Words Will Never Hurt Me

A/N: Since a few of my reviewers bugged me to do so, I'm writing a companion fic to Thinking It Through. A sort of sequel-like one-shot, nothing big. (Shrugs.)

"No! I'm not saying it! You can't make me!"

Fuuko folded her arms stubbornly, her face defiant and cross. Her hair was wildly tousled, no thanks to Yanagi, who had spent about 10 minutes trying to curl it to 'make her look more beautiful', causing lots of laughter from Domon and that no-good, stupid, bird-brained Recca. He was the cause of this...this MESS.

"We had a deal. You lose 7 games of chess and you'll have to do this," Tokiya teased, pulling at her locks of hair.

"OWOWOW!!! LET GO OF MY HAIR, YOU NINCOMPOOP!" Fuuko yelled, clawing at Tokiya's pale hands as viciously as a lion did at its prey. "I don't bloody care, I'm still not saying it!"

"We had a deal, Kirisawa," Tokiya gave a small sigh, releasing her hair and looking down at the cuts Fuuko's long untended nails had caused on his formerly oh-so-perfectly-slender hands. "And please see to it that your nails are neatly cut by tomorrow. I wouldn't want Ganko suffering from your unattended nails, which are even worse than sewing needles."

"OH, SHUT UP!" Fuuko shrieked, grabbing the nearest thing to her, which happened to be a stop sign, before hurling it at Tokiya, who, alas, ducked effortlessly. "As if I'll ever hurt Ganko with my nails! I'm as good to her as your sister was to you!"

Tokiya flinched at the mention of Mifuyu. "I find that rather hard to believe, as I think you act with your emotions alone," he replied coldly. "Now say it, or would you rather I pull your hair again? Trust me, I KNOW how annoying that is."

Fuuko snorted. "Oh, I trust you that you're the expert in THAT area," she scoffed, eying his silver ponytail, without much disdain, after all, he DID look very good-looking with it. "And for the MILLIONTH time, I'm not saying it - OWWWWWWWWW!!! LET GO YOU FREAKING GIRL CLONE!!!"

"I repeat, say it or I'll continue this rather childish act," Tokiya said, coldly. "Just say it. Words won't hurt you."

Clearly, playing a game of chess against Mikagami Tokiya wasn't the brightest of ideas, but RECCA just HAD to butt in and PERSIST in challenging THE Mikagami Tokiya, only the smartest, cleverest chess player in the whole WORLD, most probably, and FORCE her to take the STINKING GAME. She gritted her teeth. Boy did she hate what that arrogant, nail-headed ice block made her do after losses in 7 games in a row. As if losing to him wasn't already enough.

"FINE! Mikagami Tokiya is the cleverest chess player in the entire universe!" she announced, right in the middle of the city center. She flushed as people starting guffawing with laughter and suppressed the very very VERY tempting urge to point her middle finger at them. Hah, THAT'LL give them something to think about.

"They can't hear you," Tokiya smirked, poking her side, which, just the other day, he realized was her weakness spot. Nobody ever found out that Kirisawa Fuuko was, indeed, ticklish.

She clenched her teeth and balled her hands into tight, small fists. "MIKAGAMI TOKIYA IS THE CLEVEREST CHESS PLAYER IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!" she announced to, maybe, the whole world. Her face heated even more as a crowd of youngsters started laughing so much a few of them dropped onto the ground and started rolling over, clutching at their stomachs.

"And-?" the Ensui master questioned, feigning innocence, poking her side once more.

"...I...I'm a pretty little boy," she bit out forcefully, earning even more snickers and open laughters.

Tokiya's smirk grew wider. Oh, did he like what punishments he gave Fuuko.

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