Words Will Never Hurt Me

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Tokiya sighed, dragging himself up the stairs to the apartment he had purchased. Bloody hell, how long were the normal office hours anyway??? He opened the door, which groaned in response, before slamming it shut once more, walking to his room and yawning sleepily.

Gods, he was exhausted. He couldn't wait to get into bed, kick off his other responsibilities for the day and just -

"Mmmm, that's so good..."

What the hell was that??? A stupid question, with his level of brain power, isn't it now? It was a moan, or it could also be classified as a groan, but who the hell would groan "mmmm, that's so good"??? So, in conclusion, the fantastically smart Tokiya decided a moan it was. Very clever.

"Wow...damn, that's good...oooh, that's so nice..."

Gods, was he so exhausted as to hallucinate about Fuuko's voice moaning from his bedroom? Wait! Pause, rewind, play. Fuuko's voice...moaning...from their bedroom. Fuuko's voice moaning. Fuuko's voice. Fuuko...with another man??? Mikagami, you've lost it, he snorted to himself. He was jumping to conclusions far too quickly. Fuuko would never -

"DAMN! That was good! More!"

...All right, so maybe she WOULD...

Tokiya felt a sickening feeling flood his stomach, bile rising to his throat as he felt the nauseating urge to puke on the table outside his bedroom. He leaned his slender frame against the wall for support, feeling a dreadful headache coming on, despite the pain flooding his chest.

"More...mmmmm...that's so freaking good...Gods..."

Bloody hell...how much more did she want??? It didn't matter now anyway, his wife was probably enjoying herself with her stupid bloody sex escapades with another man behind his back. Shit...Tokiya pressed a cold, calloused hand to his forehead as a massive headache hit him head-on like a hurricane, as predicted.

"Mmmm...OUCH! Hey, slow down the pace a bit, yeah? Ah, that's better...mmmm..."

Gods. He repressed the urge to vomit. His shoulder blades sank into the white painted wall behind him, as he heard a soft apology from...well, whoever the hell that was...probably Raiha now, wasn't it??? The former Ensui wielder gritted his teeth in frustration and anger as he felt jealousy overtake his calm, rational senses.

"God...that's so good..."

Good? The only thing good to him that he was envisioning now was breaking Raiha's limbs one by one - with his bare hands. He certainly felt in the mood to do so now. And he was sure that he could do it as well, judging by the anger he felt against his 'rival' now.

"Mmmmm...that feels so good...mmm..."

A rusted knife to Raiha's throat, maybe, before viciously pulling it across. Now THAT was what you called "good". Maybe that, before he broke Raiha's bones?

"That's nice...mmmm..."

A bullet. Through Raiha's heart, for all Tokiya bloody cared. Bullet, then the knife...and THEN he broke his bones. Lovely strategy to kill a person, he was sure.

"Hell, Mi-chan never did it THIS WELL before..."

All of those...TWICE.

That was IT. He didn't bloody care anymore, he was going to bang open the door, and kill that insolent, stupid -

"Thanks for the massage, Raiha, I feel much better now."

...MASSAGE??? The door slid open and Fuuko stepped out, blinking as her eyes refocused into a brighter room. "Oh, Mi-chan, I didn't know you were home! How was your day?"

Tokiya cursed himself inwardly, excused himself, and lay down on the bed. He was going to need a good sleep with the even bigger headache he had gotten.