Usagi (A)

"Death of a Moon"

One hundred words

Destiny had failed her and she had failed Destiny.

She searched for the one person who always gave her comfort and with relief found herself reflected in a cobalt gaze. There was panic in Mamoru's features.

Usagi had always believed she loved him a little bit more than he loved her.

Looking into his eyes, she saw she was wrong and she was glad of the knowledge.

"Do you trust me?" she whispered.

He nodded as his tears fell. She whispered the next words against his trembling lips, "Know then that this is not the end…"

She closed her eyes.

A/N: Yup, (A), which means I have an "Usagi (B)" to be posted later. Also, I'm back from my semi hiatus. The beach was awesome! Hugs!