Complicated Mess

A Danny Phantom Story


It's just a story about Danny Fenton's life, if he separated himself from his ghost powers. It's just for fun. Hope you enjoy it! It's set in a time frame where Phantom Planet never happened, and is kind of an AU story. Which means it isn't real, and probably doesn't ever happen. I just felt like writing it.

I don't own Danny Phantom, and I never will. Danny Phantom belongs to Butch Hartman and Nickalodean. Or however you spell it.

And this is my first DP story. PLEASE critique me.


Chapter One

Danny's POV:


I glared at my room, the piles of clothes, books, papers, blankets, sheets, school supplies and random Fenton gadgets blanketing the floor. With all the time I spent fighting ghosts, hanging out with my friends, cleaning up the lab that the Box Ghost messed up after I had JUST cleaned it, and trying to do my homework, I always failed to remember that my room was a mess, and desperately needed cleaning.

It was just my luck that this entire week I had nothing to do. Sam was traveling with her family over Spring Break, and Tucker was on restriction for some reason or other. Jazz and Mom were at some kind of meeting for smart people, or something odd like that. And so that left me and Dad alone at the house for most of the week. To top it all off, the ghost portal had been closed, and there had been no ghost attacks the last two days. It was so weird that I found himself practically going crazy from boredom. What could I possible do?

Well there were two options. The first one would be do go downstairs and suffer through Dad talking about his new ghost inventions, while the other was to clean to my room. Neither looked very exciting.

"I hate to say it," I moaned, rubbing my face with my hands, "but cleaning my room is a heck of a lot safer than seeing if I can survive Dad's newest ghost hunting invention." I stared at the mess in my room with a shudder. "But why do I have to do it alone? Why can't I get someone to help me? It just figures I'd be stuck alone on a boring day." I jumped off my bed and landed on the messy floor, and bent over to pick up a book. This was going to be a long night. And cleaning was only going to make it more boring.

"DANNY!" Jack Fenton called excitedly from downstairs. "I'm on a break through! Come down and hold this for me! QUICK!"

I found himself sighing and trudging out of my room and down the stairs to the Lab, compelled by the urgency in Dad's voice. I knew I probably would have been safer if I just stayed upstairs, but cleaning my room alone sounded way to boring. And there weren't any ghosts to distract me either. "What is it now?" I asked, not trying to take the groan out of my voice. As soon as I entered the lab, Dad thrust a familiar Fenton Device in my hands. I stared up at the strange round net-shaped device, a glowing green web in the ring. The Fenton Ghost Catcher.

"I've discovered something amazing!" Dad exclaimed happily, still wearing his orange jumpsuit. "It seems I've discovered that the Fenton Ghost Catcher had some major problems. So I've altered its function to be more efficient!" He raised a fist in the air in excitement.

I felt a shiver of cold fear run down my spine, and tried my best not to show it. "Um…and what exactly does it do now?" I asked nervously. This could turn out badly. I remembered the time where I accidentally flew through it and separated himself, resulting in my ghost self being responsible while my human self was just a lazy kid. It had caused some problems, but luckily it managed to make me one person again. I sighed at the memory. "And why am I holding it?"

"You'll see, Danny-boy!" Dad smiled happily. "It's now designed to separate a ghost from his powers completely, leaving it too weak to escape! And if we place it right in front of the Ghost Portal, any ghost that comes through will end up powerless!" He grinned wider and wider as he spoke. "Finally we'll get a chance to capture a ghost and take it apart, molecule by molecule!"

My eyes widened in surprise. Did my Dad just come up with an actually really good idea? "Dad….that's great…" I managed to blurt. I winced slightly, thinking about what could happen. I pictured someone like Walker flying through the portal, only to find that he was powerless, and smiled at the thought. Then I pictured the Box Ghost flying through, and felt somewhat guilty. All the ghosts I'd fought….did I really want to see them dissected? I shivered. "But….isn't that kind of mean? I mean….taking it apart molecule by molecule?"

"Of course not. Ghost don't have feelings. Don't be ridiculous! Now hold it tight!" Dad lifted a few screwdrivers and other tools and began to do the finishing touches on the Ghost Catcher, and then stepped back. "Perfect! Now Danny, stand over there."

I let go of the Ghost Catcher, and stepped to the spot Dad indicated. I had a bad feeling I should probably escape to my room while I still had the chance, but the prospect of cleaning still seemed boring. I sighed in frustration. Might as well get it over with…

"Okay Danny! Watch this!" Dad lifted a Fenton Bazooka, and pointed it at me through the Fenton Ghost Catcher. "Ready….Aim…."

My eyes widened in shock. "DAD NO!" I held my arms over my face in terror, and cringed as Dad belted the word "FIRE!" and shot at his own son through the net of the Ghost Catcher. Wind blasted around my arms and face, and then there was nothing. I blinked and peeked through my arms at Dad. What happened?

"It worked!" Dad exclaimed happily. He walked over to me proudly, not even noticing how I twitched with nervous relief. "The Fenton Ghost Catcher has successfully removed the power from the ecto-plasmic blast, rendering it useless! It completely separates anything ghostly from its powers!"

"Does….it work the other way around, too?" I asked hesitantly. "I mean, if you put a ghost and his powers through the other side of the net at the same time, would they merge again?"

"Well….I don't know if that's even possible," Dad shrugged. "I guess it might work. But we wont be telling any ghosts that, now will we?" he winked and elbowed me in the shoulder. "What do you think?"

"Uh…great!" I stepped backwards towards the stairs. "But I should really be cleaning my room…"

"Good idea, Danny! Go for it!"

I sighed and made my hasty retreat back to my room, and threw myself on my bed. "Well….for once my Dad makes something that's not going to kill me if I get to close." I closed my eyes and chuckled. "Well…I'm half-dead anyway. Not that I'd want to find out what would happen if I died…."

I stared at my ceiling for a long time, trying to motivate myself to get up and work. I could only think about how much more fun it would be if I had someone with me…someone to hang out with and help me clean up…like Tucker. Or Sam. Or…

My eyes blinked with realization. Separate a ghost from his powers…..what if it did the same thing as last time? What if it separated me into two again? My human self and my ghost self? Perhaps this time it wouldn't separate my personality too. I smirked at the ridiculous idea, and chided himself for even thinking of it. Still….it would be an interesting experiment…

I quickly forced myself to get off the bed and start cleaning. I shouldn't even be thinking about something like that. I should be thinking about cleaning my room. Who knew what kinds of disastrous things could occur if I tried it? But… Dad did say that it could be reversed….I groaned and stopped cleaning for the moment, mildly surprised at how much I'd already completed. It was almost a third of the way done.

"They say curiosity killed the cat," I mumbled, grabbing my head and groaning out loud. "But I say it's going to kill Danny Fenton!" I couldn't hold it any longer. I had to see if it would work. And yet at the same time, I couldn't even believe I was that desperate!

Slowly, I crept down to the lab, watching Dad mess with some new invention. My eyes raked over the Ghost Catcher, my mind thinking. Last time, going through one side split a ghost, while going through the other merged it together. But it also split personalities and things like that. But now, it was supposed to split a ghost of his power through one side, and possible give the power back through the other. It was worth a shot, right? Grinding my teeth together, I took one last glance at my oblivious father, and stuck my hand through the splitting side of the net. I almost gasped when two hands stuck out from the other side. One of them was my regular hand, while the other was gloved in white from my Phantom costume. I smirked happily and wiggled both sets of fingers. It looked like it was working to me….

"Here goes the worst idea I've ever tried," I thought, pulling my arm out. I turned to my Dad. "Hey Dad? Why don't I take this Ghost Catcher upstairs for now? I mean…you're working on something else, and you don't want it to get damaged, right? Besides, you'll want Jazz and Mom to see it when they come home!"

Dad brightened instantly at my cleverly brilliant idea. "That's a great idea, son!" he exclaimed. "Go ahead! I'm working on something new right now! It's…"

I didn't wait to hear the rest. I grabbed the Ghost Catcher and dashed up the stairs, setting it down in the living room. I readied myself, trying to convince myself to do something else with my boredom, but I didn't have the chance. I jumped through the net and landed with a thud on the other side.


Okay so it's my first Danny Phantom story, but I love that show, and he's freakin awesome. If you don't know anything about Danny Phantom, then why are you reading this story? Lol. I know, you guys think I should go back to writing my other stories, but I really wanted to write this one! And also, I had to do something to pass the time. It's just...yeah. I know I should be doing my other stories, cause I've already started too many, but what the heck? I might as well add this one up too. I've been writing it for a while now anyway.

So tell me what you think, and be honest. If you've never watched the show, I'll tell you just a couple things. First, it's awesome and hilarious. Second, it's ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. lol. Butch Hartman is a genius. (He's the guy who created Danny Phantom). Yeah. I'm done talking.

So what are you waiting for? Review! Comment! Flame! Criticize! I can take anything, and flames don't bother me. You're silly for writing them, but a lot of times there's something useful I can glean from them. So push that button! I know you want to!