him a failure for not being able to advance in his career, and his daughter is too frivolous to notice him. He wears his starched white shirts with their itchy collars to work, never mind the ten year-old tie that never changes, because it just isn't worth it to get anything better. It isn't like he will ever get promoted anyway.

Sometimes, he'd wonder longingly into pachinko shops and watch the other men and women gamble away their allowances but he never dares to stay too long himself. His own allowance isn't enough to waste away on these little indulgences in despair, not if he wants to eat. Sometimes he'd browse the back-shelves of adult bookstores, clutching that ecchi magazine as he wonders into dark corners of fragile privacies and hopes to remain invisible enough, this once, while he steals a glance at the pretty young women and girls he'll never have a chance with. Sometimes, he'll even catch the colors of rainbow suits, on newspaper stands and the evening news, wondering aimlessly at the bravery of these seemingly young high school girls (with scanty, cos-play like armor and long, long legs). He'd like to think that if there's such a thing as a heroine then surely someone, anyone, will rescue him someday from his routine, middle-aged life.

He tries to leer discretely on the train-rides home and in the confined compartments of his life. He cannot help but wonder when his youth had left him and often ponder over how he ended up here. How did those fantasies of an adventurous life filled with loyal friends and admiring peers, of beautiful women and plentiful wealth, turn into this steady, stable, and confining cage that makes him feel all but worthless - the walking dead?

Sometimes, he sees his clumsy, cheerful daughter and envy the rainbow that has yet to fade from her eyes.